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I’m Considering a Sweep Loan to Pay All the Credit Cards Off. – Jonathan

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“Dear Steve, I have 13K of credit card debt with high interest rates on top of a very large student loan bill. I make 6 figures, but find it very difficult to pay these debts down. I’m considering a sweep loan to pay all the credit cards off and lower the interest rate. What recommendations do you have for choosing ... Read More »

    Consumer Credit Counseling Service, CCCS, NFCC, and National Foundation for Credit Counseling

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    I often get questions from people asking me about Consumer Credit Counseling Services, also known as CCCS. I thought I’d give you a quick little summary of CCCS and the types of services they offer. CCCS offices are members of the NFCC. The NFCC used to stand for the National Foundation for Consumer Credit but changed their name to National ... Read More »

      How Do I Get Rid of This Debt? – Meredith

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      “Dear Steve, I am a college student and gotten myself in very bad credit card debt. It is so easy to get a card and I have managed to run up a debt close to 10,000. I had three credit cards; I have gotten rid of them, can’t use them, but still owe the debt. How do I get rid ... Read More »

        Shopaholic Dies and Goes Missing Under Piles of Her Stuff

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        From England we learn that Joan Cunnane passed away in here house, so full of stuff that she bought to make herself feel better, that searchers and police could not find her body in her house for hours. Joan Cunnane was discovered at her home in Stockport, Greater Manchester after a lengthy search. Officers say it took several hours to ... Read More »

          Is a Debt Consolidation Program Right For Me? – David

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          “Dear Steve, I have about $28K in CC debt and am starting to get behind. I want to make this better. i am lucky to have a job but it doesn’t pay enough. Is a debt consolidation program right for me? David” The Answer   Dear David, A debt management program might be right for you. It really all depends ... Read More »

            Law Offices and Creditors Are Calling Me Non-Stop, Threatening to Sue and Treating Me Like a Criminal – Avria

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            “Dear Steve, Early in 2008, I had a sudden turn of events. I had to quit my job due to health problems and lost half of my household income when my ex and I split up. I had just bought a new car and signed on to what would have been smart loans to transition into a more comfortable state ... Read More »

              I’m Just Starting to Become Delinquent With Credit Cards And Going to File Bankruptcy. Should I Tell My Creditors? – Laura

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              “Dear Steve, I have recently hired a bankruptcy attorney and am in the process of making payments to him to file my case, which unfortunately he cannot do until I make the last payment. I should have this taken care of by May, 2009. I am now just starting to become delinquent with my credit cards. Would it make sense ... Read More »

                I’m Recently Divorced and Trapped in an Upside Down Mortgage – Frank

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                Frank “Dear Steve, Recently divorced and trapped in an upside down mortgage. Living off credit cards to get by. I am recently divorced and bought out my ex wife during the up market for my current home. My mortgage is now upside down and I am not making enough money each month to even break even with my expenses. I ... Read More »

                  I Can’t Get a Car Loan Because of a Past Bankruptcy – April

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                  “Dear Steve, My husand over 10 years ago got appendicitis with no insurance. The hospital wasn’t happy with the small payments hubby was making, so they hired a law firm. The lawyer for the hospital wanted him to start paying $170 a week when he was only making like $260 a week in a factory. Hubby had no choice but ... Read More »

                    I Want to Hide From My Creditors – Janet

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                    “Dear Steve, If I don’t pay unsecured creditors like personal and business lines of credit and I disappear as you have described. What can the creditors do to collect? Do they look for corp bank accounts I might have created? Janet” The Answer   Dear Janet, If you go back and read the article I wrote, “How to Hide From ... Read More »

                      I’m Struggling With High Interest Rates on my Credit Cards From Universal Default – Eric

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                      “Dear Steve, Six years ago – had a unplanned child with my wife (still married). A Pediatrician put a $50.00 collection on my credit report (not my bill – total mistake). This triggered universal default 29% interest rates on me and my wife’s credit cards. I got it removed but could not get the card companys to reduce the interest ... Read More »

                        How Can I Lower My Interest Rates or Eliminate or Consolidate My Credit Cards? – Anna

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                        “Dear Steve, I own a t-shirt printing/embroidery co. I used credit cards to expand because I couldn’t get the money I needed for cash flow. I was doing well and seem to be turning around but last year was difficult and I fell behind on a few payments & had late pays. I am collecting things to sell also making ... Read More »

                          Jeff Wants to Rob a Bank or Do Something Desperate to Pay His Bills

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                          “Dear Steve, We’re not in foreclosure only because we pay the mortgage first, but several other bills are way behind, and it was our poor choices and taking loans against the house that got us here. No reputable lender would help us now, and it seems the only way out is to get rid of the house. We don’t want ... Read More »

                            Erik Was Deceived by a Family Member Into Cosigning For a Mortgage Loan and Now it is Hurting His Credit

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                            Erik “Dear Steve, A family member of mine deceived me into cosigning a mortgage loan on the condition I would become the sole owner after a year when they found another place to live. It’s been 3 years and that hasn’t happened. What has happened is several (over 15) late payments without my knowing and a huge hit on my ... Read More »

                              Sonia Wants to Know How to Get a Free Credit Report Without a Credit Card

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                              Sonia “Dear Steve, Why do all the web sites you go to say you can get a free credit report but all of them ask for a credit card. I don’t have a credit card so where can I go to get a free credit report? Sonia” Dear Sonia, You can get a free copy of your credit report online ... Read More »

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