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Credit Report / Credit Score

Verizon is Listing Accounts on My Credit Report I Don’t Owe. – Marc

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“Dear Steve, Checking my credit report I found verizon phone company had 4 derogatory accounts listed ( two had claim skip tracing on them), which I have no recall on. three claim to be accounts started same day in September 2006. I was using AT&T cell phone since 2005 as only phone service. I contacted Verizon customer services and they ... Read More »

    I Make Enough Money And Pay My Bills On Time But My Credit’s Not Great. – Anya

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    “Dear Steve, I make a decent salary (120K) and recently bought a used car (credit pulled) and moved from TX to CO (credit pulled). I have been weighed down by about 17K in debt for several years – just sort going up and down, up and down. I am ready to do whatever it takes to be debt free (I ... Read More »

      I Made Poor Financial Decisions But Learned From It. Now I Want to Rebuild My Credit. – Mike

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      “Dear Steve, Steve, Im a 29 year old father of three. In my early 20’s i made very poor financial decisions. Now I’ve decided to finally grow up and take responsibility for my credit. My rating as of now is 546 according to my report. I applied for a secured credit card with cap 1 and was approved, I also ... Read More »

        We Need to Raise Our Credit Scores So We Can Buy a House. – Cassie

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        “Dear Steve, My husband and I would like to purchase our first home, but are having difficulty getting approved for a loan in the amount we desire and can afford. My husband has bad credit (score 585) and quite a bit of collections on his credit report. It consists of an old unpaid loan, unpaid hospital bills, etc… He has ... Read More »

          American Express Credit Report Issue by Asset Acceptance. – Bibi

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          “Dear Steve, Hi Steve! So, I ran my report and saw Asset Acceptance is reporting 3 account balances. I believe they are old Amex accounts that went unpaid. I also believe these accounts are about 7-8 years old. Is there a way I can find out when was the last time these accounts had any transactions? I read somewhere that ... Read More »

            In Prison and Got Out With Bad Credit. What Now? – Ricky

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            “Dear Steve, I retired as a Department of Defense Fire Chief – retired early to try and save a marriage – didn’t work – started drinking – 3 DUI’s – went to prison for 4 years – I’m 47 years young. I recently got home and ran my credit report – numerous accounts were added to my report and are ... Read More »

              The Collection Company Keeps Reposting My Old Gym Membership. – Sherri

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              “Dear Steve, In 2005 I stopped a gym membership after one year. I did not realize it was a two year contract. My daughter had passed away and I was not going to the gym or anywhere else. The collection agency adds a couple dollars to the debt each month and re-posts to my credit history. Will this debt stop ... Read More »

                You Really Helped Me Boost My Credit Score. I’m Forever Grateful. – Ericka

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                “Dear Steve, I have followed your advice before and glad to see a great change in my credit report. I used to have a horrible score of 305, which is the low of the low. When I lost my job in 2007 and my high income, I defaulted on 2 of my credit cards and 2 cell phone companies. I ... Read More »

                  Creditor Keeps Reporting I Owe a Balance on My Credit Reports When I Paid It Off. – Mard

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                  “Dear Steve, I had a total of debts that equal about $5000.00 I paid them all within 1 week which most were in collections,but to make a long story short they took off the balance that I owed on the debts after they were paid and i have all the paper work and documents showing proof that they were paid.About ... Read More »

                    How Do I Get Old Stuff Taken Off My Credit Report? – James

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                    “Dear Steve, Was married………let’s say not anymore. I was awarded the debt. I thought that was bull, so I didn’t pay it. I was young and hard-headed. I want to get this right, but some of this stuff on my credit report is over 7yrs ago. How do I get in contact w/ the lenders to correct this issue by ... Read More »

                      Working on Raising My Credit Score and Need Some Advice. – Shawn

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                      “Dear Steve, Working on my credit to raise my score and need some advice and or assistance. i have pulled my credit reports and i have found a lot of discrepencies and things that should have been romoved . there are things that show an amount but no other information. there are items that are 15years old . can you ... Read More »

                        Should I Keep Paying Lexington Law Firm to Repair My Credit?

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                        “Dear Steve, Ok, I guess I’ve been in the acceptance stage for a couple of months now but still feel overwhelmed in tackling my debt despite having done a lot of research. First, I am paying Lexington $80 per month to clean up my credit report. I have seen some improvement to my credit score (I’m almost up to 600), ... Read More »

                          Why Does My Old Debt Still Show on My Credit Report? – Sherri

                          “Dear Damon, old debt get sent in over and over. same debt with a couple added dollars. when does this debt come off of report? is it seven years from the first time reported? how to get it off? thanks Sherri” Hello Sherri, The debt can stay on the report for between 7 and 7.5 years unless you are successfully ... Read More »

                            We Need to Raise Our Credit Scores So We Can Buy a House with a USDA Mortgage. – Amy

                            “Dear Damon, Been married for almost 6 years to a spender…I am the saver. my hubby has matured now, so he is ready to set our credit straight. On my credit, I have a few cell phone agreements that I broke, a repo on a truck, medical bills, and two credit cards….all of this sent to collection companies, and all ... Read More »

                              Can My Wife and I Independently Go Into a Debt Relief Program? – Paul

                              “Dear Damon, My Wife just closed her business and the outstanding unsecured debt is about 100K. My personal debt is about 38K. I want to go on a debt relief program where a company negotiates a reduced amount and interest. She does not want to do this for her debt load. Can we independently arrange for debt relief? I want ... Read More »

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