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Debt Collector

An Ex-Girlfriend and I Ran Up Some Bills. – Jon

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“Dear Steve, An ex-girlfriend and I ran up some bills that were being paid but with the economy being as it is now,none of them are now being paid. We broke up two an a half years ago and somehow those bills followed me!,I am 100% disabled and living month to month on SSI. She has a job at the ... Read More »

    Redline Recovery Services is Making Me Mad. – Adam

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    “Dear Steve, I have a debt to Bank of America, and Redline Recovery Services has been calling non stop. It is very frustrating and irritationg that they will not listen to what I say. They have tried to give me 3 different settlement options, yet non of them will put the offer in writting. I am bvery concerned that once ... Read More »

      HFC Wants a Copy of My Paystub. I’m Not Going to Give It to Them. – Teri

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      “Dear Steve, 3 months late on a signature loan. Now they want payment in full. Can a company (HFC) or thier debt collector tell you that they will only accept payments from you if you send them a copy of your pay stub along with a list of all of your debts. I’m not about to give anyone that isn’t ... Read More »

        I’m Living on Social Security and Being Threatened with Arrest for a Debt. – Jeanne

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        “Dear Steve, I am on social security and cannot pay certain debts. I owe some money in utah and am being harassed by a collection agency. they say they will get a judgment against me and then have me arrested. i’m pretty sure this is a lie. (the arrest part) right? Jeanne” The Answer Dear Jeanne, I am assuming you ... Read More »

          Zwicker and Associates Sued Me Over an American Express Debt. – Dan

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          “Dear Steve, Sued and judgement obtained by Zwicker and Associates over an overdue American express account. They have placed a judgement on my residence and have scheduled a court appearance for me to do interrogatories on Feb. 1st 2010 (They originally had a date in November but I could not appear). If I do not appear on Feb 1st the ... Read More »

            An Account in Collections With MRS Associates. – Patty

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            “Dear Steve, My nephew has credit card debt which has gone to collection with MRS Associates. Who should he contact in order to set up a payment schedule. The credit card company or the collection agency (I’ve heard horror stories about this one). Where should he start? Patty” The Answer Dear Patty, Have your nephew call the credit card company ... Read More »

              I Got a Call From Hoffman Schwartz & Associates Saying I Owe a Debt. – SAG

              “Dear Steve, I got a call today on my cell phone from phone #404-893-4113 with the message”This is so and so with Hoffman (?) and (?). I am calling in regards to a compliant from Bank of America regarding check fraud. Please call me or have your legal representation contact me within 24 hours or I will have to file ... Read More »

                I Think I’m Getting Calls From a Phony Debt Collector With Pay Day Yes. – Cindy

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                “Dear Steve, Hi Steve … I’ve written to you previously regarding a different matter with the Cash Store. I had another pay day loan a few months ago (maybe 6 months) and had to default on it due to unforeseen household repairs. I made payment arrangements to pay them a reduced amount every 2 weeks and once my balance reached ... Read More »

                  What Can We Do to Force Chase Bank to Give Us Realistic Repayment Terms? – David

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                  “Dear Steve, My wife Shantell has two unsecured credit cards from Chase Bank. Her debt on the cards totals about $23,000.00. They are threatening to sue her on January 14 if she does not pay almost $2400 on the largest debt upfront to have the debt removed from the hands of the attorneys so she can deal directly with Chase. ... Read More »

                    My Mother Buried Three Kids on Credit. – Theresa

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                    “Dear Steve, My mother is being sued by Chase Bank. She’s 80 Jan. 2010, works full time 7.78hr-14 yrs. same employment dishwasher. Raised 5 kids, buried 3 on her credit. Did get small ssa from dead dad 1894-1965 (so he didn’t pay much in) No public asssistance i.e. food stamps, welfare. Just worked & payed bills her entire life. She ... Read More »

                      Frederick J. Hanna & Associates is Trying to Collect an Old Capital One Debt From Me. – Ann

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                      “Dear Steve, I am in debt with Capital One credit card company. I’ve been unable to pay them for the past year. I just recived a letter from FREDERICK J. HANNA & ASSOCIATES, P.C. ATTORNEYS AT LAW. It states I need to contact them to make arrangements to pay the unpaid balance. If I don’t notify the office within 30 ... Read More »

                        I Had a Western Michigan University Credit Card. I’m Now Getting Sued On It. – Martha

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                        “Dear Steve, I am being sued by a debt collector/attorney’s office on an old WMU credit card account which was closed over 2 years ago. I’ve told them in writing that I have no income other than unemployment and no assets. My court date is scheduled end of January. This week I got a letter from them “subpeoning” me to ... Read More »

                          Asset Acceptance Called Me on an Old Bank of America Debt. – Terri

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                          “Dear Steve, Asset Acceptance LLC called me recently and said they were collecting on an old Bank of America debt. They told me it was from a period of time when I lived in California (1993-1994). I told them I did not believe I owed this debt and to please send me a statement or signature verifying it belongs to ... Read More »

                            Weltman, Weinberg & Reis Sued Me and Now Have a Judgment Against Me. – Jay

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                            “Dear Steve, Been hastled by weltman weinberg and reis co. They now have a judgement against me for an old credit card. They are now trying for writ of execution. I have recently had a judgement against me for 5,000. This is for a debt owed to a credit card that was charged 3,000. I am on unemployment and have ... Read More »

                              I Can’t Sleep and Have No Food But Collectors Want More. – Anikka

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                              “Dear Steve, I signed contract with ad agency for reduced rate advertising that cost $2400. I had to cancel and they sent final invoice for $2400. I couldn’t pay and the collection agency is asking for $3600. . I have now paid $2400 and just realized the difference. I made payment arrangements and can’t make the final $1200 payment so ... Read More »

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