Should I Try a Credit Counseling Program or Negotiate My Debt? – Vern

“Dear Steve, I OWE ABOUT 20 K TO THREE DIFFERANT CARD COMPANIES. SHOULD I TRY A DEBT COUNSELING COMPANY OR CAN I NAGOTIATE MYSELF WITH THE COMPANIES OR WILL THEY REALLY LOWER MY DEBT. VERN” Dear Vern, Yes. Seriously, it really depends on if you can afford to repay your debt. If you can’t check … Read more

Really Concerned I Made a Mistake by Choosing the Achievable! – Tammy

“Dear Steve, I stumbled across questions re: The Achievable and now I am totally confused. We have been participating in their program for almost 2 years. And to my knowledge our three creditors have been receiving their payment. I guess my questions is: am I putting to much trust in the Achievable. Am I getting … Read more

How Can I Find a Good Credit Counseling Company? – Landi

“Dear Steve, Hello. I seem to have gotten myself deep in debt. I don’t want to file bankruptcy. Is there a good credit counseling, debt relief company/group that can help me lower payment or cut my debt. I have heard most freeze your accounts and it shows up on your credit. Thanks for your help. … Read more

We Went Into Program With DebtWave and Ended Up With Johnson Law. – Gary

“Dear Steve, My wife went into a program with DebtWave that was turned over to Johnson Law, but the legal papers keep coming. My income is has diminished as I have taken a very low paying job to survive. If she cannot continue these very large payments, as my low paying job will soon end, … Read more

Are the Commercials I See to Get Me Out of Debt, Legit? – Nicole

“Dear Steve, I have recently been seeing commercials that report there are helps out there if you have more than 10,000.00 in credit card debt. I have just about that as well as all the normal bills most people have. Not sure how I let that happen but…anyway, are there options out there that really … Read more

I’m Worried About Cambridge Credit Counseling. – Jon

“Dear Steve, I’ve been reading your articles now for a couple of weeks and I’m seeking advice about DMP’s. I contacted Cambridge Credit Counseling Service and told the counseler about my situation and CCCS came up with a DMP that I am now considering. My concern has to do with the numerous complaints about Cambridge … Read more

We Went to Credit Counseling and Our Payment Was Higher. – Dan

“Dear Steve, 19,000 dollars in credit card debt. Fixed income of 1400 per month SS and maybe 1000 a month in extra earned income. Payments to Credit Cards are currently 450 per month. (11,000 of the 19,000 is on a zero interest card due to begin to charge interest in six months) – Card companies … Read more

Credit Counseling Can Only Reduce Our Payment a Little. – Andy

“Dear Steve, We went through a rough period when our second child was born and built up some credit card debt. We had been able to coast along with overtime, etc but things have now come to a head. We are a little late on all our credit cards and just staying afloat. I have … Read more

Who is the Best Credit Counseling or Debt Management Company? – Lee

“Dear Steve, Can you give me your honest, most expert opinion as to whom is the best out there for Credit Counseling and/or Debt Management? Lee” Dear Lee, Believe it or not, that’s a really hard question to answer. The problem is that a technically adept provider does not mean best overall for the consumer. … Read more

I’m in the Allegro Law Debt Management Plan But I Can’t Get a Hold of Them. – Melissa

“Dear Steve, I have an account with Allegro Law. I found out by accident that the company is not in business anymore, but my money is still being taken out of my account and being paid to my creditors. I have moved and need to give them my new address, but can’t get ahold of … Read more

Can I Keep One Credit Card Open for Business in a Debt Management Plan? – Dave

“Dear Steve, I am just barely above water, and the tide is coming in! 132,000 in mortgages (first & second). 53,300 in credit cards. Can you recommend a reputable debt management service? My goal is to pay down debt as quickly as possible w/out to much damage to credit. Also, I need to keep one … Read more