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Budgeting & Budgets

We Are Making Ends Meet But Looking Forward to Doing Better. What Should We Do With Out Tax Refund? – Maggie

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“Dear Steve, Thanks in advance for answering our questions and having your help available for free! I am thrilled to be able to discuss this with an expert and get a third objective opinion about our finances. My husband and myself were thrilled to find our dream home but it was probably a year to soon. We are now house ... Read More »

    We Are Confused And Not Sure What to Do to Get Out of Debt. – Penelope

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    “Dear Steve, We remodeled our home, refinanced, bought vacation time shares (which we enjoy), had unexpected expenses for our son who was going to JC, living at home, not working, and needed COBRA coverage. (He is now away at school on grants and loans). We had high credit card debt that was steadily decreasing as we were paying 5-7%. Then ... Read More »

      My Husband Has a Big Pay Cut and Now We Are Having Problems Making Ends Meet. – Beth

      Beth Budget

      “Dear Steve, My husband and I are having difficulty making ends meet due to my husband taking a cut in pay and losing a huge amount of overtime which had been a part of his job before. We have a mortgage and about $40K in debt between credit cards and my car. Luckily we own his car. Without my car ... Read More »

        I Just Graduated From Nursing School. Should I Go With Superior Debt Relief? – Linda

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        “Dear Steve, I have just graduated from Nursing School after attending for 4 years full time, no work. My children and I were supported through Social Secuirty Survivor Benefits for my children after my husband was killed. During the time since I’ve been in school, we have lost my daughter’s social security (she turned 18). I have been receiving social ... Read More »

          I Can Make My Payments But Looking For The Fastest Way Out of Debt. – Tanya

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          “Dear Steve, I am a 30-year old female. My credit score is in the 720’s. I make payments on time (though usually just the minimums). I owe approximately $16,000 in credit card debt, $7500 in a personal loan, have school loans and a car loan. I am at the point where my whole income goes to making payments most months ... Read More »

            A Friend of Mine Made a Few Bad Choices and Now Owes PG&E. – Cindy

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            “Dear Steve, A friend of mine has made a few bad choices and has put off taking care of them and now they are out of control. He has had bill like PG&E he didnt pay and minor things. No credit card bills. The main thing is he got sick and went into the hospital and they had him fill ... Read More »

              My Husband and I Have a Huge Amount of Debt. – Karen

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              “Dear Steve, My husband and I have incurred a huge amount of debt ($44,000) and desperately need assistance with identifying strategies to help us pay it off. We have enough money coming in to pay the bills each month, but we are getting nowhere near paying the debt down. How can you help us figure out how to pay this ... Read More »

                I’m Stuck In The Middle Of My Debt And Don’t Know Where to Turn. – Susan

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                “Dear Steve, I am a working, single parent who owns a home (well, me and the bank). I am not behind in anything YET. I owe $147k on the home, it’s currently worth about $110k, so, no equity. A few months ago my company downsized. I kept my job by accepting a 10% pay reduction and taking on more responsibility ... Read More »

                  I’d Like to Help People Eliminate Debt and Manage Their Money Using Christian Principals. – LaShaundra

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                  “Dear Steve, -University of Alabama at Birmingham student, basketball player -majoring in Psychology with minor in Sociology -soon to pursue a Finance minor -very interested in counseling people about debt and money problems -eager to get people to change their mentally about spending more than they make I just recently realized what I wanted to do for a living and ... Read More »

                    I’m Depressed, Anxious, and in Debt. – Victoria

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                    “Dear Steve, Currently I’m not making enough to cover my bills. I am an independent self-contractor (not by choice – just happened) & my pay varies per customer service email I answer within One Week (1 random email is chosen each week to grade and it’s either 90 cents or 62 cents) Luckily I have a partial brain and I ... Read More »

                      My Wife and I Have Been Struggling to Get Out of Debt Ever Since We Got Married. – Ryan

                      “Dear Steve, My wife and I have been struggling to get out of debt ever since we got married. Our monthly debt is as follows: mortgage $1,700, car payments $436, student loans $360, and $600 to her father for a $20K loan we borrowed from him, and about $600 on credit cards. After paying our monthly debt and bills, we ... Read More »

                        I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin

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                        “Dear Steve, Hi, I’m a single parent of two, I have so much debt it feels like I’m drowning. I have a car note that I’m behind. I’ve been kicked out of my apartment. I have hospital bills, loans from companies to keep up, that didn’t help , but made it worst. I have bill collecters call day and night ... Read More »

                          I Don’t Know Where to Start to Get Out of Debt. – Alice

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                          “Dear Steve, I have a lot of debt due to credit cards and 2 mortgages i have a condo and i owe more on my mortgages than my condo is worth. so refi is not an option. Well my question is i would like to start getting out of debt but do not know where to start i heard story ... Read More »

                            I Am Current But Can I Skip a Payment and Lower My Interest? – Juan

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                            “Dear Steve, I have a low credit score, a high car interest and payment, and I am trying to get my kids and myself a house. I know the value of your credit is pretty important. I was not wise in the past and now I am paying for it. I am current on everything thank GOD, but would really ... Read More »

                              I Need a Step-By-Step Help to Get Out of Debt. – Claire

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                              “Dear Steve, I am paying all my credit card debt but the interest is killing me and can only afford the min balance that’s due so isn’t coming down fast How do I start to get out of debt I need step by step? Claire” Dear Claire, Why don’t you start by downloading my free book, Eliminate Your Debt Like ... Read More »

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