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Credit Report / Credit Score

My Husband Died and I’m Afraid to Look at My Credit Report. – Faye

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“Dear Steve, In ’03 I moved 1100 miles from home with my husband.He got a job right away. 30 days later we found out he had brain cancer. He passed in ’05. I am in bad health but was denied disability until I turned 60. I am on widow’s benefits now. Neither of us could work while this was going ... Read More »

I’m in Debt Mediation and They Don’t Handle My Medical Debts. – Lee

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“Dear Steve, Been in a debt mediation program for over two years. They have not handled any of the included Medical accounts. My wife and stepdaughter have had several medical bills over the last few years and those bills are basically in my wife’s name. In the process of becoming entirely debt free I’m trying to find all outstanding debt ... Read More »

How Can I Build My Credit With No Job? – Maria

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“Dear Steve, I just got my residency and would like to know how to start building my credit. I don’t work so I have no idea if lenders are going to give me any credit cards and my husband has bad credit that we need to fix too. How can I build my credit with no job? Maria” Dear Maria, ... Read More »

How Do I Get My Mother’s Light Bill Off My Credit Report? – Stacey

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“Dear Steve, Hello Steve, I am 23 and have just recently began cleaning up my credit .there was one thing that stood out that I know didn’t belong to me and I disputed it.the dispute was verified and denied..later I found out that this debt actually belongs to my mother it is a light bill. I asked her about it ... Read More »

I’m Confused About Rebuilding My Credit Score. – Lois

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“Dear Steve, I’m a little confused my everything I have been reading regarding rebuilding a credit history, so I’m hoping you can help clear things up…My current FICO scores, according to myfico.com is 705 with Transunion, and 652 with Equifax. I have one old charge off account opened in 95 sold as charge off in 2008. Another delinquent account 2007 ... Read More »

How Do I Repair My Credit After Debt Settlement Lowered My Credit Score? – Dominic

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“Dear Steve, In an agressive debt settlement program and plan to be out of debt in 12 months (already 3 months in). They have already settled one of my credit card accounts with two more to go. I’m paying in about $1800 per month to the escrow account. I just want to be debt free! It does seem to be ... Read More »

I’ve Never Had Credit Cards. How Do I Improve My Credit Score? – Albert

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“Dear Steve, My score is at 630 and I want to improve it, but how? I don’t owe anyone and have never had a credit cards really. How do I establish better credit? I owe only like some parking tickets (2) but other than that nothing. I bought a car years ago, I was late only like 4 payments out ... Read More »

I Don’t Want a Credit Card But Want to Establish Credit Again. – Mel

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“Hi Steve, My name is Mel and I recently discovered your web site. I have a few questions and hope you can assist me. I have several debts from 2004 and 2005 that I owe. All are now with collection agencies. Since I owe these debts and can afford to pay them, I want to pay them. I’m running into ... Read More »

What Can You Tell Me About American Credit Group? – Taylor

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“Dear Steve, I have bad credit (not horrible) and about 6,000 in credit card debt. I really don’t know how to go about dealing with it all, so I did some google research and found a company that says they’ve been in business 16 years. They are rated #1 by a review site and was just hoping you could give ... Read More »

How Do We Get Our Daughters Debt Off Our Credit Report?

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“Dear Steve, I have a daughter who was caught stealing when she was 18. Somehow the amount due from the department store ended up on my credit report. Is there a way to transfer that to her credit report?” I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. The best place to go for advice would be to contact the credit ... Read More »

Is It True That a Credit Card Company Does Not Have to Report on Your Credit Report If They Don’t Want To? – Andre

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“Hi Steve, I recently received a judgement and the same week my wages were garnised. When I called the company they informed me it was for a credit card, which I know nothing about or never opened. I got my credit reports and it was never reported. I was told the card was open in 1993 and payments stopped in ... Read More »

My Mother Opened Credit in My Name While I Was in a Coma

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“Dear Steve, My credit was ruined in early 2004 when I was in a coma and my husband had decided to leave me, take the money and not pay the bills. I lose everything, home, car, credit and any insurance money he spent. So I had started over from nothing. I have now found out that my recently deceased mom, ... Read More »

I’m Trying to Clear Up My Husband’s Credit Report With Citibank. – Shelley

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“Dear Steve, I am trying to clear up my husband’s and my credit. However we have one old debt, CitiBank credit card that is giving me problems. We opened this account when we lived in California so sometime between 1997-2001. I don’t remember when I just remember that we lived in California. We also still lived there when we made ... Read More »

I’m Upside Down on My Car. How Can I Get Out From Under It? – Bill

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“Dear Steve, My wife and I have a car that we are in desperate need to get rid of. I currently owe about $13000 for it still, but it is really only worth about $5400 according to KBB and the Car Dealership we are working with to try and get a new one. After the dealer has run their numbers ... Read More »

I Was a Client Caught in the Allegro Law Debt Settlement Mess and I Now Need to Reestablish Credit. – Georgia

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“Hello Steve, I’m one of your readers mixed up in the Allegro mess. We’ve filed bankruptcy. Now, the task of reestablishing credit. I’ve been looking at Public Savings Bank. I saw your review. I wanted to double check and make sure this is a legitimate company. After Allegro, I don’t know if I can trust anything. Thanks, Georgia” Dear Georgia, ... Read More »

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