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Your Best Teacher is Your Last Mistake


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    Real Housewife of New Jersey Star Posts Bail, Surrenders Passport, Oh My


    Teresa Giudice, one of the stars from Real Housewives of New Jersy is back in the news again and in legal trouble. In 2009 Giudice and her husband “Joe” Giudice filed an unsuccessful bankruptcy. There were a lot of allegations of impropriety due to her bankruptcy filing and she never received the discharge of her debt. You can read the ... Read More »

      Start Being Awesome Instead


      LOL. Made me smile this morning. Read More »

        American Debt Mediators Never Seems to Tire Sending Mailers

        Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 10.19.53 AM

        Another version of a debt relief mailer from American Debt Mediators just hit my desk. This one was sent from postal permit 507 in Santa Ana, California and pushes the Spring 2013 catalog. An amazing reader sent in this new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program. The front says ADM, 15950 North Dallas Parkway, Suite 400, ... Read More »

          Connecticut Makes it Tougher on Unlicensed Companies

          Screen Shot 2013-07-30 at 9.50.17 AM

          I’ve been writing about the debt relief world for a long time now. But today the Connecticut Department of Banking pulled a new one on me. Not only is Connecticut tough as nails when it comes to offering debt relief in their state, but now they are even going after companies that “are violating or are about to violate the ... Read More »

            Alleged World Law Debt Marketing Insider Leaks Warning to Consumers

            Modern business concept

            The following post was written and contributed by someone familiar with the operation you will read about below. It is third-party supplied content. At the bottom of the story is a section with the results of the facts I was able to independently check. By Anonymous On May 23, 2013 first reported a story titled “World Law Debt, Global ... Read More »

              Debt Relief Bureau Logo But Not the Debt Relief Bureau in This Mailer

              Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 5.05.45 PM

              When if the Debt Relief Bureau, not the Debt Relief Bureau? When you get a flyer in the mail from an anonymous source promising you help to get out of debt. An amazing reader Tish sent in a new debt relief mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program. Well here is another anonymous mailer sent to a consumer that ... Read More »

                More Nailed by FTC in Bogus Gift Card Text Scheme


                Last year there was a sudden flurry of text messages being sent that directed consumers to visit special sites to claim gift cards. Here are some example of stories I wrote about this here and here. Today the Federal Trade Commission has announced it has moved to shut down an international network of scammers that sent millions of unwanted text ... Read More »

                  Misleading Extended Auto Warranty Mailers to Watch Out For

                  Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 11.23.42 AM

                  I’ve had a sudden increase in extended auto warranty mailers hit my desk recently. I’m not sure if this means there is an increase in selling these often worthless policies to unsuspecting consumers or more people are sending them in. If you don’t know about my I Buy Junk Mail program, you need to. Florida License Number W076246 I have ... Read More »

                    Haters Going to Hate

                    hate you

                    “No matter what you do, 50% of people are going to hate you.” That’s pretty damn true. Read More »

                      Wells Fargo Halts Selling Bad Credit Card Debt For Now


                      It looks like other banks are taking the government warnings to clean up their act when it comes to how they handle dealing with their bad debt from credit card accounts that they used to sell off without much care. The American Banker is reporting: “Wells Fargo (WFC) has halted sales of its customers’ unpaid consumer loans to outside debt ... Read More »

                        Stop Caring What Other People Think About You

                        other people

                        If you care about what other people think you will always be their prisoner – James Frey Read More »

                          Being Sued for a Federal Student Loan? Don’t Panic. Read This!

                          total student loan suits

                          A friend asked me recently what really happens to people who are being sued over a defaulted federal student loan that was referred to the Department of Justice by the Department of Education. So I had to do what I typically do with these types of questions and spent hours and hours pouring over lawsuits by the United States of ... Read More »

                            Despite State Suits World Law Debt is Apparently Still on the Acquisition Hunt

                            Decision time

                            Despite the recent legal entanglements it appears World Law Debt is still on the hunt for new clients. A recent email sent out by Gil Medeiros, Affiliate Director, says he is looking to buy up portfolios of debt settlement clients. Medeiros identifies himself as the affiliate director of World Law Debt online. – Source, Source The email sent out from ... Read More »

                              Two Florida Aholes Screw Consumers and Univision and Wind Up Strip Searched

                              angry caller narrow

                              While a bit off topic for me I could not help but share this story just out of the Department of Justice. Basically it’s a financial scam using an offshore call center but Daniel Carrasco, 54, and Federico Martin Gioja, 45, of Miramar, Florida had quite a pair of Cojones. A grand jury in the Southern District of Florida issued ... Read More »

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