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How Do I Get Equifax to Remove Old Accounts Off My Credit Report? – Angela

Nr. 61

“Dear Steve, How do you get Equifax and other agencies to take accounts over 7 years old off of your account? When does the 7 years start from what date? Angela” Dear Angela, Thanks for writing in and asking. It is a common question people have and get confused about. Negative items on your credit report should automatically be removed ... Read More »

    Credit Report Data Broker Leaks a Concern for FTC

    Big Bad Burglar

    The Federal Trade Commission sent letters to ten data broker companies warning that their practices could violate the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) after a test-shopping operation by the FTC indicated the companies were willing to sell consumer information without abiding by FCRA requirements. The test-shopping operation was part of a worldwide privacy protection effort. FTC staff members posed as ... Read More »

      Thank You to the Debt Support Group

      Thank You - Words on Yellow Sticky Notes

      Last night was our first Get Out of Debt Guy support group meeting. If you have not joined up yet, it’s free. Join here. We were able to help four families last night at our meeting and while some were given homework to go and do, others were set off on a new path to deal with the debt. The ... Read More »

        How to Get Out of Debt. The Real Truth.


        People ask me questions every single day about how to get out of debt. Problem debt is a chronic problem that faces many at any one time. If you are facing debt, you are not alone. Normally the worry of debt is hidden by the perception everything this is alright. If there is no stress, fear or worry, there is ... Read More »

          Banks Talk About Easing Lending – May, 2013

          Modern business concept

          The April 2013 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices is just out and here is banks had to say about consumer lending. “Responses from domestic banks indicated that they are somewhat more willing to make consumer installment loans now as opposed to three months ago. However, only a small net fraction of banks reported having eased standards ... Read More »

            What is Your Opinion of Stratix Financial? – Bob

            Audit Stamp Shows Financial Accounting Examination

            “Dear Steve, I would like to pay off some of my credit cards. Do you have any comments on Stratix Financial?” Bob Dear Bob, Until I got your question I’d never heard about them before. Not knowing anything about them I went and applied many of the steps I lay out in my guides about how to check out a ... Read More »

              Dealing With Debt – It’s All Bullshit

              it's all bullshit

              So my friend Damon Day and I have this conversation all the time about how the entire debt world is all bullshit. It’s a very true statement, unfortunately. Until now I wasn’t sure how to broach the subject on the site. What the hell, let’s just jump in deep. The fact is people who are panicking about their debt are ... Read More »

                Scott Law Group Updates Debt Industry Target List

                crime scene

                The Scott Law Group has been very active in going after debt relief companies. They have recently updated their debt settlement litigation page by adding some companies and removing others. Added: American Platinum Financial Services, Inc. Consumer Debt Law Firm, Inc. The Mortgage Law Group, LLP U.S. Debt Processing, Inc. Decca Consumer Law Group The current list of companies they ... Read More »

                  Have Consumers Really Learned a Lesson About Debt?

                  consumer debt levels

                  A recent publication out from the Federal Reserve appears to indicate consumers have learned to cut back on debt, at least for now. The reduction might be to a number of events and not just the sudden realization that too much debt is problematic. For example, people may be feeling less confident about the future and that’s driving their spending. ... Read More »

                    Is Student Loan Consolidation Center Really Related to Military Debt Management Agency


                    “Dear Steve, I read an article about Military Debt Management Agency and how they are a non profit company ripping off military members for assistance with their student loans. I found came across an address for a student loan company that is the same as military debt management agency called Student Loan Consolidation Center, you might want to look into ... Read More »

                      Will I Ever Get Justice for Being a Victim of Allegro Law Debt Settlement? – Rebekah

                      Beautiful blond girl with sky as a background

                      “Dear Steve, We were with Allegro Law for 3 years, and did file the forms with the appropriate people when the scam was uncovered. We have been waiting several years for our refund from Allegro Law, it has still not been resolved it seems. Have you hopefully an further info on when payments might be. The last update on the ... Read More »

                        Our House Sold in Four Days. What Do We Do Now? – Rob


                        “Dear Steve, I wrote to you about two months ago stating that my wife and I have a combined income of $150K, live in Long Island, New York and have two college aid kids. Our home was too small for a family of four six years ago and renovated it, spending $228K on construction. We have only been paying the ... Read More »

                          Krystal International Vacation Club Turned Out to be a Fraud. – Norma

                          yikes exclamation

                          “Dear Steve, I signed a contract with Krystal International Vacation Club that was supposed to be an investment according to them but it turned out to be a fraud. I gave a down payment of 13,400. I was supposed to give monthly payments of 773.00 x 60mths. They promised to deposit 21,000 usd / year for the next five years ... Read More »

                            Is the Sallie Mae Class Action Lawsuit a Scam or Will I Get Money? – Vicki

                            single mom

                            “Dear Steve, I have student loans with Sallie Mae and was notified of a Class Action suit against them because of excessice cell phone calls to customers. I have my student loans with Sallie Mae (which are current and in good status) but was notified last year of a Class Action suit against them (Arthur et Al.v Sallie Mae). I ... Read More »

                              A Law Firm Says They Can Protect Me When I Settle My Debt. – Sherrie

                              Woman Whispers a Secret

                              “Dear Steve, I received settlement offers from my creditors. How do I ensure that they do not sell my account to another party for collections after receiving the settlement? I was told by a debt counselor working with a local law firm that I could settle my accounts on my own, but creditors have been known to then sell the ... Read More »

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