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http://twitpic.com/pwyvt A funny DVR pause for iron chef fans.

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getoutofdebtguy: A funny DVR pause for iron chef fans. Read More »

    I’ve Been Laid Off Three Times in Three Years. The Bills Are Too Much. – Deb

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    “Dear Steve, I am 3 times laid off in 3 years. I only have unemployment insurance coming in to support me and this may run out soon. I have no assets at all. I have lost everything in the last 3 years of lay-offs. I rent and own nothing else of value with no savings and am having difficulty finding ... Read More »

      I Ran Into a Rough Time and Defaulted on All My Credit Cards. – Scott

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      “Dear Steve, About 6 years ago I ran into very rough times and defaulted on all of my credit cards. They were all charged off and my credit was ruined. I was too afraid to file for bankruptcy and opted to do nothing (foolish me). At any rate, I was sued by one creditor for $17,000 but the judge denied ... Read More »

        What Do I Tell My Banker? I Don’t Want to Get Into Trouble. – Sharon

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        “Dear Steve, In 2000-01, I found myself in conflict with my university (in NC where I live) on a policy matter that was never resolved and I had to leave the program. I was left with a lot of consumer debt, over time I have paid off in full or settled nearly all of the debts. However, in 2001, just ... Read More »

          How Can I Make Sure There is No Travel Ban to Prevent Me Leaving Dubai? – Aftab

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          “Dear Steve, I have credit cards and personal loans in Dubai and I am paying them in bits and pieces every month. My monthly payments is exceeding my curent income and due to the late payments and back log which I have it is so difficult to get them back in control. I can’t see any solution to this problem ... Read More »

            Exotic Dancer Opens Foreclosure Avoidance Company, Advertises on Gospel, Partner Punches Lawyer in Face

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            LOL, OMG, you can’t make this stuff up. A Maryland woman who stole millions from Washington area homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure is a “vulture” whose case should serve as a warning to other con artists, a federal judge said yesterday before imposing a sentence of more than 12 years. Joy Jackson, 41, a former exotic dancer who became president ... Read More »

              Morgan Drexen Almost Hits the Target With Debt Settlement Petition

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              Most of the news coming from the debt settlement industry these days is either about how the sky will fall if the new Federal Trade Commission guidance goes into place to control the debt settlement industry, or how it is needed. Well here is an interesting press release just out from the folks at the debt settlement company Morgan Drexen. ... Read More »

                I Need to Go Bankrupt in the UK. Can You Help? – Michael

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                “Dear Steve, Self-employed, no assets. £16000 (UK) in debt and out of work. I would like some help with probably going bankrupt, as it looks like the most sensible solution in my circumstances. I would like to find some help, without falling into one of those debt managment companies. I i really dont know where to start, but when i ... Read More »

                  Scary Time on the Site or is That a Hopeful Time? Time Will Tell.


                  Well I’m preparing to embark on what could be a really wise investment and a great project, a site redesign. These things either end really well or so badly that I never make the change and the money spent for the design winds up invested but wasted. I’ve always had a frustration with talented web design artists. You see it’s ... Read More »

                    My Ultimate Goal is to Reduce My Monthly Payments and Get Out of Debt. – Nicole

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                    “Dear Steve, My debt is as follows: $8.5k – Chase Mastercard, $2.6k – Amex, $2.6k – Macy’s Visa, $2.6k – Best Buy, $500 – Discover. I have inerest rates between 21% and 28% on all of the cards due to late payments. Right now I am current on all of the cards but I am only able to make minimum ... Read More »

                      I Missed My Court Date Because My Son Has Autism and I Forgot. – Stephanie

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                      “Dear Steve, I had a summon against me but didnt show up to court because I was served after the court date & it honestly slipped my mind i know you are thinkind how could i forget, but after dealing with my son that has autism i really did forget, eventhough i know that is not an excuse. So now ... Read More »

                        Maine AG Queues Up and Sues Credit Solutions of America.

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                        Attorney General Janet Mills announced today that she has filed suit against Credit Solutions of America, Inc. (CSA) and its president, Douglas Van Arsdale, for unfair and deceptive practices in the marketing and provision of debt settlement services to hundreds of Maine consumers. This lawsuit follows an investigation conducted by staff in the Attorney General’s Office and at the Bureau ... Read More »

                          http://twitpic.com/pruwp My lunch via from Shane’s rib shack.

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                          getoutofdebtguy: My lunch via from Shane's rib shack. Read More »

                            Love Irony? You’ll Love This. Debt Settlement Industry Upset About Greed and Quality of…Itself.

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                            A press release from Live Transfers USA really caught my eye, especially since they were bitching about the very same debt settlement infomercial I mentioned to you many months ago in “The Selling of Debt Settlement Services. It’s Easy to Sucker You In.” The release also complained that some in the debt settlement industry were unlawful, unscrupulous, unethical and not ... Read More »

                              The Collection Company Will Not Make Payment Arrangements With Me. – Dee

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                              “Dear Steve, I owe a collection agency for a debt that i owe to the college I graduated from. They will not make payment arrangements with me and I do not want my wages garnished. Dee”   Dear Dee, There is nothing that requires a collector to make payment arrangements with you. The collector also can’t sue you unilaterally if ... Read More »

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