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We Are Graduating From College With Too Much in Private Student Loans. – Tyler

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“Dear Steve, Between me and my wife we both gross around 2600 a month. We are just graduating from a private school and we are looking at having 145000 worth of student loans. We cant afford the 1400 dollar payment every month. What can we do? are there any options that we have for chapter 11? We have talked with ... Read More »

    My Credit Card Payments Are Usually a Few Weeks Late. – Magic

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    “Dear Steve, We have 38000 credit card debt and make my payments but usually are a few weeks late. I have a mortgage 110 owed a home equity which was used for remodling only balance 90000 my homes worth today 310000 interest rate is 6 percent on both loans my credit score is mid 700s. I retired with a 40000 ... Read More »

      Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky – Worst Places for Auto Loans in 2010

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      TransUnion released its annual auto loan forecast today indicating national auto loan delinquencies (the ratio of borrowers 60 or more days past due) will increase approximately 7 percent at the end of 2010 to 0.92 percent from an expected 0.86 percent at the conclusion of 2009. Only one state – California – is expected to see a decline in auto ... Read More »

        Many Debt Free Sites Are Misleading. Who Can I Trust? – Tom

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        “Dear Steve, I was at a well paying job for 20 plus years,i was layed off,had to take a much lower paying job.credit card payments are still the same,but far less pay coming in. many of these debt free sites are misleading. dont know where to turn , and i dont want to get to far behind. How can i ... Read More »

          If Something Were to Happen We’d Be Screwed. – TinaMarie

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          “Dear Steve, My husband and I are about 20,000 in debt. He had a kidney transplant 2 years ago, which put us in the hole and now we have to pay off his medical bills and even just to copays on his anti rejection drugs are killing us. We are barely keeping or heads above water. I was hoping you ... Read More »

            Reporter Looking for Someone to Interview About Using a Credit Card in an Emergency

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            From Allie Johnson, Reporter For an article for a personal finance Web site, a reporter is looking for people who have used a credit card in an emergency and would be willing to be interviewed about it. This could be a credit card that you kept around just for emergencies or your regular credit card. If you are willing to ... Read More »

              I Want to Pay Less Than I Owe Without Hurting My Credit. – Diana

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              Diana “Dear Steve, I make a good salary but we got caught in an investment home situation with a construction loan, and have been making ends meet by using credit cards. I have been pretty successful at paying the minimums, but have missed many due dates and of course interest rates have raised and minimum payments have raised. I am ... Read More »

                Man Fraudulently Tries to Sell Church He Didn’t Own

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                A man involved in a complicated scam to sell a church he didn’t own has been found guilty on 11 counts of fraud. Tracy Carmichael, 46, of Detroit in 2007 offered to sell the Temple of God Deliverance on Mount Elliot to a woman who was interested in the property as a land investment. The scam involved Carmichael finding a ... Read More »

                  Consumers Energy Customer Warned About Credit Card Scam

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                  Consumers Energy is warning customers — especially seniors — of a scam that includes people posing as Consumers employees in an attempt to access credit card information. According to a statement, customers have received calls from a person claiming to be a Consumers employee offering a special program. The caller tells the customers they have to pay a small fee ... Read More »

                    My Wife Took a Vacation in Las Vegas and Bought a Timeshare. Can We Be Sued? – David

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                    “HI there Steve, My Wife and I recently took a vacation in Las Vegas and stupidly fell for a timeshare scam. We are both british citizens and are living in scotland. My wife recently lost her job and we cant afford this expense at this time, we did some research and the company told us a lot of lies anyway. ... Read More »

                      Three Years Ago We Had a Very Rough Year and Now Facing Rising Interest Rates. – Erin

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                      “Dear Steve, My husband has his own business and 3 years ago we had a very rough year. We lived above our means and we now have $40,000 in credit card debt. We have $8,000 on a 14.99% credit card and eventhough we make our payments on time and sometimes even several payments a month (this is our active business ... Read More »

                        I Want You to Meet Who You Helped Today – Ganhuyag Tuya


                        It is important for you to meet who we helped today through this site. As I mention, all over the place, revenue from people clicking on ads and using the service of advertisers is used to help sponsor people in poverty through Kiva. Please visit or use the services of advertisers on the GetOutOfDebt.org site so we can help more ... Read More »

                          Loans for Bad Credit and Bad Credit Personal Loans

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                          Loans for Bad Credit Trying to find loans with bad credit is a task that is nearly impossible. After all, who can you trust? Scammers are always targeting people searching for bad credit loans, knowing bad credit personal loans will generate contact from people that are being rejected by every legitimate lender but they are still searching for a bad ... Read More »

                            I Had a Baby, My Hours Were Cut, I Don’t Want to Tell My Partner About My Money Mess. – Rebecca

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                            “Dear Steve, I have had a baby and my hours at work have been cut I have a partner who works but is un aware of the mess I have got my self in this would cause a huge problem if this came to light. Just need to find some help to get me out of the mess I am ... Read More »

                              Ric Edelman Says I Should Carry a Big Mortgage Instead. – Carolyn

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                              “Dear Steve, I’m struggling with whether to get debt free as fast as I can or use the equity in my home and invest. I’m in the process of refinancing and cashing out $40K. I don’t have any liquid savings. I do have a little in 401K. I’m in my mid 40’s. Some say get out of debt but other’s ... Read More »

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