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Debt Collector

My Husband Recently Passed Away And I’m Trying to Do Better But a Co-Signed Repossession is Holding Me Back. – Becky

“Dear Jeremy, I am a single mom and had an ex husband that I share three girls with, he recently passed away and my girls were left his money, life insurance, ATV’s, his vehicle, and all of this had to be put in my name because they are underage. During the time that he was sick, he was unable to ... Read More »

    Discover Card Won’t Negotiate With Me. Should I Wait Out the Statue of Limitations? – Tony

    “Dear Jeremy, Over the past 24 months I have managed to settle 3 second mortgages and one credit card for a grand total of 310,000 for 32000.. I have only two remaining debts and am struggling with them. They are two remaining credit cards..One through a credit union for 22k and a Discover card for 9500..Both lenders have sent my ... Read More »

      I Have a Student Loan Debt From My Time in the U.S. That I Need to Resolve. – Sharon

      “Dear Jeremy, I was a student doing a Masters program in the US for 2 years. On completion of which, I came back to my home country to work before pursuing further studies. During my time there, I had a $5000 credit card, that was used for tuition and sundry expenses. I did make preliminary payments, but still have around ... Read More »

        I Received a Letter From Debt Collections USA for a Really Old Debt. – Rolando

        “Dear Damon, I received a letter from Debt Collections USA dated 2/23/11 that said they had been hired to peform a “billing service” (their quotation marks) for City Urgent Care for a total of $90. I am a resident of West Virginia and City Urgent Care is in West Virginia as well. I sent them a letter on 3/14/11 disputing ... Read More »

          Can Chase Bank Legally Garnish My Wages Even Though I Live on SSDI? – Bill

          “Dear Jeremy, Can Chase Bank legally put garnishment on my bank accounts even after telling their lawyer twice once in civil and once in general sessions that my only income is from ssdi?I told him was unable to pay at that time. I had joined a debt settlement club prior to court visits In civil court the judge told us ... Read More »

            Sprint is Chasing Me for an Old Bill I Didn’t Authorize. What Can I Do? – Steven

            “Dear Jeremy, I’ll try and be brief as possible and appreciate your help. I opened a Sprint acct initially under my name w/ a not-so-nice ex-business partner in 2005. She was provided with a phone. In Oct 2006 I got out of the business and we signed an agreement regarding this. However, like an idiot, I forgot to close the ... Read More »

              I Had a Heart Attack and Now Riexinger & Associates is Chasing Me for Money. – Charmaine

              “Dear Jeremy, Good evening! I hope you can help. I am on social security disability. I had a credit card opened in 2088. I became disabled from a heart attack, with ongoing issues and severe back issues. The original balance was $325.00 which has become a $ 765.13 issue now from penalties. I recieved a call from Riexinger & Associates ... Read More »

                I Just Got a Notice That My SSI Payments Are Going to Be Garnished for an Old Student Loan. – Alexandria

                “Dear Jeremy, I withdrew from my doc studies three months before graduating becuase my spouse became terminnaly ill in 1997. He passed away Dec 20, 2010. From 1997-2011 I became his full time caretaker. I could not work. The student loan people hired various agencies that proceeded to abuse us every day 7 days a week calling family, neighbors, friends, ... Read More »

                  I Had an Agreement to Pay American Express Monthly. The Collection Company Wants to Increase It. – Tony

                  “Dear Jeremy, I’m currently with a credit counseling agency, paying off creditors for about 5 months. A collection agency that represents Am Express wants to increase there payment from 134.00 to 500 a month and are taking me to court. They have accepted all my previous payments, but wants more!! A cannot pay that. Do i have any ground to ... Read More »

                    Is There an Advantage to Paying an Attorney to Deal With an Old Debt? – Annette

                    “Dear Jeremy, Credit score 580 Credit history late payment excessive charge off Payday loan companies, credit cards and old Banks account closure excessive collection agencies Three questions: 1.What do I do with collection agency that is trying to collect on charge-off account from orginial creditor? 2. What do I do if charge off account with the original owner is past ... Read More »

                      A Collection Company is Trying to Collect a 10 Year Old Debt With a Small Balance. – Melissa

                      “Dear Jeremy, Had a $300 balance on a credit card which was paid off from funds from a refinance 10 years ago. The payment was dispursed along with other payoffs. The payoff was sent directly to the credit card company and not the collection agency that was trying to collect the funds at the time. Now I am receiving calls ... Read More »

                        My Identity Was Stolen and Collection is Trying to Get Money From Me That I Never Owed. – Barbara

                        “Dear Jeremy, Indenity theft 10 years ago 3 cards. (I had a house for sale in a another city. They got my mail. They changed my address back to that house) One I paid off. Someone used my card I already taken out. and I could prove that I did not use it. I was teaching in a classroom in ... Read More »

                          Nationwide Credit Keeps Trying to Collect on an Old Credit One Car Loan I Fully Paid Off. – Selena

                          Collection Letter

                          “Dear Jeremy, I completed paying off my car loan as of 12/2010. I own some late fee’s and the collection company has been giving me a hard time verifying who they are and has threaten to repo my car, given me a actual date in when they were coming pick it up. Which that date has come and gone. Now ... Read More »

                            My Student Loan Story From Hell. – Jody

                            “Dear Jeremy, My student loan story of hell. Between 1985 and 1989, I took out student loans to the total of approximately $14,000. Being a single mother, thought education would get me a better job than a factory job. So I got my education and could not find a job that would pay me enough to pay rent, electricity, gas, ... Read More »

                              Free FDCPA and Debt Collection Violation Help Now Available from

                              I’m happy to announce that attorney Jermey Golden has recently joined the team of growing experts here at Jeremy is an expert in Fair Debt Collection Practices Act issues, debt collector abuse and debt collection violations. Jeremy Golden, Esq. is one of the resident debt experts here at that helps people for free. Jeremy is a consumer rights ... Read More »

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