My Father Passed Away. My Mother Was Only an Authorized User. – JB

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“Dear Steve, Recent widow as authorized user and credit card debt. My father passed away a couple weeks ago and I have been trying to help my mom with her finances. As I’m sure you know, she lost a SS check so now she is trying to work through her budget. My father and she had two credit cards which ... Read More »

Can’t Tell if the Credit Card Account is a Joint Account or Only Authorized User. – Rene

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“Dear Steve, My F-I-L passed away recently and left my M-I-L with a huge credit card debt over $30,000.00 in three credit card companies. He was the sole owner on two accounts, but the credit card companies are hounding her to pay the debt. On the third credit card it had both their names but I cannot tell if she ... Read More »

I Am Now Widowed and Left With Credit Card Debt I Can’t Afford on Social Security. – Lula

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“Dear Steve, I am a widow, as of Nov 14,2009. I now reside in Missouri. I was left with credit card debt totaling apx. $10,000. I have been trying to keep up the monthly payments but it is getting impossible to do so. I am having to do without meds and groceries. At some point I may have to stop ... Read More »

Can the Creditors Force My Mother to Sell Her House? – Leigh Anne

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My step-father recently died and my mother is living on disability and now only a small portion of his social security and retirement. He only has 41K left in retirement. The company he worked for went bankrupt. She has no other income. They have a house payment which she can still make. She can afford her utilities and groceries with ... Read More »

We’ve Lost Three Parents and Had Eight Deaths in Three Years. – B4lee

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“Dear Steve, Since 2007, we have had the time of “Job”. From 2007 to Present we have lost, most, just one month apart, 8 deaths, including 3 parents. In the process the stress caused medical and marital consequences to our family. Recession took hold and I became a displaced worker. Miraculously, my spouse, (out of the woods, yet not out ... Read More »

My Husband is Terminally Ill With Cancer. – Linda

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“Dear Steve, My husband is terminally ill with cancer. Prior to becoming ill he owned a small business. He was the sole provider and I cared for the children and home. Due to his illness, the business closed in 2007 and he is on disability since 2009. We lost our home, some other real estate investments and have other medical ... Read More »

My Husband Died With Debt in His Name. Do I Have to Pay It? – Teresa

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“Dear Steve, Married 25 yrs. & my husband always paid the bills, he died on 25 Apr.2010. I live in Ca., no life ins., he was unemployed for over 1 yr. Our house is almost in foreclousure, & I’m trying to catch up on the payments right now, so that I’m not out looking for an extra lg. cardboard box ... Read More »

My Wife Just Died at Work and I Have $100,000 of Student Loans. – Mark

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“Dear Steve, My wife just died of a heart attack at work, She was the supporter and I am dependent on her medical insurance because of a long list of cronic health problems including Sarcoidosis, Fibromyagia, Sleep Apnea, chronic pain, Insomnia. I have not worked in many years and have $100,000. + in school loans in deferment, including all the ... Read More »

I’m Buried in Grief and Trying to Deal With My Debt. – Rebecca

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“Dear Steve, At the moment, I’m overwhelmed to the point where I’m not sure what to do. Last year my [redacted]. I find myself in over my head with credit card debt. In the middle of such grief, you’d think debt would be the last thing on my mind, but it is only adding to the stress, plus I can’t ... Read More »

My Father Died and My Mother is Struggling With Debt. – Kim

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“Dear Steve, My father passed away 1 year ago from cancer leaving my mother with a credit card debt of 18,000.00. There is no life insurance and my mother’s income is limited to 2,000.00 per month. She continues to pay on their previously refinanced morgage that totals approximately 80,000.00 as well as her other monthly bills. The morgage payment alone ... Read More »

Deceased Spouse Left $33,000 Worth of Credit Card Debt. What Can I Do? – Judy

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“Dear Steve, My husband passed away rhe end of 2008. I had been iill in 2007 and was not working. Other than the horrible fact he died, I did not know we were in financial trouble. Two days after he died, I opened mail I had never seen and found out he had been carrying close to $30,000 in credit ... Read More »

My Father Passed Away. Is My Mother Responsible For His Credit Card Debt? – Richard

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“Dear Steve, My father passed away with credit card debt. In the state of Texas is my mom responsible for the creit card debt. She ws not a co applicant on the card. She was only a autorized user.It is going to be hard for her to make since she was a stay at home wife.All she has is a ... Read More »

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