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My Father-In-Law Died and Left My Mother-In-Law Deep in Debt. – Sherry

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“Dear Steve, My father in law passed away and my mother in law has been left with an enormous debt. we did not realize they were this much in debt and are trying to figure out the best option for her.she is 73 yrs old. just to make her payments each month she is 500.00 short. she has a mortgage ... Read More »

    My Boyfriend Was in a Car Accident and Has a Big Medical Bill. – Mary

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    “Dear Steve, My boyfriend was in a car accident and went to the ER with chest pain immediately after it– we thought the insurance company would cover the cost of the ER visit because the other driver was at fault. There was no medical problem found and no follow-up required, but the bill for the visit was around $1600. The ... Read More »

      I Have a 12 Year Old Debt I’m Paying On. – Steve

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      “Dear Steve, I leased a ford vehicle about 12 years ago and had some financial issues and had to turn it back in….long story short I have had money taken from my bank account recently and also made payment arrangements to pay an amount each month of $100…are ther any statue of limitations laws that I should be aware of…do ... Read More »

        Should I Only Pay Two of My Credit Cards? – Heather

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        “Dear Steve, The credit cards that I have are only in my name. I married over two years ago. I owe alot on my credit cards. I have thought about not paying my two highest credit cards to pay my other ones and then pay them at a later date. I wonder if that would hurt my husbands credit considering ... Read More »

          Everest Debt Solutions and FDN Solutions. These Debt Settlement Companies Are Really Starting to Piss Me Off Now.


          Previously I wrote a post “What Do You Think of Everest Debt Solutions? – Margo“. In that post, a reader sent in a question about a company I had never heard of before, Everest Debt Solutions, a debt settlement company. If you look at the comments section of that question you will see that someone that claims to be from ... Read More »

            Credit Card Companies Are Immoral?


            Recently a friend of mine wrote a post Credit Cards – Close ‘em Shred ‘em & Forget ‘em! and it has really got me thinking. In fact for the last two nights I’ve actually dreamed about the post and having conversations about it. I made my points to Matt in the comments but here is the gist of the position. ... Read More »

              Citibank “Can You Hear Me Now?”


              Pam and I rode the bike up to the local audiologist yesterday so she could get her custom molded earplugs made for her ipod headset and while we were waiting I saw this on the wall. Talk about targeted marketing. “Hear Now. Pay Later.” Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Get Out of Debt ... Read More »

                Consumers Pissed Off at Credit Card Companies. One-Third Don’t Even Have a Credit Card.

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                Credit card holders are angry. More than a one-third (32%) have paid off and closed a card since January 2008, and half of those that canceled did so in direct response to the actions of credit-card issuers, such as cutting limits, hiking rates, or imposing fees, according to a national poll by Consumer Reports. Twenty-one percent of respondents said they ... Read More »

                  My Husband Gets Collection Calls From Payday Lenders. He is Now Trying to Make Money With Herbalife. – Cindy

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                  “Dear Steve, I’ve been married since 05 and we have all accounts separate due to his poor credit history. I thought this was a result of a divorce, but I am starting to think otherwise as he has bad spending habits and always runs out of money. I have received calls from companies such as payday loans, fast cash and ... Read More »

                    Credit Cards Maxed Out. I Can’t Get a Debt Consolidation Loan. – Manuel

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                    “Dear Steve, Hi. I currently have 1 credit card just about maxed out at $10,600, another one maxed out at $5,300. I also have a debt consolidation loan from Banknorth for $11,000 (although I paid around $3,500 so I only have $7500 remaining to pay.) I gross about $2240/mo. I was laid off last year so had to use my ... Read More »

                      75% of Americans Will Work as Long as Possible to Make Ends Meet

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                      A new study released by Bankrate, Inc. shows that the vast majority of working Americans plan to work as long as they can during retirement age, showing a redefinition of how Americans view traditional retirement plans. The poll, conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International, is included in the new Bankrate Financial Literacy series on Retirement Income, which can be ... Read More »

                        Internet Layaway Now Available from Kmart

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                        This may just be a great way to deal with the upcoming holiday season. Pick items now, pay for them using the new Kmart layaway program and by the time Christmas comes, everything will be paid for. Imagine a holiday season without any residual debt. Pretty cool. In an ongoing effort to provide its customers with innovative ways to shop, ... Read More »

                          Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater Atlanta Gets $3.5 Million Grant

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                          Grant provides much-needed boost to homeowners in Atlanta, Miami/Fort Lauderdale, New York/Northern New Jersey, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and others in danger of foreclosure Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) of Greater Atlanta today announced that it has received a $3.5 million grant to support its national foreclosure prevention counseling efforts in several metropolitan areas. The much-needed boost will enable CCCS ... Read More »

                            Should I Just Let the Truck Get Repossessed? – Beck

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                            “Dear Steve, I’ve been reading your advice. I am about to be laid off. I had a business on the side, but just blew the engine in my truck. That side business requies the truck. I can’t afford to fix it and already owe more than it is worth. You advise to pay only “essential bills”. You have advised to ... Read More »

                              What Happens When a Collection Agency Issues You a 1099? – Charlotte

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                              “Dear Steve, First of all, FANTASTIC WEBSITE! What happens when you are issued a 1099 from a collection agency? I’m worried come tax time we will owe a lot of money to the IRS. Help! Charlotte”   Dear Charlotte, The only reason you would be issued a 1099 would be if your debt was written off as uncollectible or you ... Read More »

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