Bank of America

Bank of America Charged Off My Account Even Though I Made a Payment. – Mac


“Dear Steve, Erroneous Chargeoff of Bank of America Credit Card $22,000.00 Bank of America gave me a deadline of 5PM 30 November to make a payment on my credit card or it would be charged off. I made the payment of $600.00 using Bank of America’s Online Billpay service on November 29, 2012. Because of an error in their system, ... Read More »

    Deer Hunting Accident Leads to Loss of Cattle and Husband Hit by Train. – Carla


    “Dear Steve, I was issued a credit card from Bank of America with a limit of $5000.00 inJune of 2007. I can’t remember the APR. We had just purchased 75 acres of land with a studio apartment & a horse barn already on the property. We lived in the 1 bedroom apartment for over a year with 3 daughters and ... Read More »

      I Can’t Get My Mortgage Modified and I’m Behind on Credit Card Debt. – Doug


      “Dear Steve, I Was Injured On The Job An Can No Longer Work .When This Happened I Worked Out My Income Over The Next 5 Years The First 2 Years My Income Droped 35% The Next Year Another 15% The 4th Year Another 15% This Is Where My Income Is At This Time. The First 2 Years I made All ... Read More »

        I Was a Partner in a Small Business That Failed. Now What? – John

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        “Dear Steve, Was 1/3 partner in a business – small mom and pop asian food store – it failed at the beginning of the recession. I had taken out a signature loan for $40K and had been making payments until 12 months ago. It is with Bank of America, and has just recently gone into collections. Currently, I get phones ... Read More »

          How Do I Get Bank of America to Lower My Interest Rates When They Say I Paid Late? – Kathy

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          “Dear Steve, I took out a “consolidation loan” with BOA. The statements are like credit card statements instead of loan statements. I send my payments thru my bank. A while back that were recording my payments one day late and adding fees and uped the interest rate. How do I prove this and get them to lower the interest rate ... Read More »

            Are The Banks Getting Paid Off or Kickbacks to Not Modify Loans? – Vicki

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            “Dear Steve, My house was sold for $80,000.00 under what I originally paid for it. B of A was giving me the run around. I am off work due to work injury, I started to “try” to talk to B of A before I fell behind on my payment. I filled out paperwork 3 or 4 times. One person would ... Read More »

              Bank of America Has Ignored My Requests for a Loan Modification. – Patti

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              “Dear Steve, Single mom, monthly bills have increased greatly; no salary increasse for three years; helping son through college; recent breast cancer survivor. Bank of America has ignored my requests for a loan modification. I owe $145,000. and my home is worth at best $80,000. I get paid twice a month with one check covering my mortgage payment and car, ... Read More »

                I Am Unable to Make All My Bank of America Debt Settlement Payments

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                “Dear Steve, I entered a debt settlement a couple months back that allows for 4 payments, each increasing incrementally. I am having trouble making the full 3rd payment. Does anyone know what will happen if I only make a partial payment? The settlement terms letter indicated any inability to make a payment would result in BoA rescinding the settlement and ... Read More »

                  My Disabled Brother Has an Issue With Bank of America Over His Consolidation Loan. – Gale

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                  “Dear Steve, This question is for my 55-year old brother and his wife. I am a former tax accountant/paralegal but have no experience with consolidation loan situations as my husband and I have owned our home for many years. My brother applied for a $70K debt consolidation loan with Bank of America in April 2008. It was immediately approved, although ... Read More »

                    Bank of America Close My Father’s Line of Credit. Is There a Class Action Suit About This?

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                    “Dear Steve, My father had a line of credit with BofA and they canceled with out notice They had no just cause. No late payments on the account or anything else. I read there was a class action lawsuit against BofA. I can’t find that article or any info on it. I believe the law firm is out of the ... Read More »

                      Bank of America Won’t Help Me At All. – Donna

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                      “Dear Steve, I lost my job in July 2009. Just moved to SC, 3yrs. ago. I bought home which of course the value has dropped. I now have credit card debt of $14,000. I am only getting unemployment which does not pay the bills. My family has been helping, but it is not fair to them to continue to do ... Read More »

                        How Can I Get Past This Bad Debt And On With My Life? – Amanda

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                        “Dear Steve, I went through a divorce for about 1 1/2 yrs. and it was final in May 2009. We had our car repossessed in Jan 09, fell behind on credit card pmts (most all in my name) totalling approx $ 30,000.00 and now my home was foreclosed on by BOA, even though they admitted to giving me false information ... Read More »

                          Do You Have an Email or Phone Number for David Sunlin From Bank of America? – Linda

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                          “Dear Steve, Do you have an e-mail or phone for David Sunlin, head of shortsales at B of A? I have located a prop in New Mexico that is going to foreclosure and the listing agent WON”T do a short sale package cause “it takes too long, you never get as response, it’s too late, etc” sunlin says he’ll help ... Read More »

                            I’m In a World of Hurt With Our Credit Thanks to Bank of America. – Sandy

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                            “Dear Steve, I am in a world of hurt with our credit although we have never missed any payments and have always remained current however it is becoming harder and harder to continue on. Total unsecured debt is near 90,000. We have been living check to check for years. Credit card companies have lowered our credit limits and hurting our ... Read More »

                              I Would Like to Know The Best Way to Deal With My Debts. – Amanda

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                              “Dear Steve, Hello, I would like to know the best way to deal with my debts. I have good credit, always pay on time and my fico score is 702. My debt is due to my business closing 2 yrs ago. I have paid off at least $30,000 and still have $30,000 to go. the debt is on at least ... Read More »

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