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How to Get Out of Debt – Part 1

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What People Usually Say About Getting Out of Debt All day, every day, I read and hear the same pleas and wishes from people that want to get out of debt. See if any of these sound familiar to you. “I need fast help in gettin out of debt for free.” “I don’t know how to get out of debt ... Read More »

    How Can We Find a Mortgage Company to Work With? – Susan

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    “Dear Steve, My husband and I have a mortgage of approx. $78,000.00 on our home. We also have a home equity debt of $50,000.00. The mortgage is a 2 year ARM and is at 3.75% as of April 2009. Our home equity is a couple of points higher. Our tax appraisal puts the value of our home at $276.000, 00 ... Read More »

      Grandparent Scam, One to Be Avoided

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      A scam picking up steam in Canada is one to warn people about. We need to help shield grandparents everywhere from this one. Typically, the con artist will call claiming to be one of the victim’s grandchildren. Crying to disguise his or her voice, he or she often claims to be in either Toronto or Quebec, needing money for some ... Read More »

        I Asked My Boyfriend to Cosign for My Sister’s Boyfriend, And He Did. – Cynthia

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        “Dear Steve, I asked my boyfriend to co-sign on a home equity line of credit for my sister’s boyfriend at the time. He bought a condo and he needed extra money to pay off his car because he couldn’t make ends meet. We did it as a favor because his credit wasn’t enough to get the heloc. My boyfriend agreed ... Read More »

          Child Support: Answers to Your Commonly Asked Questions

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          Parents have an obligation to financially support their children, whether the parents are married or divorced. Children, likewise, have the right to be supported. Usually, when parents decide to separate, courts require the parent who does not have custody of the children to pay a monthly amount to the parent who has custody to help pay the child’s day to ... Read More »

            How to Cut Your Holiday Bills in Half Without Feeling Cheap

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            How to Cut Your Holiday Bills in Half Without Feeling Like Scrooge If you usually find yourself in January and February facing a stack of bills from holiday shopping, resolve that this year you aren’t going to let the spending get out of hand. Decide that your holiday memories are going to be happy ones, not headaches! Following are strategies ... Read More »

              How Can We Get Help With Our Debts When We Are Not Behind? – Jaimee

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              Jaimee “Dear Steve, I am around 31000 in credit card debt between six cards. My lowest interest rate is 2.99 and my highest is 22. All of this debt was ran up during a period that my husband was in school and I was the only income. Citibank is my highest balance and they just raised my interest rate from ... Read More »

                Debt Fact – Most Pro Football, Baseball and Basketball Players Go Broke

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                Sports Illustrated estimates that 78 percent of former National Football League players, within two years of retirement, are bankrupt or “under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce.” Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60 percent of former National Basketball Association players “are broke.” Recession or no recession, many NFL, NBA and Major League Baseball players have a penchant ... Read More »

                  Teresa Writes In And Asks “What Should I Do Next?”

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                  “I have a lot of debt. I fell behind after being diagnosed with cancer. All the medical bills were paid at first but I maxed out credit cards and then took out a HELOC. The HELOC made my debt worst because it just consolidated the debt but left open credit that was used again. Now I have a suspended HELOC ... Read More »

                    Dave Burke and his Real Talk Network Sent Me to Collections. – Stan

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                    “Dear Steve, I am a real estate broker of 35 years and have gone without an income for 13 months. Last April, I went to a pay off your debt seminar by Real Talk Network/Dave Burke. I charged $1997 to my Nordstrom Visa. Burke did not disclose thet his secret system is dependent on a decent FICO score and so ... Read More »

                      Can I File Bankruptcy Without My Husband Knowing? – Janine

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                      Janie “Hi Steve, I think I know the answer to my questions, but want to see what you have to say about it. Can I file Bankruptcy without my husband knowing? Thank you, Janine”   Dear Janie, Technically there is no reason why you have to tell him if you are going bankrupt in your name alone. You will probably ... Read More »

                        We Are Concerned About the Complaints Against CCCS. – Andrea

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                        “Dear Steve, We are on the verge of signing a contract with CCCS (Money Management Itl) but the complaints against them are not good! We currently do not own a home, but are making fairly large payments on 2 cars and have almost $40,000 in cc debt…not to mention 2 student loans totally about $25,000 that are in forebearance. My ... Read More »

                          I Need a Divorce But I’m Trapped in a Mortgage. – Susan

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                          “Dear Steve, My relationship with my husband has hit a new low. I need to get out of here and get a divorce but we have a mortgage together on a house that we owe more on it than it is worth if we could sell it. What do i do? Susan”   Dear Susan, When you get divorced, you ... Read More »

                            I Have Been Speaking With Money Management International But Not Sure That is The Way to Go? – Banks

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                            “Dear Steve, I work full time…finally… make pretty good money, I am young, married, no kids and it is my goal to buy a house in the next 12-18 months. I have about 11000 in super high interest rate credit cards. I have been speaking with Money Management International about a payment plan. They take out 300 a month at ... Read More »

                              I Am a Florist Trying to Pay Back My Business Debt. – Marina

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                              “Dear Steve, I am a florist who rec’d $ 65,000 in back loan to start up a business.It is Down to $54,000 still have $16,000 in credit card debit with five cards. I have several private and corp clients to pay the bank loans. Plus I have two part time jobs as a florist to pay household bills and paid ... Read More »

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