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Another Consumer Wins in Bankruptcy Court and Discharges Student Loans


An attorney reader sent me a case about another consumer who successfully had their federal student loans discharged in bankruptcy. This is a rapidly evolving topic and certainly not ever court district offer up the same considerations when it comes to a discharge. But there are still a number of people who say discharging your student loans in bankruptcy is ... Read More »

    Estate Law Group – Consumer Complaint – December 28, 2015

    customer service feedback

    Consumer Statement: In 2012, we were scammed by Estate Law Group. They promised to reduce our mortgage payment. They charged us $4,000., but we realized it was a scam and only paid them $3,000. The bottom line is, we’re still out $3,000. Please tell everyone not to deal with this group. Consumer Action Taken: I asked several times when our ... Read More »

      Jeffrey Aleman of Legal Helpers Does a Good Thing in Wisconsin

      Legal Helpers Debt Resolution | (877) 596-6865 (20111202)

      Attorneys who were involved in the debt settlement firm Legal Helpers Debt Resolution eventually faced all sorts of legal issues, lawsuits, and the loss of their law license. Now I don’t know if there was any bigger strategic plan for doing what I’m about to tell you but for once, an attorney in this mess looks like they stepped up ... Read More »

        I’m Running Out of Options to Deal With My Student Loan Debt

        Question Theme

        Question: Dear Steve, When I was 18, I got pregnant with my first child. I had to quit the college that I was going to on a full scholarship because they had no programs for families and I couldn’t afford to make it on my own and still go to school. I moved back home, but still wanted to get ... Read More »

          Our Financial Situation is So Bad I Don’t Know What to Do. – Kay

          Businesswoman does the questions

          Question: Dear Steve, DEBT- Husband went from 280,000 to 100,000 income and we have an adult daughter that has drained our savings and retirement with substance abuse. Behind on everything- Mortgage 11 months just worked out payment structure ok there- fed taxes 117,000 had installments until this year waiting on verdict. 180,000 in student debt and 80,000 in credit card ... Read More »

            I Heard if I Make Token Payments I Can’t Be Sued. Is That True? – Oliver

            The Chevy Spark I drove recently.

            Question: Dear Steve, I started a collision repair business in 2011 and it started off well but it started dying out slowly but surly, the area kept getting worse and worse not to mention my rent was $2500 per month not including all of my other bills. So the scary part came when I had to make the decision to ... Read More »

              What Are The Best Private Student Loans?

              Oops! What Is It?

              Question: Dear Steve, I am a current junior at a university. I still have a ways to go before I complete my Bachelor Degree. I have no desire to go any further than a Bachelors. This is my second semester at university and there is not very much left over of my grant and loans after tuition. I would like ... Read More »

                Bankruptcy Court Tells Dept of Ed to Go Shove IBR as Unrealalistic

                Check This Out_pri

                On Jun 24, 2015, Michael Abney became a student loan hero when he filed his own adversary proceeding with the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Western District of Missouri. When I say he became a hero it’s because his case is just another step forward in providing some semblance of hope and logic for people impossibly buried under a ... Read More »

                  What Can I Do About a Private Student Loan Wage Garnish?

                  law books

                  Question: Dear Steve, Took out a private student loan for instrumentation school did not graduate ran out of money tried working an going to school got 3 to 4 hours sleep a night had to drop out. Got a garnishment of 25% of my wages by lender Borrowed 30,000 garnishment is for 52,000 plus 7.5% interest on the $52,000 till ... Read More »

                    My Ex-Husband Financially Ruined Me

                    Divorce papers and cash with misc items

                    Question: Dear Steve, My ex husband and I divorced almost 5 years ago. He took the house in the divorce however I am the only one listed on the deed. As part of the divorce decree, I agreed to sign a quit claim deed if he sold the property. He agreed to pay certain debts as part of that agreement, ... Read More »

                      Persels and Associates Was Supposed to Take Care of My Debt

                      This boot seems to speak about this time of economic loss. Left alone, worked hard and cast aside.

                      Question: Dear Steve, I engaged Care One to help me with debt consolidation and repayment. They told me to stop answering my phone and moved me to Persels and Associates. After more than five years of paying monthly, they told me that my debts were resolved. I found out this morning that I have a $14,000 lien on my house ... Read More »

                        NSLAC National Student Loan Assistance Center – Consumer Complaint –

                        customer service feedback

                        Consumer Statement: I was in contact with the NSLAC–National Student Loan Assistance Center–about loan forgiveness options. I sent them over all of my personal information as well as the fee they requested and have never been able to contact them again. Consumer Action Taken: I have sent a number of emails and tried every phone number offered and never gotten ... Read More »

                          Western Portfolio Assets – Consumer Complaint – December 18, 2015

                          customer service feedback

                          Consumer Statement: I received a call from an Anthony from “Western Portfolio Assets” yesterday stating that I was being charged for fraud on an old bank account, that they were going to serve me papers at my place of work, basically threatening me. Because I was so scared, I put down a payment of $1000.00 to stop them from coming ... Read More »

                            Private Student Loan Lenders Silently Slash Debt But You Don’t Know It


                            Dealing with student loans can be a frightening process. Not only is student loan debt exploding but there is a significant amount of concern that many students were misled and lied to by schools willing to sell butts into seats with nearly almost any misrepresentation. This concern has been especially true at many for-profit schools funded by both federal and ... Read More »

                              There is No Way I Can Ever Afford My Private Student Loans. What Can I Do?

                              Question: Dear Steve, I have a total student loan debt of $140,000. Out of that total amount, about $131,000 is Private Student Loans. I have a bachelor’s degree that I received in 2012. I have been working since the day I graduated making decent money, but not enough to live on my own and afford my minimum private student loan ... Read More »

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