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Credit Report / Credit Score

If My Father Buys Off My Past Debt Will It Help Improve My Credit? – Jonathan

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“Dear Steve, I’m going through a lengthy divorce and custody battle in addition to having been out of work the last 5 1/2 months. My credit is pretty awful as you might imagine (mid 500’s). My debt including my car (roughly 15k) and a loan from my father for lawyer fees (20k so far) is almost 50k. Fortunately, I will ... Read More »

    Should I Pay My Old Debts or Just Let Them Fall Off My Credit Report? – Lucas

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    “Dear Steve, I got laid off about 6 or 7 years ago. During that time, all my accounts; credit cards… loans, personal accounts went into default. Today, over 6 years later, my credit is worse than it has ever been. I believe that all my credit cards,and accounts that went into default fall under “expired debt” since they are atleast ... Read More »

      We Are Against Bankruptcy and Want to Dig Our Way Out of Debt. – Paula

      “Dear Damon, I married my husband in 2009. We have been digging out of debt since then and are just seeing the light, as he received backpay from social security. We vied his credit report, and mostly he has many many medical collections. Some back in 2004, 5, 6…all the way to this year. We are against bankruptcy and make ... Read More »

        I Want to Join the Police Force But I Have an Old Debt I Owe and I Want to Increase My Chances. – Jennifer

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        “Dear Steve, Hello, I am 25 years old, I just made a decision on wanting to join the police force(it’s been an option since h.s), I know a good credit is vital and mine is not so good. I have one school loan that I need to pay off and I have put off for 2 years now and the ... Read More »

          I Have Bad Credit And Now I’m Trying to Buy a Home. My Bad Credit is Haunting Me. – Brian


            How Do I Get Duplicate Accounts Off My Credit Report? – Tracey

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            “Dear Steve, i’ve been paying off my old debts and monitoring my credit report. i’ve noticed that the orginal debtor and the collections agency are both on the reports. it looks as if i have more debt than i do. is there anything i can do about the duplicate reports? Tracey” Dear Tracey, This is a fairly easy matter to ... Read More »

              I Have Good Credit But a High Utilization Rate on One Card. What Should I Do? – William

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              “Dear Steve, I have good credit, and have several credit cards. On one, I have a utilization that is at around 50% (slightly more), and on another I have a zero balance. I am nervous that the one at 50% is high enough that it might effect my credit. Would it be wise to use the one with zero balance ... Read More »

                Dell Finance Won’t Reopen My Account After I Mistakenly Reported it as Fraudulent. – Vincent

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                “Dear Steve, With cambridge credit counseling and findind extremely difficult to get credit. dell computer closed my account. declared chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2004. by 2006 I had all sorts of credit and by 2008 I bought a new car for under 5% interest. before, during and after bankruptcy, I never had one late payment to any creditor or utility. ... Read More »

                  I’ve Paid Lexington Law for Help With the Student Loans on My Credit Report. – Iman

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                  “Dear Steve, Hi, I have a low credit score and I truly can’t figure out what i can do to fix it. I’ve paid for Lexington Law but my case isn’t really about collections or wrong information. I have student loans that are reporting individually and they defaulted so that’s the negative. I’ve since consolidated them but the negatives are ... Read More »

                    How Can I Improve My Credit Score? – Dylan

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                    “Dear Steve, 30 years of age. Need to improve credit. Tried MSI. Worked on it myself. Score went from about 600 to 630 in almost 10 months. Just wondering if you have any ideas on improving my score. I gave my MSI review on your website. I’ve already been working on this for a while but all advice is considered. ... Read More »

                      I Want to Repair My Credit Report and Improve My Credit Score After Debt Settlement. – Brian

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                      “Dear Steve, I had 3 charge-offs on my credit report: (1) Capital-One–$5,200 (2) Macys–$1,300 and (3) Dell Financial Services–$4,200. I used a settlement company to pay these off (at about 50% rate, plus 35% of the savings to the debt settlement company). I have ~ 10 derogs reported on my credit report from a student loan lender who marked that ... Read More »

                        What Can I Do to Get Capital One Off My Credit Report? – Sam

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                        “Dear Steve, I opened a capital one visa in 2002. I fell behind in payments and the next thing I knew the balance due was 700.00. It has been ten years ago and they are still showing the account as a charge off. They report it monthly . The balance is no longer 700 its 1300. What can I do ... Read More »

                          Is Debt Included in Bankruptcy Removed From My Credit Report? – Dave

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                          “Dear Steve, I have most unsecured credit card debt from major banks. Approximately $70,000. If one does file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, would that immediately remove all past due accounts, defaulted accounts, accounts in collection, etc. from my credit report? I know that normally negative credit items usually remain on one’s credit reports for up to 7 years. BUT if they ... Read More »

                            Do I Pay Off Old Debts First or New Debts First? – Jeanette

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                            “Dear Steve, I am trying to get my financial house in order, I must work on cleaning my credit. Shall I pay off old debts or new debts first? Jeanette” Dear Jeanette, It does not matter what debts you pay off first, unless the old debts are in default, if they are, pay those off first. It is important to ... Read More »

                              Do I Need to Have an Open Arm Revolt Agains the Government? – Gary

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                              “Dear Steve, I have read a few of the articles on your site. Almost 2 years ago I went trough a bankruptcy and before doing so my wife and I went through all of our savings and even our IRA’s. My wife was doing real-estate full time, even thought I did not like it, it was what she wanted, so ... Read More »

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