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Bankruptcy Related

What Should I Expect to Happen at My Bankruptcy Trustee 341 Hearing? – Fran

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“Dear Steve, due to wife’s loss of job, unepmloyment benefits and medical care I accrued 40k in unsecured debt. I tried to settle with the credit card companies, when I had some savings they said they couldnt help me “you already have the best deal” even after i repeatedly warned thme that once I blow through my savings I can ... Read More »

I Filed Bankruptcy But Now Want to Buy a House. How Do I Do That? – Aisha

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“Dear Steve, Filed for bankreptcy about four years ago, so my credit is really bad. I would like to buy a house, but how can I do so with bad credit? I filled for bankruptcy and it was discharged soon after. It is now four years later and I really would like to purchase a home. I’m not sure how ... Read More »

I Can’t Afford to Keep Up With My Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Payment. – Tomasa

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Fighting With VA for Pension, Underwater on Two Mortgages and My Bankruptcy Attorney Isn’t Communicating With Me

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“Dear Steve, 2003 retired w/2 income properties almost paid for. Filed a 1983 action (long story) against the city. THe criminal and civil case caused me to go from set to swimming in $225,000 in mortgage debt. Income is decent and can be counted on. Disabled in 2005. I have been fighting with the VA for 4 years. I am ... Read More »

I Can’t Afford My Truck Payment But Don’t Want to Lose My Truck. – Sarah

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“Dear Steve, My company use to generate a good amount of money to where I can pay my truck on time and some times more. But this last year or so, not so much. My truck was alomst repo ounce and was able to avoid it. I make the payments but every other month now and/or late on the month ... Read More »

I’m Looking for a Bankruptcy Attorney in Fairfax, Virginia. – Ann

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“Dear Steve, I’m in Fairfax County, VA area. I am 4 months behind on house mortgage (HFC – foreign owned). Own tree service and am a partner in a small struggling marketing firm. Anyway, I have been in the tree service for almost 12 years and while it is always slower in the winter, yet at some point in March ... Read More »

My Mortgage Was Discharged in Bankruptcy But I’m Still Paying It. – Cliff

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“Dear Steve, I lost my job and we had to file bankruptcy in 2011. As of August we were discharged form everything including 1st and 2nd mortgage. Our 1st is 242000.00, 2nd is 43000.00. Our home value is below 200000.00. During the bankruptcy BOA transfered our loans to new lenders, the second went to greentree and is reporting correctly on ... Read More »

What Should I Expect from Macey Bankruptcy Law?

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“Dear Steve, I was unemployed for while and living on CC to survive, I now have a job but cannot get out of the whole I put myself into trying to get by while i was unemployed. My interest rates are so high and i can only afford to pay minimum payments, therefore getting no where in paying them off. ... Read More »

I Just Completed My Bankruptcy But I Have Lingering Bills and Creditors. – Carlynn

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“Dear Steve, Well, I completed bankruptcy in November, 2011. I still have some hanging bills/creditors I need to clear and close out and I am in a worried, stressful situation where I have ran out of financial aid to complete my doctorates program at Argosy Atlanta University. I have applied for loans and have been denied. I am wondering if ... Read More »

My Husband is Worried About Losing His Job if He Files Bankruptcy. – Sarah

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“Dear Steve, My husband and I have $25,000 of debt on a Chase Visa Card. The card in his name with me as a co-signor. He is in a commission only job that has suffered greatly in recent years and I have a regular job making 47k a year. We live in Florida and have one child. We have a ... Read More »

My Husband Wants to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Thinks I Should File Chapter 13. – Cathy

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“Dear Steve, Husband’s employer closed. He is now receiving Social Security and unemployment. I work a full-time and part-time job and have a little pension check. Our credit card debit is no longer manageable. My husband wants to file chapter 7. He thinks I should file chapter 13. I co-own some property and have $20,000 left in my 401K. If ... Read More »

I Want to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Keep My House. – Mar

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“Dear Steve, I have retain a lawyer for ch7. I am in default for my mortgage for 6 months due to disability. My lender called me 3x for update status. I informed my atty. and he advise me i can call them back BUT not to mention I have an atty. for BK. Should I tell the lender I am ... Read More »

I Want to Avoid Bankruptcy for Fear of a Background Check? – Monse

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My business failed after 17 years. I Will not bore you with the details. This was my family main source of income. I guaranteed all business loans for the business including two SBA loans. I have just received a Summons from AMEX for one of the accounts, expecting several others to follow, as I am unable to make payments (any) ... Read More »

I Filed Bankruptcy Myself But Not Clear if My Student Loans Were Discharged? – Michael

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I was discharged through chapter 7 in Oct. 2011. I have two loans in question. One from Wells Fargo and one with the University of California, Davis. I want to know if either were discharged. The loan from UC Davis was issued from the University. They deposited money into my account after I submitted an application for a short term ... Read More »

Can I Accept Responsibility and Pay Off My Debts Without My Husband’s Assistance? – Debt

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I am 47 years old with credit card debts totally about 15K and Student Loans in excess of 30K. I married my husband 2 years ago in order to provide health insurance for him and his son due to employment changes. Shortly after our marriage, my employer decided to close the doors where I was working – leaving me with ... Read More »

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