Can’t Tell if the Credit Card Account is a Joint Account or Only Authorized User. – Rene

“Dear Steve, My F-I-L passed away recently and left my M-I-L with a huge credit card debt over $30,000.00 in three credit card companies. He was the sole owner on two accounts, but the credit card companies are hounding her to pay the debt. On the third credit card it had both their names but … Read more

Experian Adding Rental Payment History to Credit Reports

Eileen Ambrose with the Baltimore Sun is reporting today that Experian, the credit reporting company, is adding rental payment history to its credit report product. Only landlords that report information will be included. There is no determination if that information will be factored into the FICO score as of yet. Read the full article here.

You Really Helped Me Boost My Credit Score. I’m Forever Grateful. – Ericka

“Dear Steve, I have followed your advice before and glad to see a great change in my credit report. I used to have a horrible score of 305, which is the low of the low. When I lost my job in 2007 and my high income, I defaulted on 2 of my credit cards and … Read more

VantageScore, FICO Score, Experian Plus Credit Score. Which Credit Score Really Matters?

Let’s start with the basics, what a credit score really is. A credit score is NOT a value that identifies who is a better personal finance manager. A credit score IS a number that is calculated to allow lenders to identify which people are the least risky to lend to and who are most likely … Read more

What Requires an Authorized User Account to be Removed? – Brian

“Dear Steve, What laws allow an authorized user account to be removed? I know being that their not respondsible for the debts and haven’t signed a contract legally the account has to be removed. But what law(s) force them to remove it? Brian” Dear Brian, I assume we are talking about a credit report issue … Read more

Creditor Keeps Reporting I Owe a Balance on My Credit Reports When I Paid It Off. – Mard

“Dear Steve, I had a total of debts that equal about $5000.00 I paid them all within 1 week which most were in collections,but to make a long story short they took off the balance that I owed on the debts after they were paid and i have all the paper work and documents showing … Read more

Credit Issues? You Are Not Alone – Fax – SCAM WATCH

Be on the lookout for a fax that is being sent out below. A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in the fax below and it raises a number of red flags for me. The fax allegedly comes from the 561 area code (561-634-2067), the unsubscribe is in the 208 area code (208-337-6079) and … Read more

How Do I Get Old Stuff Taken Off My Credit Report? – James

“Dear Steve, Was married………let’s say not anymore. I was awarded the debt. I thought that was bull, so I didn’t pay it. I was young and hard-headed. I want to get this right, but some of this stuff on my credit report is over 7yrs ago. How do I get in contact w/ the lenders … Read more

Working on Raising My Credit Score and Need Some Advice. – Shawn

“Dear Steve, Working on my credit to raise my score and need some advice and or assistance. i have pulled my credit reports and i have found a lot of discrepencies and things that should have been romoved . there are things that show an amount but no other information. there are items that are … Read more