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Debt Collector

I Was Making Payments to American Express and They Are Now Threatening to Sue Me. – Gracie

“Dear Mitch, My financial life is too horrible to go into, has been since 2001 and as a result, what once I could pay I now can’t. I had 2 American Express cards that I have been making good faith payments on each month and have been for some time. Now I’m being sued by American Express because of ‘failure ... Read More »

    Three Collection Agencies Are Trying to Collect on the Same Old Debt. – Michele

    “Dear Mitch, An old Washington Mutual account went to collection with a balance around $7k. When my situation improved I started paying the collection agency, and got about half of the debt paid off so the balance was a little over $3k. Unfortunately I had to stop payments again, and the collection agency sold the account. I haven’t paid on ... Read More »

      An Online Payday Loan Company Collector is Threatening Me With Jail

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I would like to know if it is illegal for a company to call and threathen jail and that the case is a felony. Which I know neither one of those are correct, however, I have a tape recording of a conversation I had with a company that said I did not pay an online payday loan back ... Read More »

        Midland Funding Froze My Bank Account. – Dennis

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, Court order ignored My bank funds were frozen by midland funding and the small claims court in ct overturned the decision because the funds were exempt.The court ordered funds to be returned to my acct.but midland funding has ignored the court order now i am out of $1,300 + bank fees etc. what recourse do i have? Dennis” ... Read More »

          Glasser & Glasser Just Served Us With a Warrant About Our Debt. – Jody

          “Dear Damon, Drowning in cc debt (62K). Just served with a warrant in debt (Glasser & Glasser). Want to contact cc companies with an offer of settlement though our cash is minimal and would ask for a significant reduction in the settlement amount. Scared to even talk with them b/c of reputations they have! Own a mortage and am current. ... Read More »

            Fred Hanna Lied That I Was Personally Served. – Tulley

            Ready to Collapse

            “Dear Steve, I used to be a GA resident but not anymore, however I usually check the court records online due to a case I’m helping my mother handle, I discovered that Fred Hanna took me to courts and lied that I was personally served, which I wasn’t and they filed that I was served 3 weeks prior to entering ... Read More »

              GE Took Over My CITI Financial Loan But Mailed My Statements to the Wrong Address. – Steve

              Ready to Collapse

              “Dear Steve, I’m 55 years old and use to have great credit, until the economic breakdown. Now all my credit cards have raised my interest, and dropped my limits. I have never missed any payments since the early 80’s First of all I had a CITI Finacial loan, which I always paid on time. I started getting harrassing calls at ... Read More »

                County Filing Services Says They Have a Summons for Me. – Jo

                “Dear Steve, Old debt with Washington Mutual (Now Chase Bank) somebody is contact some friends and relatives saying that I have a legal summons and they want me to contact them for more info. When they called my friends thay saying that are calling from my county court. False, I called the toll free number and it is not the ... Read More »

                  CACH is Suing Me. What Should I Do? – Frederick

                  “Dear Damon, I received an execution of goods,chattels and real estate from the state of rhode island sheriff today 6-15-2011. The plaintiff is Cach,LLC. the amount owed is 12000.00. What is my best way to procede with handling this. A judgment for this account entered on 1-19-2011 in superior court. Any help you can give me would be very much ... Read More »

                    My Friend’s Cell Phone Company is Calling Me to Find Her. – Joe

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, My friend owes money on an old cell phone bill and I received a call from this debt collection company stating that they noticed that I was a contact of hers. So I was wondering how they got this if they were going through her phone somehow and getting her contact list. So if that’s the case can ... Read More »

                      I Don’t Want to Lose My U.S. Citizenship Over My Debt. – Adam

                      Ready to Collapse

                      “Dear Steve, I have about $55,000 in college debt (all consolidated with the government at 3% – contingency arrangement). Am in good standing forbearance. I also have about $20,000 in old credit card and vehicle debts, but much of that is nearing 7-years and I really don’t get many notices on it anymore. Looked into a bankruptcy, but was told ... Read More »

                        Capital One Sued Me and Won. Now I Want to Setup Payments But They Want Me to Pay More Than I Can Afford. – Bill

                        “Dear Jeremy, I received a Money Judgement from the district Justice Court to the Common Pleas Court for 7,071.00. from being sued by Capital One. I tried to set up payments that I could afford, however they said it was not enough. I am recently unemployed and want to know how best to handle this situation Bill” Dear Bill, I ... Read More »

                          Wells Fargo Sold My Credit Card Debt, I’ve Been Sued and Now I Want a Payment Arrangement. – Elly


                            I’ve Been Paying NCO for an Old Amex Debt. Now United Recovery Systems Wants to Collect On the Same Debt. – Charon

                            “Dear Jeremy, Paying NCO for two years now on time and consistent for AmEx debt. Suddenly, in the last two weeks, my father who has Alzheimers was contacted by United Recovery Services regarding a debt with AmEx and was asked where I was, what my information was, etc., to try and collect? I contacted United Recovery Services and they say ... Read More »

                              Can Credit Card Companies Garnish Your Social Security Check? – Bonnie

                              “Dear Jeremy, credit card debt, I am making minimum payments on several credit cards and have a high mortgage for my income. I will retire in 3 yrs. and would like to know if I can’t afford to pay my credit cards on ss can they go after my ss check. I know I can’t afford to pay once I ... Read More »

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