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I Just Started Working With Take Charge America But Chase is Suing Me. – Mae

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“Dear Steve, Just received a summons from Chase to sue me for a debt that I owed. I notified them on last week about a hardship program that I just recently joined. I am unemployed. TakeCharge America has combined all my debts and will be making one payment from the unemployment benefits that I received. I will answer this court ... Read More »

    We’ve Talked to Two Bankruptcy Attorneys But What Do We Do Next? – Brittany

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    “Hi Steve, I have talked to two different bankruptcy lawyers about my situation. I would love your advice. My husband makes around 1200 biweekly and I am a server that is not doing so well in this economy. I have gone from making at least 100 a night to maybe 30-75 sometimes 0. My finances are a mess and I ... Read More »

      How Do We Deal With My 78 Year Old Mother and Her Chase Credit Card Debt? – Christi

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      “Dear Steve, My mother is 78 years old and has one major credit card with Chase current balance is $16,575.00 . Mom is the only person on the account as our father passed away 25 years ago. Mom has lived with me for the past 10 years. Her only income is her social security each month. She always pays the ... Read More »

        When I Came Back From the War I Went Nuts With My Credit. – Shawn

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        “Dear Steve, When I came back from the war, I went “nuts”. I piled up huge debt gambling and drinking. Now I have $20,000+ in debt, most of it charged off or in collections. The creditors I owe are unrecognizable on my credit report because the debt was passed to a collection agency and/or charged off. How do I know ... Read More »

          We Were Turned Down By – Natasha

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          “Dear Steve, I am married with two young children. We moved in with my mother with the hopes of purchasing a home to take advantage of the first time homebuyers credit. Once we were told that the requirements of the FHA were changed and we needed more down payment, we decided to put the house off. Now, we are doing ... Read More »

            I’m Already in a Bankruptcy and Can’t Afford My Payments. Will I Have to Give My Car Back? – Dawn

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            “Dear Steve, I filed a chapter 13 in 2007, while receiving Long term disability and child support. Since then my child support has stopped due to non payment. My payments have been decreased but I still can’t afford the payments, my income is only $1,133 a month. I have a 2005 Chevy equinox in good condition with 94,000 miles. My ... Read More »

              Will My UK Creditors Hunt Me Down? – David

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              “Dear Steve, i have £16000 GBP in consumer loans or credit card debt, i am unemployed and have no way of paying the total sum back to the crediters who are MBNA Capital one, vanquis and Santander zero credit cards and one loan from the Santander Bank all of which is based in the U.K , I sold my house ... Read More »

                My Ex-Wife is Claiming Bankruptcy For Some Debt I Am Responsible For. – Steve

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                “Dear Steve, My ex-wife is claiming bankruptcy and she has some debt that I am a co-signer on. I do good to get by with the debt that I have myself. I can not afford to take on her debt (about another $200 a month). Should I consider bankruptcy myself? I fear if i do not i will lose my ... Read More »

         Cock flavored soup mix. Seriously, I don’t make these things up. Spicy!

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                  getoutofdebtguy: Cock flavored soup mix. Seriously, I don't make these things up. Spicy! Read More »

           It’s the law that pets die from heat? The town could have worded this much better. You think?

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                    getoutofdebtguy: It's the law that pets die from heat? The town could have worded this much better. You think? Read More »

             This place is called 24 Hour Fitness Center. Look at the hours. I sense a flaw.

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                      getoutofdebtguy: This place is called 24 Hour Fitness Center. Look at the hours. I sense a flaw. Read More »

                        I Screwed Up and Lost Most of Our Retirement Income. – Rufus

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                        “Dear Steve, I screwed up. I made investments and lost most of our retirement income. I am also out of work. I am working as a handyman but not making much money. I am however, interviewing for a better job. My wife is hostile and can’t seem to get over that I messed up. I am making my payments (nothing ... Read More »

                          I Moved Back in With My Ex-Wife to Help Her Make the Mortgage Payments. – Ron

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                          “Dear Steve, My ex-wife has a HELOC with Chase for $80,000 on a home we co-own with a current mortgage of $150,000 which we have never been late on in 10 years. After I moved out she was out of work for several months and was not able to keep up both payments and has made no payments on the ... Read More »

                            Will My Car Get Repoed if I Take it to the Dealer for Service? – Mike

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                            “Dear Steve, I fell way behind on my car payment, I am on unemployment, and now my car needs to be fixed and it has to go to the dealership to get fixed. It might get repo’d if they realize its so far behind. If they do take the car, I know will be responsible for the amount still owed, ... Read More »

                              My Husband Can’t Find a Job. – Elizabeth

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                              “Dear Steve, My husband has been laid off and is not able to find a job and believe me he’s looked everywhere. He had the greater income to where we could pay all our bills with just his paychech now its just my income which is half of all our bills combined. I have been considering letting go of some ... Read More »

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