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Bankruptcy Related

Will My Bankruptcy Attorney Charge Me for Dealing With Court Papers? – Anna

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“Dear Steve, I am planning to see a bankruptcy attorney, but I have a few questions. I received court papers and I have a certain amount of days to respond. Will a bankruptcy attorney charge me separately for each? (filing for bankruptcy and the court papers) Also, what do you think about the legal aid society and bankruptcy? Thank You ... Read More »

    I Refuse to Pay For Something I Can’t Afford. – Steven

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    “Dear Steve, I owe 25K, am working a low-paying temp job, I’m 27 years old, hopeless. I owe (or owed) a total of $25,000 (probably more now, due to escalating interest rates) between two credit card companies, Capital One and Chase. I absolutely do not have the funds to pay it off. I had to stop making minimum payments last ... Read More »

      We Need Some Answers About Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – Ross

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      “Dear Steve, My wife initially filed Chapter 13 in 2004 after she was laid off from her job. She made payments on time for 2yrs until she was laid off again in 2006. After 6 months passed she did not have a job and we could not afford the payments and eventually her case was dismissed due to non-payment. Fortunately ... Read More »

        I’m Divorced and Don’t Know if I Qualify for Bankruptcy. – Betty

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        “Dear Steve, I was sent a summons from Capitol One. Suing me for a $1000 cc balance. Divorced in 2007, custody of 3 young children. I am on a limited income of spousal support, child support, and a small amount of disability benefits. I paid on cc’s awhile until I couldn’t anymore. ex husband was supposed to pay half and ... Read More »

          Which is Worse, Bankruptcy or a Write Off? – Jenny

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          “Dear Steve, Bankruptcy or Writeoff? When it comes down to it which is worse? Is a debt write off from a company as bad as a bankruptcy? I have some funds coming soon and I was going to settle with them, but they tell me the debt is about to be written off. My question is do I let it ... Read More »

            Should I Change My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – George

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            “Dear Steve, hi my name is George and i’m in a real bad situation I filed a Chapter 13 3 years ago to try and save my home only to eventually lose it and I tried to keep things going after me and my wife moved out so I took a couple of payday loans out well it has spiraled ... Read More »

              What is the Name of the Government Program That Eliminates All Credit Card Debt for Free? – Johnathn

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              “Dear Steve, 35,000 in debt to credit cards, and barely able to pay the minimum payment each month after paying all other bills. Credit cards are often used to supplement income, and there is no end in sight to pay these cards off. Is there a legitimate Government program or a program that does not ask for up front fees ... Read More »

                I Invested in My Business Using My Personal Credit Cards. – Peggy

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                “Dear Steve, Invested in my business using personal credit cards. Business no longer viable and have no income to continue paying down the credit card balances. Have been put on a hardship program…5yr, reduced payments, simple interest. Balances are reducing quicker but with no income, I cannot continue paying them. Applied for jobs, with no luck so far. Really stressing ... Read More »

                  I Work for a Non-Profit and Provide Financial Education. – Talena

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                  “Dear Steve, I work for a non profit company and provide financial education. I have come to a conclusion on bankruptcy and I wanted your opinion. I have a client who fell sick three years ago, and her credit report shows this. All her bills were not payed all in the same month and year. In California, the statue of ... Read More »

                    Do It Yourself, DIY, Bankruptcy. – Ron

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                    “Dear Steve, I had contacted you awhile back regarding my former wife’s economic circumstances and you recommended I contact a bankruptcy attorney which we did. I must say I was a bit disenchanted with the experience. I didn’t get the feeling he wanted to answer many questions after he qualified her as a bankruptcy candidate. While he did say that ... Read More »

                      Bank of America Won’t Help Me At All. – Donna

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                      “Dear Steve, I lost my job in July 2009. Just moved to SC, 3yrs. ago. I bought home which of course the value has dropped. I now have credit card debt of $14,000. I am only getting unemployment which does not pay the bills. My family has been helping, but it is not fair to them to continue to do ... Read More »

                        What is the Best Way to Keep Our Jeep in Bankruptcy? – Debra

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                        “Dear Steve, My husband and I are 57 years old with credit card of $90,000 and two mortgages on our house totaling $230,000. After 4 years of struggling, shifting funds from credit card to the other and writing cash advance checks against our almost paid off house, we have finally resorted to filing bankruptcy. We met with an attorney who ... Read More »

                          I’m Getting Married. We’ve Both Gone Bankrupt. Will We Be Able to Get Student Loans? – Shater

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                          “Dear Steve, My fiance and I filled for chapter 13 bankruptcy, separately, in 2009. Both our plans have been confirmed, and we were looking to get married this year. If we get married so we have to file an adjusted plan with our attorney? Do they get merged? Also, my fiance is looking to attend college for the first time ... Read More »

                            I Don’t Think I Can Claim Bankruptcy But I Can’t Pay My Bills. – Christine

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                            “Dear Steve, I am a 59 yr. old widow. I lost my job 2 yrs. ago and rather than doing nothing, I started a pet-sitting business. Actually, I have slowly started building this and want to continue it as I see it as a way to work when I am older. I currently live on a veteran’s pension of 670. ... Read More »

                              When Do We Start to Rebuild Our Credit After Bankruptcy? – Ed

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                              “Dear Steve, I went bankrupt in 2006. It will be paid off this year (2010). I had a forclosure in 2007. I did not have to pay anything on the forclosure. My wife and I are now both employed and have good income. Bad credit though and want to get a home, renting now. We are getting ready to pull ... Read More »

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