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How Can I Find Out Where My Charged Off Accounts Are Now? – Nicholas

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“Dear Steve, A bank account and a credit card debt that have been charged off. I had a checking account and a Credit line from Bank of America that have both been charged off (The bank account charged off a few months ago and the Credit almost a month ago). They the debt isn’t very much but now that they ... Read More »

Discover Credit Card Account Charged Off. What Now? – Greg

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I have $13,000 worth of credit card debt that has been charged off. The account is still being held by the Discover Card. They haven’t sold it off…..yet. I also have another account with Discover, but I am up to date on it and have never been late.. I also have a Chase CC that was nearing charge off status, ... Read More »

Chase Bank Says They Are Going to Charge-Off My Debt And I’ll Still Have to Pay. – Geri

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“Dear Steve, I have been making arrangement to pay some of my creditors, but cannot afford to pay them all, I was in a debt management program but the payments were to high. Steve, I recieved a letter yesterday from Chase, statiing that my account is scheduled to charge-off. However, it was also stated that even if they write off ... Read More »

I Was Sending Less Than The Minimum Payment But What Happened to My Account? – Jan

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“Dear Steve, I was underemployed and am now totally unemployed and trying to still keep my head above water–not really working. No savings or retirement left; had to settle with one credit card company using last of my money and borrowed from family. Still have 2 cards left — way behind on those. Used cards to live on basically. I ... Read More »

I Had an Account Charge Off, Tried to Settle It, But Now I Can’t Pay. – Will

“Dear Damon, I owe on a debt that was charged off and when I tried to make arrangements to settle it a couple of yrs ago the creditor didn’t have my account anymore. I tried to receive information from them about the recent creditor so I could try to settle the debt but they wouldn’t give it to me. Now ... Read More »

Is There an Advantage to Paying an Attorney to Deal With an Old Debt? – Annette

“Dear Jeremy, Credit score 580 Credit history late payment excessive charge off Payday loan companies, credit cards and old Banks account closure excessive collection agencies Three questions: 1.What do I do with collection agency that is trying to collect on charge-off account from orginial creditor? 2. What do I do if charge off account with the original owner is past ... Read More »

I’ve Been Hounded by Dell Computer for Eight Years for a Debt I Do Not Owe. – Thomas

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“Dear Steve, I have been hounded by Dell computer for about 8 years for a computer delivered to a person unknown in Tampa, FL. I have written to Dell (have cert. mail receipt) informing them I did not have any dealings with them, that I did not order or receive computer equipment and for them to provide me with proof ... Read More »

How Can Capital One Charge Off My Debt And Keep Charging Me Excessive Fees? – Angelo

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“Dear Steve, I was always under the impression that banks are required to charge off debt at 180 days. Just about every issuer does this and account balances dont seem to increase much more from that point with the exception of Capital One, I have found that Capital One balances increase almost 50% within a year of default. I am ... Read More »

How Do I Deal With My Recently Charged Off Sears and Mervyns Cards? – Nancy

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“Dear Steve, Steve, I need more advice: I’ve just found out that I’ve two cards, Sears @ $1,300 & Mervyns @ $800 that have been charged off; Mervyns @ $1,200 has been closed. I have a good job, make good money so their was no perfectly sane reason why i stopped paying; I just did. Sears was charged off on ... Read More »

Capital One is Charging My Interest for an Account They Charged Off. – Caren

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“Dear Steve, Back in 2001 I had an account with Capital One. I disputed a charge and never paid and it resulted in them both closing and charging off the account in 2002. This was over 8 years ago. I have heard nothing on them, no collections letter, no judgements; nothing. Then out of the blue I receive a letter ... Read More »

If a Credit Card Company Charges Off a Debt Can They Still Sue You? I Was a Victim of CMS and Brad Daley. – Jay

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“Dear Steve, I also was a victim of CMS and Brad Daley. I was sued and got a judgment against me from B/A. My question is, If a credit card company writes the debt off, can an attorney still sue you? Looks like if the debt was written off the IRS would write off the total for the cc company ... Read More »

Can I Just Get By Sending $10 a Month And Not Get Sued? – Jeff

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“Dear Steve, A law office harassing me a bout a credit card bill I have. I lost my job, told the credit card company that I would pay 10 dollars a month to them until I found employment and could pay more. I have since found out that they have charged it off and referred it to a law firm. ... Read More »

Capital One is Suing Me. Do I Have a Case Against Capital One? – Jody

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“Dear Steve, okay here we go I have just recieved a summonds in the amout of $9700.00 from a lawyer claiming to represent Capitol One. Now i’m not claiming that i don’t owe capitol one money but of course they have tacked on nearly 4,000 dollars to the initial 7,000 i was in default for. Now here is what happened ... Read More »

Our Loan Charged Off But They Still Want to Collect It. Can They? – Suzie

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“Dear Steve, We have a modified first on our home. The second mortgage has been turned over to a collection agency as it was “charged off” by the bank. We have an equity line of credit with a balance and we have not heard from them. This has been ongoing for more than a year. We are not flakes and ... Read More »

I Want Charged Off Debts Removed From My Credit Report. – Edward

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“Dear Steve, I have 2 credit card debts that total $30,000 that have not been paid in 4 years and the banks have written them off. 1 bank has already sent me a 1099 form last year and I already settled that tax debt with the IRS. I have no intention of paying these debt offs, since they drop off ... Read More »

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