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Credit Counseling

We Can’t Afford Our Cambridge Credit Counseling Payment. – Kara

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“Dear Steve, My husband and I have almost $60K in credit card debt. We are on a program through Cambridge Credit to pay off in 5 years. Problem is, the monthly payment of $1700 is getting to hard to afford and we have wiped out our saving trying. We do have good income, but we are in the negative after ... Read More »

    I Want My Mother to Go Bankrupt Instead of Going With MMI. – Pastor Ron

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      Are There Any Real Credit Counselors or Debt Counselors Out There? – Sherry

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      “Dear Steve, Are there any REAL debt/credit counselors out there? What other option is there other than bankruptcy? We are now 30 days on 1 vehicle and late on this months house payment. Sherry” Dear Sherry, In your situation I’m not sure how a credit counseling group would be much help. If you are behind on your secured assets then ... Read More »

        It’s Frustrating to Make Minimum Payments But Feel Like We Are Getting Nowhere. – Kristen

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        “Dear Steve, Currently my husband and I have over $35,000 in credit card debt which has accumulated throughout the past few years when I was a stay-at-home mom and getting by was difficult. We are now both full employed and making over $80,000 a year in householod income, and we’re able to make all of our minimum payments on time ... Read More »

          I Can’t Afford My Money Management International Payment. – Ro

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          “Dear Steve, I have been enrolloed in the program for about one year and have been current with payment thus far. However, my early income has not been reduced by 60% and am concerned about keeping up with the monthly payments in addition to all of my other living expenses. Not sure it can be done. What are my options? ... Read More »

            How Can We Get Our Credit Card Rates Lowered Without Credit Counseling? – Christine

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            “Dear Steve, My husband and I started a small business last year and put all the inventory and startup costs on credit cards. Initially, we bounced the cards from one 0% offer to another, but then we made a couple of late payments and now ALL of our cards are at 29.9%. We are making the minimum payments every month, ... Read More »

              We Have Nothing Left at the End of the Month. – Gina

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              “Dear Steve, We have $50,000 in credit card debt. We have a monthly gross income of $13,000. The net income, however, is around $9800.00. Our monthly expenses with bills, to include 6 credit cards, utilities, the mortgage, two car payments, raising three teen age children, etc, are swallowed up and we have NOTHING to show at the end of the ... Read More »

                American Express Told Me They Won’t Work With Individuals. – JS

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                “Dear Steve, My husband and I have been struggling with credit card debt. In 2004 my husband started a small business which was paying well until the economy took a nose dive. Aug of 2008 we put 5 of our 6 credit cards on a debt consolidation program. Thankfully we are nearing the end of those payments. But we kept ... Read More »

                  I Think I Was Booted from American Financial Solutions But Can’t Figure Out Why. – Renee

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                  “Dear Steve, I recently joined a DMP program through American Financial Solutions (myfinancialgoals.org) and after two days I received a letter from them stating that the agency is being cancelled due to the following reason: Credit Info Change. I really don’t understand what this means. It also stated that each creditor has their own policy on how they will proceed ... Read More »

                    I’m Living in China and Having Problems With Capital One. What Should I Do? – Christina

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                    “Dear Steve, I opened a Capital One card in September 2005 in order to have an emergency card while I was on a trip to China. The card never arrived in time and from December 2005 onward (before I even used any charges on the card!) I repeatedly asked to close the account. After much a struggle to try to ... Read More »

                      Should I Go With the Money Management International Program or Bankruptcy? – Tom

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                      “Dear Steve, Self employed. Lost 50% of income and owe $42,000 in credit card debt. MMI (Money Management International) says I qualify for their program and estimate a monthly payment of about $900. With business so unpredictable I am hesitant to start with them as the very first payment will be a stretch. Gut feeling is it will fail and ... Read More »

                        Should I Go With CESI Debt Solutions? – James

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                        “Dear Steve, 5600 hundred dollars in debt.presenetley yearly salaray 7000 dollars. claimed bankrupcey in 2008. recieved paperwok figures to pay off debt from cesi debt solutions.debt is 5600 hundred dollars. they want 141.00 per month for five years.which comes to 8,460 dollars. Should i accept or shop around? James” Dear James, Before you jump into any debt solution I think ... Read More »

                          Does a Debt Management Program Place a Lien on My Property? – Jan

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                          “Dear Steve, My ex and I are selling our home. I am currently in a Debt Management Program. Will my Debt Management be paid off before I get my share of the profit on the home. Is this considered a lien? Jan” Dear Jan, A debt management program is a voluntary credit counseling program and does not create a lien ... Read More »

                            We Are Considering a Debt management Plan to Get Back on Track. – Patricia

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                            “Dear Steve, We are totally upside down on our home in Southern California. We have been here 3 years, and have lost over 150K in value; we owe 570K on a house we could sell for about 430K. Ouch. We have about 35K in credit card debt and are barely making minimum payments. We are working on loan mods for ... Read More »

                              Who Can I Trust to Help Me Out of Debt? – PSD

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                              “Dear Steve, I currently have a lot of cc debt. I am making the money to pay it if i could consolidate it & lessen the interest rates. But, I dont know who I can trust to help me. Who can i trust? PSD” Dear PSD, That’s an excellent question. I know who I trust for credit counseling and debt ... Read More »

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