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Debt Collector

CACH is Suing Me. What Should I Do? – Frederick

“Dear Damon, I received an execution of goods,chattels and real estate from the state of rhode island sheriff today 6-15-2011. The plaintiff is Cach,LLC. the amount owed is 12000.00. What is my best way to procede with handling this. A judgment for this account entered on 1-19-2011 in superior court. Any help you can give me would be very much ... Read More »

    My Friend’s Cell Phone Company is Calling Me to Find Her. – Joe

    Ready to Collapse

    “Dear Steve, My friend owes money on an old cell phone bill and I received a call from this debt collection company stating that they noticed that I was a contact of hers. So I was wondering how they got this if they were going through her phone somehow and getting her contact list. So if that’s the case can ... Read More »

      I Don’t Want to Lose My U.S. Citizenship Over My Debt. – Adam

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I have about $55,000 in college debt (all consolidated with the government at 3% – contingency arrangement). Am in good standing forbearance. I also have about $20,000 in old credit card and vehicle debts, but much of that is nearing 7-years and I really don’t get many notices on it anymore. Looked into a bankruptcy, but was told ... Read More »

        Capital One Sued Me and Won. Now I Want to Setup Payments But They Want Me to Pay More Than I Can Afford. – Bill

        “Dear Jeremy, I received a Money Judgement from the district Justice Court to the Common Pleas Court for 7,071.00. from being sued by Capital One. I tried to set up payments that I could afford, however they said it was not enough. I am recently unemployed and want to know how best to handle this situation Bill” Dear Bill, I ... Read More »

          Wells Fargo Sold My Credit Card Debt, I’ve Been Sued and Now I Want a Payment Arrangement. – Elly


            I’ve Been Paying NCO for an Old Amex Debt. Now United Recovery Systems Wants to Collect On the Same Debt. – Charon

            “Dear Jeremy, Paying NCO for two years now on time and consistent for AmEx debt. Suddenly, in the last two weeks, my father who has Alzheimers was contacted by United Recovery Services regarding a debt with AmEx and was asked where I was, what my information was, etc., to try and collect? I contacted United Recovery Services and they say ... Read More »

              Can Credit Card Companies Garnish Your Social Security Check? – Bonnie

              “Dear Jeremy, credit card debt, I am making minimum payments on several credit cards and have a high mortgage for my income. I will retire in 3 yrs. and would like to know if I can’t afford to pay my credit cards on ss can they go after my ss check. I know I can’t afford to pay once I ... Read More »

                My Husband Recently Passed Away And I’m Trying to Do Better But a Co-Signed Repossession is Holding Me Back. – Becky

                “Dear Jeremy, I am a single mom and had an ex husband that I share three girls with, he recently passed away and my girls were left his money, life insurance, ATV’s, his vehicle, and all of this had to be put in my name because they are underage. During the time that he was sick, he was unable to ... Read More »

                  Discover Card Won’t Negotiate With Me. Should I Wait Out the Statue of Limitations? – Tony

                  “Dear Jeremy, Over the past 24 months I have managed to settle 3 second mortgages and one credit card for a grand total of 310,000 for 32000.. I have only two remaining debts and am struggling with them. They are two remaining credit cards..One through a credit union for 22k and a Discover card for 9500..Both lenders have sent my ... Read More »

                    I Have a Student Loan Debt From My Time in the U.S. That I Need to Resolve. – Sharon

                    “Dear Jeremy, I was a student doing a Masters program in the US for 2 years. On completion of which, I came back to my home country to work before pursuing further studies. During my time there, I had a $5000 credit card, that was used for tuition and sundry expenses. I did make preliminary payments, but still have around ... Read More »

                      I Received a Letter From Debt Collections USA for a Really Old Debt. – Rolando

                      “Dear Damon, I received a letter from Debt Collections USA dated 2/23/11 that said they had been hired to peform a “billing service” (their quotation marks) for City Urgent Care for a total of $90. I am a resident of West Virginia and City Urgent Care is in West Virginia as well. I sent them a letter on 3/14/11 disputing ... Read More »

                        Can Chase Bank Legally Garnish My Wages Even Though I Live on SSDI? – Bill

                        “Dear Jeremy, Can Chase Bank legally put garnishment on my bank accounts even after telling their lawyer twice once in civil and once in general sessions that my only income is from ssdi?I told him was unable to pay at that time. I had joined a debt settlement club prior to court visits In civil court the judge told us ... Read More »

                          Sprint is Chasing Me for an Old Bill I Didn’t Authorize. What Can I Do? – Steven

                          “Dear Jeremy, I’ll try and be brief as possible and appreciate your help. I opened a Sprint acct initially under my name w/ a not-so-nice ex-business partner in 2005. She was provided with a phone. In Oct 2006 I got out of the business and we signed an agreement regarding this. However, like an idiot, I forgot to close the ... Read More »

                            I Had a Heart Attack and Now Riexinger & Associates is Chasing Me for Money. – Charmaine

                            “Dear Jeremy, Good evening! I hope you can help. I am on social security disability. I had a credit card opened in 2088. I became disabled from a heart attack, with ongoing issues and severe back issues. The original balance was $325.00 which has become a $ 765.13 issue now from penalties. I recieved a call from Riexinger & Associates ... Read More »

                              I Just Got a Notice That My SSI Payments Are Going to Be Garnished for an Old Student Loan. – Alexandria

                              “Dear Jeremy, I withdrew from my doc studies three months before graduating becuase my spouse became terminnaly ill in 1997. He passed away Dec 20, 2010. From 1997-2011 I became his full time caretaker. I could not work. The student loan people hired various agencies that proceeded to abuse us every day 7 days a week calling family, neighbors, friends, ... Read More »

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