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Credit Counseling

Should We Stay With Cambridge Credit Counseling? – Ed

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“Dear Steve, Sometimes you’re damned if you don’t and damned if you you do. For no reason other than probably high balances, my wife and I experienced what millions experienced last year – the banks raising our interest rates to almost 30%. After paying on these cards over minimum for six straight months and not seeing the balances go down ... Read More »

What Do You Think About the NFCC Debt Management Program? – Nancie

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“Dear Steve, My 74-yr-old mother has approx. $20K in unsecured debt, spread over numerous Visa/MC and store credit cards. She lives in a Seniors’ mobile home park (I purchased the structure in which she lives; it is titled in my and my husband’s Trust); her monthly space rent is Read More »

My DMP Isn’t Going Well. What Are My Options? – Karen

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“Dear Steve, I have been on a DMP with Hess Kennedy/First Consumer Debt Consolidation for about 3 years. Debt started around 70 k and is now about 20k. I am looking to get them out of the picture (creditors didn’t receive last month’s payment- a whole other story.) All of my creditors except one, Bank of America, are willing to ... Read More »

Should I Stick With CCCS of San Francisco or Go With the National Debt Relief Initiative and Pathway Financial Management? – Tina

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“Dear Steve, I have acquired some credit card debt and last year found myself not being able to keep up with my payments. I had $34k in debt and went through a program through my credit union called Balance for Debt Consolidation. I started on a DMP July 2009 with Consumer Credit Counseling Service located in San Francisco. I consolidated ... Read More »

I Do Love the Fact You Were on Starting Over. – Nicole

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“Dear Steve, I don’t even know where to start; just that I’m ready (I think) to finally get this literal and physcial load off my back, my mind, everywhere it is affecting me. I have an appointment set for this Friday with a credit counseling agency (legitimate, I hope, I have been doing research for several weeks and they do ... Read More »

I Don’t Want to Use a Credit Counseling Agency. What Can I Do? – Denise

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“Dear Steve, I need help with my credit card debt. I owe $20,000. I live in New York State. I only make $35,000 a year. I always pay them every month and on time. I pay about $500 a month with 11% interest. Is their any good government programs that can help me with this debt. I don’t want to ... Read More »

I Am a College Student. How Bad Is It to Pay My Bills Late? – Zaria

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“Dear Steve, I’m a full time college student, who also works part time. I’m 21 and both of my parents are deceased. Right now I am well over my head in credit card debt (which I used to pay for textbooks and classes) and with my job at the verge of bankruptcy…my hours have been cut and I have not ... Read More »

I Went With Take Charge America and Refuse to File Bankruptcy. – Nic

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“Dear Steve, I am 29 years old, married, own a home, 2 cars, and self employed. I started a debt management program with Take Charge America and have paid off approximately $14,000 so far. My payment is $1,327 per month. Due to the nature of my job, my income fluctuates and I have been seeing some difficult times recently. The ... Read More »

I Went to LSS Financial Counseling Service And They Suggested Bankruptcy. – Peggy


“Dear Steve, Too much credit card debit due in part to helping niece and nephew out, then excessive repairs to my home, in an effort to make the necessary repairs, I practically lived off my credit cards. Now have nearly $50,000 in credit card debt and am short almost $600.00 a month to be able to make payments. I have ... Read More »

My Parents Sent Me to CreditGuard of America. – Ray

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“Dear Steve, I’m a freelance photographer. I was laid off from my job in 2008 and started freelancing shortly there after, as well as assisting another photographer. I moved in with a friend but was unable to pay him rent for the first 8 months or so. I owe him for that ($4500 approx). As the economy got worse and ... Read More »

Can I Trust a For-Profit Debt Relief Provider? – Eric

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“Dear Steve, Large amount of unsecured debt. There are so many options, all of them for profit. How do I know that I am choosing a reputable provider and that they have my best option in mind when they are all for-profit? Eric” Dear Eric, I think any argument of concern you could make about a for-profit company you could ... Read More »

Should We Be Looking More at Bankruptcy? – Kirby

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“Dear Steve, Looking back, I see that while I thought I had a decent budget in place, I was not budgeting correctly. I did not have money set aside for simple things like new shoes or car maintenance. Whenever an unexpected expense came up, I just put it on the credit card and didn’t worry about it much. Everything was ... Read More »

Dave Ramsey Says to Stop Paying the Credit Cards. – Leigh Ann

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“Dear Steve, We dont make enough money to pay all the bills at one time. (I know you are rolling your eyes because everyone who asks a question probably has the same problem) I am looking to get a full time job but have not had any luck as of yet. We have set up 8 credit cards with a ... Read More »

Will Going With MMI Hurt My Credit? – Jane

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“Dear Steve, I got laid off in January of 2009 and fell way behind in my credit card payments, I found a job in November 2009 and am currently working but my boyfriend, who I have a dependent with, lost his job in May 2009 and is still unemployed. I am making all the household payments, rent, and car payments ... Read More »

What Can You Tell Me About GreenPath Debt Solutions? – Barton

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“Dear Steve, Owe $38,000. Not behind or late, just want to get out of debt. I read your article on debt management and credit counseling and am glad I did. I am much more skeotical now about these sercvices. One company that I have seen get consistently good press, though is GreenPath Debt Solutions. What do you know about them? ... Read More »

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