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Debt Settlement

We Are With Freedom Financial And Getting Sued. – Anne

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“Dear Steve, I have been with Freedom Financial since early 2011. Have paid $7400 into a settlement acct ($1050 per mo) since May. I have 8 creditors. FDR has reached a settlement with Advanta and Capital One. I’m not sure when the Advanta Payments will be completed, but the Capital One payments are supposed to be completed April 2012. We ... Read More »

    How Do I Get My Money Back From Liberty Settlements? – Shawn

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    “Dear Steve, I have paid $5400, and I would expect a refund. They did nothing they ‘said’ they were going to do. I sent them $150/ month for three years. I am hoping that somebody who knows something I would like to say thank you. My question is is there any way I can recover my $5400 ? What steps ... Read More »

      I Have a Growing Concern About a Business Called CLEAR BLUE DEBT SOLUTIONS. – Karencita


      “Dear Steve, I have a growing concern about a business called CLEAR BLUE DEBT SOLUTIONS who called me on December 6th in answer to my inquiry, having seen their advertisement on t.v. My story is this: In December, 1999 we had all our family home and I went into debt for that Christmas, not knowing that a mission’s trip I ... Read More »

        Is Fast Track Debt Relief a Company That Will Help or Are They a Scam? – Alan

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        “Dear Steve, Girlfriend walked out a year ago. I’m using the payments from 5 credit cards to make the house payments (she used to pay half the household costs). Looked at BK but 13 appears to be the only relief and I feel if I am going to make a payment, maybe a debt relief agreement may be better. Can’t ... Read More »

          If I’m Working With Pacific Debt Can Creditors Garnish My Wages? – Tara

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          “Dear Steve, We are $60,000 in debt with credit card bills. The payments are getting overwhelming to where we are using the credit cards to be able to make all payments. We have excellant credit at the moment but I just don’t see an end in sight except for getting the help with a debt settlement co. We understand what ... Read More »

            I Can Sell a Property to Raise Cash to Settle My Debts. – Carl

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            “Dear Steve, i own 3 properties, 2 are owned and one mortgaged . the one with the mortgaged i bought with a domestic partner , we applied for loan together and qualified together and the bank messed up and put him on the deed and not the mortgage . my partner didn’t pay his part and it took all my ... Read More »

              I Signed Up With ClearOne Advantage But Having Second Thoughts. – Donna


              “Dear Steve, I signed up with ClearOne Advantage. I have debt of 16000…now I am having second thoughts. Their services have not started yet, but from what I am reading….its probably best to file bankruptcy? I am trying to make things better not worst. I am open to your thoughts, ideas, opinion? Thank you” The Answer Dear Donna, Frankly I ... Read More »

                I Am Skeptical About World Law Debt for My Sister. – Amada

                “Dear Damon, I am trying to help my sister after I talked to her and her involvement with World Law Debt. She has $36K in unsecured debt. She is desperate and has answered a mailer from World Law Debt. I am skeptical about the company and after reading many comments about it, I hope you can assist my sister find ... Read More »

                  Solid Ground Financial Says They Can Help. I Recently Lost My Job and Have 5 Payday Loans. – Bushra

                  “Dear Steve, I most recently lost my job, I had taken 5 payday loans and now i have nothing to pay them with. Worried I might be dragged to court because of this , I contacted Solid grounds and asked for help, they quoted me with the payment arrangement that will end in 9 months and that the very first ... Read More »

                    I Just Spent an Hour Talking to Nationwide Debt Direct. – Yohanes

                    “Dear Steve, I’m in debt for $42k+. I have been transferring the balances (0% 12 months) from one card to the other, but it’s catching up with me now. Just talked to debt settlement company for more than an hour called Nationwide Debt Direct. Googled it and your website mentioned about this company. Same address for formerly F-rated BBB company. ... Read More »

                      World Law Debt Contacted Me and Their Legal Fees Are Huge. – Joe

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                      “Dear Steve, I am really at the end of my wit at this point. I have had creditors and debt collection companies call and harass me for months on end and recently the phone calls died down. My fear now is that I am being, or will be, legally served with papers… which I wish to avoid. My wife and ... Read More »

                        I Signed Up With Next Generation And Want a Refund. – LeeAnn

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                        “Dear Steve, I signed up with Next Generation in April of this year, and have unfortunatly have pretty much figured out we have been scammed. I did try a couple of times to talk with someone there about concerns, & phone calls I was getting from creditors. I was always told the would submit a claim, & someone would call. ... Read More »

                          A Debt Settlement Company Paid a Creditor and They Now Say the Debt is Still Owed. – Ken

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                          “Dear Steve, have contract with debt settlement firm i have asked you things before was very pleased with your detailed answers have you ever heard of a debt settlement firm paying a creditor acct. for a client and now they show i owe them Ken” The Answer Dear Ken, I have seen the situation before. This can arise from one ... Read More »

                            Why Are You Against Debt Settlement? – Nick

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                            “Dear Steve, Why do you insinuate to people that they live in fear and always be cautious to people contacting them to provide them a service. Where are your statistics on the advise you give. Debt settlement is real and constantly I see people putting there trust into you to make there decisions for them and I have never seen ... Read More »

                              The Collection Company Did Not Send Me My AMEX Settlement Offer in Writing. – Sage

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                              “Dear Steve, I had an American Express card with no more than a $500 limit. I fell off on paying and am now trying to straighten my credit. Amex has reported on my credit report that I owe $945. In July I got a phone call from Nationwide Credit wanting to collect on this account. We made an agreement over ... Read More »

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