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Budgeting & Budgets

I Can’t Afford a Speeding Ticket or Medical Expenses. – Jorge

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“Dear Steve, I have credit cards and unsecured loans totaling about $31,000 for which the payments combine to about $1,200/mo. Another $1200/mo goes to other payments such as utilities, car payments, rent, etc. and this does not include my groceries or any social expenses. I make $780/week so this does not leave me much room to breathe and I am ... Read More »

    We Can’t Afford Our Dog Anymore. – Cee

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    “Dear Steve, Briefly – single mom, no support, 7 yr. old daughter. Last fall, I took a 30% paycut to keep my job (basically my entire mortgage payment). In Dec., I promised daughter a dog for her birthday. We finally got the dog a month ago and now I am really feeling the pinch. I have about $400 month after ... Read More »

      I’m a Car Salesman Limping Along in Debt. – Bryan

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      “Dear Steve, Right now i currently owe around 24k to credit cards and have a car payment (400) and rent of ($1000). I sell cars for a living so my income fluctuates greatly. The reason I am in so much debt is because ive never had any savings and when things hit the fan i used plastic. Recently I was ... Read More »

        What Can I Do to Keep From Losing Everything?

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        “Dear Steve, I am a single mother of 3. I have a mortgage, a car payment and about 15,000 dollars of credit cards bills. I have recently taken a significant loss in income due to loss of a 2nd job and loss of childs support. I have some equity in my home which out weighs my credit card debt. I ... Read More »

          I’m Just Getting By and Not Getting Ahead. – Tristan

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          “Dear Steve, I recieved my first “pre approved credit card” at the age of 17. I didn’t think that someone under the age of 18 could have a credit card, but I guess I was wrong! Hey, I was working fulltime and making good money so what the heck! I did ok for awhile but I was SO responsible that ... Read More »

            I’m Living in Las Vegas, 41, and Ready to Get Out of Debt. – Jimmy

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            “Dear Steve, Hello Steve. I’ll get right to it. I’m a 41 year old single male living in Las Vegas. I earn 72K a year. I have accumulated a little over 41K in credit card debt over the past 10-15 years. I have no assets. My credit rating is fairly good – in the high 600’s. I am not, and ... Read More »

              I Can Never Seem to Reduce My Credit Card Debt. – Mary Ann

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              “Dear Steve, My credit card debt is $17,000 & has been for years. I don’t have bad credit & never miss a payment but it seems as if I’m spinning my wheels & my balances never go down. All my cards are maxed & soon as I get 1 down a little something comes up & I have to use ... Read More »

                How Can We Pay Down Our Debt to Save For College? – Marie

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                “Dear Steve, I will try to make a long story short…Currently have approx $38K in credit card debt, $30K in HELOC, $195K in first mortgage, $8K in car loan. Husband is collecting disability for heart condition and works part-time. Our combined income with disability for husband and payments for our children, his part-time income and my full time income is ... Read More »

                  My Expenses are Way More Than My Income But I Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. – Dennis

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                  “Dear Steve, I have a car loan @ $661.00 with 5 credit cards totaling appox. $50,000.00 . I only have a part time job with income of $1000.00 /mo. I have no other source of income and now my credit is in danger. I don’t want to file bankruptcy and I can’t find another source of employment. I’m staying with ... Read More »

                    I Mismanaged My Money and Lost Half My Income. – Robert

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                    “Dear Steve, I am in credit card debt of more than $10,000, and need help managing my debt and restoring my credit rating can you help me or do do you know of an honest organization that will. I lost a high paying job right before the economy went bad and am working for half of what I previously made. ... Read More »

                      I Feel Like I Just Threw a Bunch of Money Away. – Donnie

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                      “Dear Steve, I had written to you a while back but could not find my original so am writing again. i am struggling really hard, i went from having no credit cards until 1999 to having too many, never made a late pmt. but because i was no longer working, disabled, started getting credit cards to live on. in 03, ... Read More »

                        I Saw You Sugegsted LendingClub to Someone. Should I Try That? – Renee

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                        “Dear Steve, I am a divorced single mom of 2 pre-teens, work full-time, I am a homeowner and I have no savings. My problem is this: After paying for the mortgage, utilities, insurance and bills, I have very little left to live on. This has resulted in my using credit cards as a “back up” – and I need to ... Read More »

                          If Something Were to Happen We’d Be Screwed. – TinaMarie

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                          “Dear Steve, My husband and I are about 20,000 in debt. He had a kidney transplant 2 years ago, which put us in the hole and now we have to pay off his medical bills and even just to copays on his anti rejection drugs are killing us. We are barely keeping or heads above water. I was hoping you ... Read More »

                            Why Are We Struggling So Much Financially For the First Time? – Lisa

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                            “Dear Steve, We lost over $25,000 in the sale of a home in 2004. It required us to sell stocks and empty savings to pay the difference at the sale of our home. We did this because it was the only offer we got on our home in 4 YEARS of it being on the market. Then my husband was ... Read More »

                              Boilermaker Seasonal Financial Despair and In Super Hot Water – Heidi

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                              “Dear Steve, My husband is a boilermaker which is a feast for famine type of job. By the time we get caught up on basic utilities and rent and car payments, his job ends and if we have been able to save anything its used within the first month to survive we have 4 children and the grocery bill by ... Read More »

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