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My Husband and I Have Fallen Into the Constant Cycle of Debt. – Sharon

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“Dear Steve, Hello! My husband and I have fallen into the constant cycle of debt. We bought our townhouse in Halifax Massachusetts in 2000 for $124,900. Since then we have refinance, paid off credit cards, racked up credit cards, refinanced etc etc etc… We now have a mortgage of $155,000. We make appoximently $95,960 together. We also STILL have about ... Read More »

    I Have a Lot of Bank of America Debt I Need to Clear. – Dan

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    “Dear Steve, Thank you in advance for your assistance. I have roughly $50K in credit debt. I have been a customer with BofA for 20+ years and recently thought that I should approach them. Obviously, your article made me re-think that. In general, I am looking to consolidate and just give myself some sort of peace of mind. What would ... Read More »

      I’m Not Paying My Bills But Need to Rebuild My Credit. – John

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      “Dear Steve, I am currently past due and do not pay payments on my debt. I am aprox. $2500 in debt from two credit cards, a loan, and debt thats being collected from another source from sprint. I have not planned on paying any of these but i need to build credit and fix this. What is the appropriate way ... Read More »

        My Husband is Supposed to Pay My Debt in the Divorce But He’s Not. – Jessica

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        “Dear Steve, My ex husband and I have about $30k in credit card debt. He agreed to take it in the divorce settlement but it is all in my name. He isn’t paying everything as he needs to be and I’m getting all the collection calls. Telling the creditors that he is responsible and giving them copies of the divorce ... Read More »

          So I Went to the State Fair Last Weekend


          I just wanted to share some random moments with you from the North Carolina State fair last weekend. As a kid these things were a lot more fun. I made the mistake of piling a funnel cake on top of an italian sausage sub. Mistake. After this picture I moved my wallet to my front pocket. Too many scary looking ... Read More »

            Bank of America Lied to Me And Jacked My Rates. – Dee-Dee

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            “Dear Steve, Initially contacted Bank of America to reduce Credit Card APRs, and they closed all my credit card accounts. Was told to call back in 6 months for APR reduction. Promised an APR reduction from 24.99% to 8.99%. Received a letter indicating that although Bank of America agreed to the APR reduction, they are now rescinding the arrangement. Once ... Read More »

              How Can I Get Citimortgage to Not Foreclose On My House? – Robert

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              “Dear Steve, We bought our home in 1995 put $25K down and mortgaged $70K for 15 years @8,5%. The mortgage was not originated with Citi but is serviced by them and I believe the mortgage “investor” is Wells fargo. Long story short; the last two years have been difficult but we’ve been managing to stay under 90 days on the ... Read More »

                Should I Be Worried They Will Take My House? – Sarah

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                “Dear Steve, Divorced, accumulated at least $15000.00 in unsecured CC debt and owe on a car loan. I was recently laid off and cannot meet my bills. I stand to inherit the house I live in, and maybe 10,000. in cash. Should I apply for bankruptcy, I would want chapter 7 but am afraid they would take my house with ... Read More »

                  Will I Be Able to Travel to United Arab Emirate Without Fear of Arrest? – Graham

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                  “Dear Steve, I am planning a family vacation to Dubai in the near future, but have become worried about a credit card balance of about 600AED with HSBC that was left unpaid in 2001 when I returned home to the UK after a period of residency in Dubai. Would this outstanding debt mean I have an outstanding warrant for my ... Read More »

                    Credit Solutions of America and American Debt Arbitration, Debt Settlement Companies, Are Sued by State of Florida

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                    Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum today announced his office has filed two lawsuits on behalf of Florida consumers against five debt settlement-related companies. According to the Attorney General’s lawsuits, the businesses promised consumers they could pay off their debts for a fraction of the amount owed, but instead collected large up-front fees and left customers with little or no money ... Read More »

                      A Review of the Everest Debt Solutions Debt Settlement Client Agreement


                      Recently I wrote about a debt settlement company called Everest Debt Solutions here and here. I managed to get my hands on one of their client agreements so I wanted to review it for you to help you understand what it all means to the best of my ability. I think you’ll find some eyeopening sections in my comments below ... Read More »

                        The Curse of the Hess Kennedy Debt Settlement Firm Lives On

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                        In a twisted matter of irony the law firm that was acting as a receiver for the Hess Kennedy debt settlement company that was closed down in Florida, has been closed down. reported that Lewis B. Freeman & Partners went to court in Florida on Friday and put the firm out of business. This seems to have stemmed from ... Read More »

                          New Law Prevents Foreclosure Relief and Mortgage Modification Services From Charging an Up-Front Fee

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                          California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today issued a consumer alert warning California homeowners to avoid individuals and businesses that charge up up-front fees for foreclosure relief services in light of a just-enacted state law that makes this “abusive practice” subject to prosecution. “Over the past two years, unscrupulous attorneys and real estate brokers have abused their trusted roles ... Read More »

                            New York Attorney General Wins $200,000 Penalty Against Debt Settlement Company

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                            Attorney General Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that his office has won a lawsuit against a national debt settlement company, barring the company from doing business in New York state unless it posts a $500,000 performance bond to protect consumers. The decision also levies nearly $200,000 in penalties against the company for defrauding thousands of New Yorkers who looked to ... Read More »

                              Fewer Than Ten Percent Get Out of Debt With Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Companies

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                              I previously wrote an article The Truth About The Failure Rates and Completion Rates of Credit Counseling, Debt Settlement, and Bankruptcy. Some people scoffed at my findings and said they could not possibly be true, but they are. Fewer than 10 percent of consumers completed their agreements with Colorado debt-settlement and credit-counseling companies, by either paying off or settling all ... Read More »

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