Unbelievable Back To School Money Saving Tips

As most of us all know, our wallets have been tested the past few years to see just how far we can squeeze them. Some of you most likely trying for a completely 360 degree twist. Many of you are probably sweating in your sleep thinking about the money spent or money you need to … Read more

My Wife and I Have Been Struggling to Get Out of Debt Ever Since We Got Married. – Ryan

“Dear Steve, My wife and I have been struggling to get out of debt ever since we got married. Our monthly debt is as follows: mortgage $1,700, car payments $436, student loans $360, and $600 to her father for a $20K loan we borrowed from him, and about $600 on credit cards. After paying our … Read more

“The Collector’s Pledge” Marks a Positive Turn in the Debt Collection Industry

Martin Sher of AmSher Receivables Management in Birmingham, Alabama has recently made a huge step in the debt collection industry with “The Collector’s Pledge”. Sher, with over 30 years experience in the credit and collection industry was named as the president of ACA International (the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals) for 2010-2011. Sher co-owns … Read more

I Need a Step-By-Step Help to Get Out of Debt. – Claire

“Dear Steve, I am paying all my credit card debt but the interest is killing me and can only afford the min balance that’s due so isn’t coming down fast How do I start to get out of debt I need step by step? Claire” Dear Claire, Why don’t you start by downloading my free … Read more

I Can’t Afford a Speeding Ticket or Medical Expenses. – Jorge

“Dear Steve, I have credit cards and unsecured loans totaling about $31,000 for which the payments combine to about $1,200/mo. Another $1200/mo goes to other payments such as utilities, car payments, rent, etc. and this does not include my groceries or any social expenses. I make $780/week so this does not leave me much room … Read more