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Bankruptcy Related

Can I Get a New Credit Card While in My Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – Rich

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“Dear Steve, I am paying regularly on a Chap 13 plan and I’m about 2 years in out of 5. I have always been on time with this payment, my mortgages and cars. I have no other outstanding debts. I did accept a very low limit credit card just to use and then pay off every month. How do you ... Read More »

    Should I Stop My Payments if I’m Going to File Chapter 7 Bankruptcy? – Mandy

    Gratuitous use of a cute dog running picture.

    “Dear Steve, I’m over 19,000 in debt and am considering on chapter 7 bankruptcy…. I’d like to know can I stop all payments and if so, will I lose my car, which I need? And will I have to pay an attorney up front? Mandy” Dear Mandy, You should not do anything without first meeting with a local bankruptcy attorney ... Read More »

      Will I Have to Tell My Husband if I File Bankruptcy? I Can’t! – Mandy

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      “Dear Steve, I have approximately $50,000 in credit card and personal loan debt. Living paycheck to paycheck and counting change to make it. Not enough to cover all the bills each month. I pay the minimum monthly payment due on the credit cards and then have to turn around and use that card to pay a utility bill with it ... Read More »

        Should We File Bankruptcy When Our ARM Adjusts? – Mark

        money down the drain

        “Dear Steve, Support and live with wife and 3 children–23, 21 and 14 years old. I am 48 yrs. old Yearly income is $74,000/about $5050/month net Current on all bills and payments–have never missed a bill payment of any type. No extra money after bills per month. Job is secure but income will not increase much if any in the ... Read More »

          We Are Both Out of Work and About to Lose the House. Should We File Bankruptcy? – Maria


          “Dear Steve, My husband loses his job as of this year in a couple weeks. Due to family illness, I lost my job 2 years ago. He is in his late 60’s & I am 60. Due to all foreclosures in my area, unable to sell house for what we owe. We would have to pay out almost 9-15k to ... Read More »

            Can My Creditors Garnish My Assets in Texas? – Mary

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            “Dear Steve, I have not paid my credit card payments for over 5 months due to the recession. I cannot afford to restructure them at this time because I am under employed and expect to be so forever due to my age. I live in Texas. Can one or all of the credit card companies garnish all or any part ... Read More »

              I Filed a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and a Creditor Got a Judgment Against Me. – Joanne

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              “Dear Steve, I filed for Bankruptcy in 2010, while in the process of doing so one of my creditors went to court to receive a judgement against me. This company was informed that I had filed for bankruptcy but pursued there claim. On my credit report it shows that I have a judgement against me however they have never pursued ... Read More »

                I Am an Unemployed School Principal, Drowning in Debt and Getting Divorced. – Jennifer

                Woman in home office with computer and paperwork frowning

                “Dear Steve, I will soon file a joint bankruptcy with my husband and then get divorced. I owe $170K on my foreclosed house and $154K on students loans. I was a principal and my school closed in 2011. I have gone through unemployment and now live on child support ($570/month) and food stamps. After 15 year of experience, I am ... Read More »

                  Struggling, No Savings, and Family is Telling Me to File Bankruptcy. – Kimberley

                  Mature woman confused

                  “Dear Steve, 53, steady income 57k, additional income from roomate of 25k, only assest 2008 car, mortgages 324k, cc debt 28k, 80k in retirement but no savings. Considering chap7 to eliminate cc debt. Current but struggling due to additional income of roomate has decreased due to medical problems. household expenses and mortgages are consuming most of the current household income. ... Read More »

                    I’m a Christian. Is Bankruptcy Moral? Will God Hate Me? – Maggie

                    Arms Open

                    “Dear Steve, A number of years ago my husband and i had unfiled tax returns. the state taxes got filed and paid but not the federal returns. one year we were behind and had not paid in enough. it snowballed from there. they never came after us, but i felt awful so we gathered them up, filed them all at ... Read More »

                      Should I File Bankruptcy at the Risk of My Family?

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                      “Dear Steve, 2005 I earned a few hundred thousand I could invest. Being young I took a risk, I provided a bridge loan of $135,000, Prepared by and attorney. In the same year I loaned the money the loan defaulted. So I wrote off the loan through the advise of an attorney and accountant. I was audited by the IRS ... Read More »

                        How Far Behind Do I Need to Be to File Bankruptcy? – Jay

                        middle age couple

                        “Dear Steve, Live in Colorado, it’s the usual situation where there have been cut backs at work (outsourcing rrrr) and we are we will begin to fall short on CC payments by our calculations. We estimate maybe $ 200 probably depending on the sequester and barring other fun surprises and stuff. I much do you have to be short a ... Read More »

                          I Never Want to Have Credit Cards Ever Again After Our Bankruptcy. – Denise

                          mother and son

                          “Dear Steve, In June 07′ my family moved back to Iowa from CA after my mother passed away, I used my inheirentence money to purchase a home on 5 acres. We remodeled the house and i had put the majority of my money with a local investor through the bank I had my mortage. To make my story short, the ... Read More »

                            I Filed Bankruptcy But My Husband’s Mortgage With Bank of America Was Discharged. – Paula

                            No Way!

                            “Dear Steve, Divorced husband kept mortgage as long as I made payments which I have continued to do so. Divorced I got the house but mortgage stayed in ex husbands name ..I filed bankruptcy and they discharged ex husbands mortgage on the home.. Bank of America won’t fix it even though I am not on the loan . So ex ... Read More »

                              I’m Way Deep in Debt But Signed for My Husband’s Line of Business Credit. – Carolyn

                              couple working

                              “Dear Steve, I am self employed, and my husband is a partner in his own business, both of which were majorly affected by the recession; our incomes fell almost 80%. I spent way too much time and money trying to keep my employees and office before shutting it all down and now work by myself from home. My husbands business ... Read More »

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