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Debt Settlement

The Collection Company Did Not Send Me My AMEX Settlement Offer in Writing. – Sage

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“Dear Steve, I had an American Express card with no more than a $500 limit. I fell off on paying and am now trying to straighten my credit. Amex has reported on my credit report that I owe $945. In July I got a phone call from Nationwide Credit wanting to collect on this account. We made an agreement over ... Read More »

    Debt Smart America Signed Me Up With Fingo Group and Now Their Gone. – Kenneth


    “Dear Steve, I am in debt for around 27,000 and i had surgery total knee replacement and was out of work for 8 months.I am having trouble keeping my head above water. I signed up for the atlas group on september 2011 so i am into it for 2 months now and after seeing what you are saying it sounds ... Read More »

      I’m With Persels & Associates But Have Questions. – Sandy

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      “Dear Steve, Two years ago, I was maintaining my credit cards and had excellent credit with them, then all of a sudden every single one of them raised their interest rates so high that if I paid anything on the cards themselves, I had no money left over for necessities. I called each and every one of them to ask ... Read More »

        How Can I Get American Financial Services to Stop Calling Me? – Bill

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        “Dear Steve, Situation * I am in serious deep debt due to medical expenses, long periods of unrmployment, and now much reduced income. While searching for possible options, i submitted some information through a link on Clark Howard’s web site which turned out to be American Financial Services. How can i get AFS to stop their nonstop calling to my ... Read More »

          We Fell Behind in Car Payments. Can We Settle the Debt and Keep the Car? – Patti

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          “Dear Steve, Purchased a car in 2006 for son in college. Made payments until last year and fell behind. Still have car and need to settle balance. We purchased a car for our son in college and fell behind in the payments. We owe 3980.00 total. After checking our credit report I see that they have refered it to a ... Read More »

            Should I Settle My Repo Vehicle Debt? – Jackie

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            “Dear Steve, In November of 2009, I had a vehicle repo-ed. After auction, I owe $15,000. Other than that my credit is ok, I have 1 CC that has recently gone down to about $3500 balance which will be paid off in about 2 more months. I have 1 financed vehicle that is in good standing. I also have student ... Read More »

              I’m Confused About Bankruptcy or Debt Settlement. – Nathalie

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              “Dear Steve, Like a lot of people on this site I am in a difficult situation. I wrote to you about my case a few days ago. I got an answer and I am a little confused because from what I have read for other people, it looks like the answer is most of the time to go to bankruptcy. ... Read More »

                Can I Ask My Credit Card Companies to Settle My Debt? – Tim

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                “Dear Steve, credit card debt, owe 30k can I ask the credit card companies to settlement my debt if I pay them a large some,,,, I owe about 30k ( 2 different companies) can I give them lets say 18k and clear the books………….or with this impact my credit if they agree to partial settlement? Tim” The Answer Dear Tim, ... Read More »

                  I’m Being Sued for a Debt and Wondering if Debt Settlement is Right for Me. – Pamela

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                  “Dear Steve, I have been served a summons to respond to lawyers representing a credit card company for what is now $45,000 in debt owed to them. A lawyer who is helping with the legal answer/response to this summons. But now I need to deal with the mess and figure out what my options are. I also have one more ... Read More »

                    I Signed a Contract With Lifeguard Financial and I’m Paying NoteWorld. – Cyndi

                    “Dear Mitch, I signed a contract with lifeguard financial on August of 2009 and I have been making a payment of 637/mo to Noteworld. This month I still made a payment, I tried getting into my account at and its giving me an error, also I have tried contacting them via several phone numbers but no response, in fact, ... Read More »

                      I Want to Know if Debt Smart America is An Honest Company. – Alberto

                      “Dear Mitch, In debt with American Express. I was paying every month an amount their consultants would instruct me to pay in order to keep my card active. One day they simply shut down my ability to use my card and demanded full payment. It was only at this point that I stoped making payment to American Express. I want ... Read More »

                        We Can’t Ever Get Caught Up In This Financial Mess. Should We Consider Debt Settlement? – Nathalie

                        “Dear Damon, I lost my job 4 years ago, my son graduated at the the time and is still looking for a real job, so we have more expenses (helping my son to survive, rent, food car..) and less income. We are 4 people living on one salary. On top of that we had to face emergencies after emergencies so ... Read More »

                          Financial Solution Legal Center Turned My Account Over to Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. – Weezy

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                          “Dear Steve, I was with legal helpers debt resolution since 2010 — I was originally with Financial Solution Legal Services — they turned my account over to LHDR – they have not settled the 4 accounts I had with them 3 Discover accounts and 1 CHASE The CHASE account has been sold to Palisades and it is listed on my ... Read More »

                            Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Settled Three of My Debts But I’m Not Happy. – Rebecca

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                            “Dear Steve, I signed up with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution in November of last year. Three accounts have been settled, but I am not happy with them at all. They never call me back or answer my emails, just all of a sudden told me I haven’t been charged a $49.00 a month maintenance fee and are going to start ... Read More »

                              I Was With CareOne and The Persels and Associates But Now I Have a Judgment. – Jeff

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                              “Dear Steve, I’m at a loss of what to do. I signed up with CareOne years ago, and even with a reduction in payments I fell into a time where I was unable to meet my monthly payment. I begged for them to suspend, but was told there was no way this could be done. At this point, I was ... Read More »

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