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Credit Report / Credit Score

I Want to Repair My Credit Report and Improve My Credit Score After Debt Settlement. – Brian

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“Dear Steve, I had 3 charge-offs on my credit report: (1) Capital-One–$5,200 (2) Macys–$1,300 and (3) Dell Financial Services–$4,200. I used a settlement company to pay these off (at about 50% rate, plus 35% of the savings to the debt settlement company). I have ~ 10 derogs reported on my credit report from a student loan lender who marked that ... Read More »

    What Can I Do to Get Capital One Off My Credit Report? – Sam

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    “Dear Steve, I opened a capital one visa in 2002. I fell behind in payments and the next thing I knew the balance due was 700.00. It has been ten years ago and they are still showing the account as a charge off. They report it monthly . The balance is no longer 700 its 1300. What can I do ... Read More »

      Is Debt Included in Bankruptcy Removed From My Credit Report? – Dave

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      “Dear Steve, I have most unsecured credit card debt from major banks. Approximately $70,000. If one does file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, would that immediately remove all past due accounts, defaulted accounts, accounts in collection, etc. from my credit report? I know that normally negative credit items usually remain on one’s credit reports for up to 7 years. BUT if they ... Read More »

        Do I Pay Off Old Debts First or New Debts First? – Jeanette

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        “Dear Steve, I am trying to get my financial house in order, I must work on cleaning my credit. Shall I pay off old debts or new debts first? Jeanette” Dear Jeanette, It does not matter what debts you pay off first, unless the old debts are in default, if they are, pay those off first. It is important to ... Read More »

          Do I Need to Have an Open Arm Revolt Agains the Government? – Gary

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          “Dear Steve, I have read a few of the articles on your site. Almost 2 years ago I went trough a bankruptcy and before doing so my wife and I went through all of our savings and even our IRA’s. My wife was doing real-estate full time, even thought I did not like it, it was what she wanted, so ... Read More »

            A Debt Settlement Company Used My Social Security Number to Run My Credit Report. – Diana

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            “Dear Steve, I gave my social security # out to a debt settlement company and they pulled my credit report. I am not going to use their program and will try to just pay off the debt on my own. Will my creditors know I was looking into settlement since the settlement co ran my credit? I am afraid my ... Read More »

              I Want Debts I Paid Off Removed From My Credit Report. – Karen

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              “Dear Steve, I have a few debts that went to collection, but have been paid off. Now my credit is bad and i want to clear it up FAST! What can I do? What can I do? Is there someone who can help me contact these companies to have the items removed and my credit score raised? Karen” Dear Karen, ... Read More »

                What Do You Think About Credit Karma? – Lynn

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                “Dear Steve, I would like to know if this site is safe. I saw in Wallet Pop a financial newsletter that you can get you credit score for free at CreditKarma. I tried it and it gave me a score. If this is real ,it sure beats paying for it or joining some membership and creating another bill. Let us ... Read More »

                  I Asked for Your Help Before in Paying Off My Debt. – LaQuanda

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                  “Dear Steve, I asked for your help a while ago on paying off my credit and reestablishing some kind of credit. I took your advice and I am happy to say that I have paid off most everything except a repo which I am making payments on. I waited after paying some things off and took your advice to try ... Read More »

                    What’s The Best Way to Fix My Crappy Credit? – Justina

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                    “Dear Steve, I have a credit score of 550. I have never had a credit card and recently got my credit report. I owe collections and don’t know who sent what to collections except a few. What can I do to find out where the collections got my debt from so I can figure out if I really owe said ... Read More »

                      How Do You Increase Your Credit Rating After Bankruptcy If Nobody is Willing to Lend to You? – Ron

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                      “Dear Steve, Had a decent FICO just over 800. 2 years ago, my wife lost her job. We applied for a loan modification, but Chase drug their feet so long that we ended up in trouble. We sold a cabin to keep up payments, then we began liquidating savings, etc. Then about 9 months ago, my company closed their local ... Read More »

                        I’m Confused About Credit Scores. – Barbara

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                        “Dear Steve, Age 62, single never married no dependents. Like many leading edge Boomers, I am dealing with trying to maintain a modest lifestyle based on a modest income that has severely declined due to unemployment / underemployment intersecting with approaching retirement age. Similar to the southern plantation owners in “Gone With the Wind”, my former lifestyle based on being ... Read More »

                          Please Suggest a Way to Get Bally’s Fitness Center Shit Off MY Credit Report. – Jack

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                          “Dear Steve, I had signed up for ballys fitness center more than 2 years ago. i went there for a few months but since then i moved out of town and changed 2 cities in the next 1 year. befor moving, i called their local center in my town to cancel but they said i was under a 2 year ... Read More »

                            Should I Just Let My Bad Credit Sit and Fall Off? – Lucas

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                            “Dear Steve, Pretty much, at one point, i was living well…. then came the layoff. everything i had (including student loans, and car loans) went into default. now, almost 6 years later i am finally gettin back on my feet. All my defaulted debt is expired debt in colorado and their statute of limitations to sue has passed. my credit ... Read More »

                              Can the Creditor Start the Clock on My Debt All Over Again? – Deb

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                              “Dear Steve, About 7 years ago I went through a nasty divorce. I ended up signing paperwork to just leave with my children and not pursue any compensation from marriage(of 11 years). A few months later, the nightmare began. I didnt realize I also was responsible for debt that had my name on it. I was a single mom, making ... Read More »

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