How Do I Get My Title Back from Title Loan Company After Bankruptcy?

Question: Dear Steve, We had a title loan at TitleMax on a 2005 Olds Alero. We filed bankruptcy & it was discharged. We need the title so we can get rid of the car. John Answer: Dear John, First, let me be 100 percent clear, I am not an attorney. I can’t give you legal … Read more

How Can I Get Legal Help to File Bankruptcy For Free?

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Can I Really Eliminate My Private Student Loans With Earnest in Bankruptcy?

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Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Will Be Over Soon But I’m Worried We Suck at Money Management

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Railroad Retirement Income Is Less Than My Husband Estimated Before He Passed

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I’m Drowning in CashCall and CashNet Loans and Should I Consider Bankruptcy?

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