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I Can’t Pay My Australian Mobile Phone Bill. – Wish

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Wish “Dear Steve, I am an international student studying in Melbourne. When i came here 6 months ago i had signed up for a $49 Cap contract for 24 months offered by a mobile company along with a new handset worth $500. I have paid my bills promptly for last 6 i am going back to india due to ... Read More »

    My Unemployment Only Covers My Rent and Gas. Should I Drain my 401K? – Michelle

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    Michelle “Dear Steve, I was laid off in Dec08 and am at the end of my savings. Although I do get unemployment, it only covers my rent and gas. I am a single mother of 1 and am getting child support which is soley going to help with daycare expenses. I have 2 credit cards with a combined minimum payment ... Read More »

      I Have Been Wanting to Do Something About My Debt. It’s Time. – Dang in Debt

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      Dang in Debt “Dear Steve, I have been wanting to do something with my debt for a few years and now am pushing myself even harder to get this taken care of. I about 4 credit cards I stopped paying on and have about $12000 i owe in collections plus I have my current bills that I am paying on. ... Read More »

        If I Knew Then, What I Know Now, I Would Have Run Screaming From Sallie Mae. – Rachel

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        “Dear Steve, I have a loan through Sallie Mae that is the subject of many a sleepless night, and if I knew then what I know now, I would have run screaming and NEVER taken out this loan. I graduated from a state university not quite a year ago and took out $42,000 to cover school, books, and living expenses. ... Read More »

          Debt RX USA Debt Settlement Company Consumer Complaint

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          Mr Gonzalez uploaded the following BBB complaint to me through the file upload section of the site. I have no inside knowledge of this case and the only reason I am republishing it here is because it brings up other complaints that I have heard from others regarding some common issues with unhappy consumers and some debt settlement companies. ... Read More »

            I Put a Friends Car in My Name That Cost $67,000. – Anita

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            Anita “Dear Steve, I’m about 20K in credit card debt. I owe about 142K still on my home. I put a friends car in my name that cost 67K (I’m still not sure how that loan went through). My income is about 43K. I’m struggling!!! I can’t get a consolidation loan because I have more debt than income. I’m trying ... Read More »

              Should We Pay Off Our Mortgage? – Andy

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              Andy “Dear Steve, I am 62 years old and had planed to retire in 3 – 3 1/2 years. With the ecomonic problems today my wife and I are thinking aobut taking $29000.00 out of my 401K and pay off our mortgage. I am still employed but things have really slowed down. So don’t know what year end will bring. ... Read More »

                We Can’t Afford Our Mortgage and Bank of America Said They Can’t Help. – Anne

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                “Dear Steve, My husband and I purchased our first home 2 years ago for $745k and put down 20%. The current balance on the loan is about $550k, and our interest rate is 6.875%. Our payments are $3800 per month. We just lost our business that provide about 50% of our income. Because of this we cannot afford our mortgage ... Read More »

                  I Had a Very Good Job a Year Ago and Now I’m Hiding From the Debt Collectors. – Jaime

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                  Jaime “Dear Steve, I had a very good job a year ago, but when the company closed I lost my job. I had bills that I could no longer afford. My total debt was $31,000 and the last payment I made was more than a year ago. I have moved away from my former location and have moved twice since ... Read More »

                    I Want You to Meet Who You Helped Today – Elizabeth Ibelegbu


                    It is important for you to meet who we helped today through this site. As I mention, all over the place, revenue from people clicking on ads and using the service of advertisers is used to help sponsor people in poverty through Kiva. Please visit or use the services of advertisers on the site so we can help more ... Read More »

                      I Am Currently Enrolled in CCCS And Having a Hard Time Making My Payments. – Kim

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                      Kim “Dear Steve, I work fulltime and owe $24000.00 in credit cards. I am currently enrolled in CCCS and I am having a hard time making my monthly payment. I have payed 671.00 for 2 months now, but the 3rd month is due and all I have in my bank account is 25.00. Medical finaces caused me to be -228.00 ... Read More »

                        I Panicked and Called a Debt Reduction Company. I’m Afraid I’ve Walked Into a Scam. – Megan

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                        Megan “Dear Steve, My husband and I currently have around 10-12,000 in credit card debt and medical bills. About 2 years ago, after our 2nd child was born we became unable to make the minimum payments on the credit cards (about 10 different credit cards) and we have also been unable to pay the medical bills from our son’s birth ... Read More »

                          Disturbing and Potentially Deceptive Move by Credit Card Industry.

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                          It what certainly feels like yet another self-serving action by the credit card industry, Bank of America, Capital One, Citi and Discover Card, as well as the payments networks MasterCard and Visa have launched a new website that misleads consumers. What appears to be even worse, is that a CNN personal financial reporter that I normally respect, Gerri Willis, ... Read More »

                            Debt Settlement Companies. Prepare to Get Slaughtered.

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                            The debt settlement industry is exploding. Some say that many of these new companies are being run by failed mortgage brokers that want to get into the business. I don’t know about that but certainly there is a wave of opportunism evidenced by the exploding debt settlement industry. The sad thing about this is that as the market gets flooded ... Read More »

                              I am Disabled and Worried About Paying My Credit Debt. – Patricia

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                              Patricia “Dear Steve, I am disabled and worried about paying my credit debt. I’m raising my 8yr.old granddaughter and only get 1,000 a month. My aunt died and is unable to pay funral bill and credit cards that I trusted family to pay and they did not what should I do im losing hope? My aunt died and lived with ... Read More »

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