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Business Opportunity

Is Motor Club of America MCA a Scam or Not? Should I Join? – Colin


“Dear Steve, I am trying to make income online unsure about opportunity if they are legit. So is MCA a scam? you wrote an article saying it was but then it appears other people backed up information to prove it was legit so what is the verdict? and do you know anything about ultimate cycler? I have people who have ... Read More »

    Should I Buy a Shelf Corporation to Start a Business? I Have Bad Credit.

    Question Theme

    “Dear Steve, I’m starting a new business with poor credit and I was wondering if I should purchase one of these shelf corporations. Are the purchase of shelf corporations legal?” Having been in business for a long time and having formed companies in more than one country I can tell you that I simply can’t see any value in buying ... Read More »

      How Do We Go About Receving Money to Start Our Own Nonprofit Charity? – Alissa Joy

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, My husband earns 50K per year working at a local software company. We have 18K in credit card debt and 22K in student loans. We are currently helping some friends run a non profit charity that is in the process of filing for a 501C3 tax exemption. What we do is we live in one on their charity-owned ... Read More »

        Can I Sell My Business After My Bankruptcy? – Maria

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, My chapter 7 has been discharged in June…I was able to keep a business that I have had for 5 years because I do all the work, and there was no assets. My question is this. Someone that I know would like to take over my business and pay me $18,000 for it. Would I be doing something ... Read More »

          What Do You Think About the MLM Product Move My Net Worth Offered by The Credit Exchange? – Paul

          The Credit Exchange MoveMyNetWorth.com Demo

          “Dear Steve, The Credit Exchange Corp is now selling a Multi Level Marketing product to clients and their employees. See www.movemynetworth.com. Would love your input on this product that is being sold along side of a DMP. $150 start up cost, $150 distributor fee, $50 a month locked in for 4 years to be a member!!! WAY too much money ... Read More »

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