Are You A Great Bankruptcy Attorney?

Do you take the time to educate consumers and help them to understand whether or not a bankruptcy filing is the best option for their specific situation? Does your firm provide great customer service and attention to detail? Do you have a great track record of assisting consumers for at least the last 5 years? Does bankruptcy represent a significant portion of your practice?

If so, we would like to talk to you. We are looking for Rockstar Attorneys that can help our readers learn whether or not a bankruptcy filing would be an appropriate solution for them to explore. At GetOutOfDebt.org we help consumers for free to avoid debt relief scams and figure out their best options for getting out of debt. With so many different debt relief options available, consumers almost never receive honest information about how to best deal with their debt. They are bombarded with confusing sales pitches that usually over promise and under deliver.

We receive over 200,000 visitors a month to the site looking for answers to their debt questions. Quite often, we will recommend that a consumer meet with a local bankruptcy attorney to get a clear understanding of how bankruptcy works. We have found that consumers typically have a very bad misconception of what bankruptcy is and how it will effect them.

We do not specifically advocate for bankruptcy. What we do is highly recommend that consumers explore all options before making a very important financial decision. We recently started a National Bankruptcy Education Project to help consumers find local bankruptcy attorneys to assist them. We want to feature 1 attorney in each city. If you and your firm fit the criteria we are looking for, and would like to be the featured attorney in your city, please watch this video and then let us know in the form below.

Please Share This Video By Clicking One Or More Of The Social Network Buttons Above. The More Consumer Focused Attorneys that get behind the project, the faster it will grow, and the more consumers it will help. A win win for both consumers and you as a debt relief attorney.

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