I am Considering Money Management International. Does This Make Sense for Me? – Bob

“Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I have $43,000 in credit card debt across 7 credit cards. I have been making all my monthly payments and can continue to do so, but paying off this debt will take too long to imagine. I am considering Money Management International. Does this make sense for me? If I do … Read more

I Can’t Afford the Payment I Was Quoted by Money Management International. – Carrie

“Dear Steve, We got into credit card debt because of a move and no job for one year. We now owe 22K in debt. I want to become debt free in 4-5 years not 30 years. I am able to afford the monthly payment I was quoted by Money Management just unsure if this is … Read more

I’m Making $150,000 a Year and Bankruptcy is Not an Option. – John

“Dear Steve, Steve, I’m on a major treadmill and can’t get off… My past life of earning north of $250,000 per year had me thinking this would last forever and no amount of debt was insurmountable. I lost a great job, and was unemployed for 9 months supporting two households. My retirement was crushed and … Read more

Can You Give Me the Name of a Reputable Company to Talk to About Credit Counseling? – Chris

“Dear Steve, Business Owner for 30 years used credit card debt etc to work through downturn. It has failed but I am on to something new in a new entity. I am in process of selling misc assets to weather storm 15 years ago I used Myvesta to consolidate. I need a recommendation of a … Read more

We Were Paying All Our Bills and Then the Credit Card Companies All Raised Their Minimum Payments. – Liz

“Dear Steve, It’s not as if we don’t know what happened. As a couple we have an excellent and good credit rating. One month we were paying everything on time and the next everyone raised their interest rates and minimum payment and we didn’t have the money to make ends meet. The only things we … Read more

Should I Go With the Credit Counseling Group or Do It on My Own? – Shannon

“Dear Steve, I have a 20,000 in credit card debt, citi bank & chase. My Interest rates aren’t so bad about 5% and monthly payments are $153.00 for chase and citi is $173.00. I am ok with paying the monthly minimum amounts and most times I send a teeny bit more – $10-$20. What bothers … Read more

I Was Thinking of Using Debt Options 123debtfree.com. – Karen

“Dear Steve, I have 11000 in credit card debt. I am able to make the minimum payments. The minimun is 416 a month. After all other bills I am left with about 150 per month. I have looked into debt consoltdation companies but I am not sure which one I can trust. I am considering … Read more

I Have an Appointment With Chestnut Credit Counseling Service to Avoid Bankruptcy.

“Dear Steve, I am in a mess for several reasons….myself, a big drop in income several years ago and because I trusted an unscrupulous mortgage broker. I will soon be losing more income when my child support stops. I am waiting on a possible loan modification. (all most a year now). I have about $45,000 … Read more

Do You Think I Should Enroll in the MMI DMP Program? – Cindy

“Dear Steve, I have been contemplating enrolling in MMI’s DMP. We have have a pretty good credit rating of 736 and are able to make ends meet. We make around 130k and own our home. Our credit card debt is about 50k. The problem we are having is that all of our credit cards have … Read more

Suze Orman Suggested I Contact Advantage CCS. – Justine

“Dear Steve, I am married 20 years with 2 teenage children.We have always lived paycheck-to-paycheck. We have never had a savings account with an “emergency fund”.Our income was cut in half when my husband was forced to take an unpaid leave of absence from work from the end of June to mid September then lost … Read more

Can You Suggest a Debt Relief Company I Can Trust? – Mike

“Dear Steve, When I was single after going through a bad divorce I accumulated approx 25k in credit card debt. I was able to pay the the payments every month on these cards of course until the credit card companies looked at how much my debt was overall and decided to decrease all my limits … Read more

My Creditor Said I Should Go With Money Management International. – Stephen

“Dear Steve, I recently contacted one of my creditors to ask for options on how I might pay back my debt in a timely manner and they suggested using Money Management International. I was given a plan on paying back my debt but wanted to know if this is a safe way to go. Stephen” … Read more

I Got 6 Payday Loans While in a Debt Management Program. – Scott

“Dear Steve, i entered a debt management plan about 9 months ago, however i have taken out a further 6 payday loans since, which i am struggluing to pay back, what are my options? my debt os over 15k, should i have been able to take out these loans when in a debt management plan? … Read more

Are the Money Management International Fees Reasonable? – Maria

“Dear Steve, We are in debt for about $55,000. I am behind on 3 of the credit cards. I contacted MMI and they can do a payment plan that is about 1045.00 a month. They charge a 50.00 set up fee and 40.00 a month, are these reasonable fees? I am getting farther and farther … Read more