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Debt Settlement

Fast Debt Solution Went Out of Business But Took Their Fees.

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my problems started about 5-years ago.the first thing is i lost my job,then my wife was forced into retirement with a lump sum of about $12,000.00 before taxes. Next was Hurricane Rita that total destroyed our Home.Insurance covered the rest of the mortgage which left us with very little.On the money we received we had the cleanup of trees, debris ... Read More »

    Should We Really Be Considering Debt Settlement with Consumer Attorneys of America? – Michael

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    My wife is considering the pursuit of a debt settlement for two credit cards of which total around 28K. The company titled, Consumer Attorneys of America, contacted us and recommended that we not pay our bill for the cards. We have never missed a payment, but are unfortunately facing that possibility in the very near future. We were advised that ... Read More »

      Should I Fire Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Lucy

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      I have been with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution since April 2010. As I’ve read from many others, they have faithfully accepted my monthly payments, via a Global Client Solutions account, but have not paid off anything. I was reading your steps to “fire” them, and I have a couple of questions please. I see below where the questions would be ... Read More »

        How Do I Get My Money Back From Richard Brennan? – Chrissy

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        Well you probably already now just by the name I was looking up, Richard Brennan. I was scammed of course by the above so call credit relief helper when he scammed over 9,000.00 dollars. Yes I said 9,000.00 dollars. The worst about the whole thing is I am just a middle class worker who is in debt and still is ... Read More »

          Can I Trust Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Center? – Vicki

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          Hi, My Husband and I are in our late 40’s. We have 2 kids in college, and we are in a LOT of debt, mostly credit cards. Never have missed any payments. Try to pay more than minimum (because we live on the credit cards alot). My husband has been laid off temporaily off and on this past year. Not ... Read More »

            J Hass Group Wants Me to Retract a Complaint. – Margie

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            I had filed a complaint on your website for JHass Group, they saw it, say I should take it off because my figure I sent was off by a small amt. (few hundred). They said I could be in trouble for libel, but I don’t know how to remove it, can you help? Margie Read More »

              I talked to someone from Morgan Drexen and was not impressed with them. – Clara

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              I have a couple of accounts that are very past due. I lived in Georgia, a state that has a 7 year statue of limitation, the 7 year limtation will be in 2014. However, I have relocated to Louisiana and I have been told that the statue of limitation is 3 years. My question is; Is this limitation for credit ... Read More »

                I Can’t Reach Anyone at FBL or Lifeguard Financial. – Taunya

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                Three years ago my credit was perfect but I was in over my head and was solicited by Lifeguard Financial. They were very convincing in telling me that I could cut my credit card debt in half and reduce my monthly payments. They were not upfront about the fees. I have been making payments to them through Note World all ... Read More »

                  Made a settlement with Mann Bracken, now another company is collecting on the same debt. What do I do? – Ryan

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                  I’m married with 3 children. I own a house and my income has gone down through job changes, so I spend about 60% of my income on my house payment alone. I had a discover card debt from 2003 of 4,000 or so dollars when I was younger and stupid. Last year I worked extra hard to get the money ... Read More »

                    How Can I Join a Class Action Suit Against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Patti

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                    We have submitted to the wiles of the Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and are seeing the same results as I read in your article. Can we join a class action suit against them? We are in Montana. Patti Read More »

                      How Do I Find the Best Debt Settlement Company? – Shell

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                      I have over 80K in credit card debt — up until last 8mo I always paid my bills off every month .I had 2 air conditioners go out I put on credit card for total of $9k that I planned to pay off over the next 4 months then things got worse ..I had $15K to repair a roof and ... Read More »

                        I Was Talking With Someone From Morgan Drexen and Declined Their Offer. – Kayle

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                        “Dear Steve, I am in debt with small things and do not own a home or anything me and my husband are renting and I currently adopted my nephews and now decided its time to buy a house but i can not get approved for anything because of my debt and credit rating same situation with my husband. we owe ... Read More »

                          What is Your Opinion of Global Client Solutions? – Eileen

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                          “Dear Steve, I owe $50,000 on credit cards What is your opinion of Global Client Solutions? GCS claims they can help I have read several rip-off or complaints about them. Can we settle these credit card debts on our own? If so, how? Thank you, Eileen” Dear Eileen, I think they probably do a good job as an escrow company, ... Read More »

                            We Are With Freedom Financial And Getting Sued. – Anne

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                            “Dear Steve, I have been with Freedom Financial since early 2011. Have paid $7400 into a settlement acct ($1050 per mo) since May. I have 8 creditors. FDR has reached a settlement with Advanta and Capital One. I’m not sure when the Advanta Payments will be completed, but the Capital One payments are supposed to be completed April 2012. We ... Read More »

                              How Do I Get My Money Back From Liberty Settlements? – Shawn

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                              “Dear Steve, I have paid $5400, and I would expect a refund. They did nothing they ‘said’ they were going to do. I sent them $150/ month for three years. I am hoping that somebody who knows something I would like to say thank you. My question is is there any way I can recover my $5400 ? What steps ... Read More »

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