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Debt Settlement

My Debt Relief Company Did Nothing But Get Me Sued and Lower My Credit Score. – John

“Dear Michael, had 730 credit score 1 year ago now about 550 now being sued considering chapter 7 as only option 1. How do I know whether or not my settlement company fulfilled their contractual obligations to me or not? – They said they offered settlements to my cc companies that were refused. Based upon that can I compel them ... Read More »

    Where Can I Get Funding to Let Me Settle My Defaulted Student Loans? – Ben

    “Dear Michael, I have a student loan that is in default and they want to settle for a lump sum. Only i don’t have the money to do so. If I don’t come up with the money they are going to take me to court to try and collect. Is there anywhere to get money to pay my lump sum ... Read More »

      I Am a Disabled Vet That Needs Help With Debt Forgiveness and Debt Settlement – Paul

      “Dear Michael, I borrowed $6103 and defaulted on the loan. With interest and penalties the total came up over $20000. I have paid back $9500 with icome taxes and garnishments. They say i still owe them $14501. I wanted to settle and the said they would settle for a lump sum of $9000 or $120 a month for 9 months ... Read More »

        Debt Relief Company Said We Could Not Sign Agreement Because the Rules Change a Lot. – JDS

        “Dear Damon, Moved to another town and built a home when things were good. Income is not the same as before and use our cc to cover things like insurance auto & home, advance for paying property taxes ( we still have property that we got back from a LC where we use to live). Used cc for living expenses ... Read More »

          Macy, Aleman, Hyslip & Searns and Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Said They Could Settle My Debt. Now They Won’t Give Me a Refund. – Tony

          “Dear Damon, i had over 88,000.00 in unsecured credit card dept and i got a letter from an orginization called legal helpers dept resolution that knew about my situation and how much i owed and they said they could cut the dept in half.i checked them out by their law firm name macy,aleman,hyslip & searns and they had a B ... Read More »

            Can My Wife and I Independently Go Into a Debt Relief Program? – Paul

            “Dear Damon, My Wife just closed her business and the outstanding unsecured debt is about 100K. My personal debt is about 38K. I want to go on a debt relief program where a company negotiates a reduced amount and interest. She does not want to do this for her debt load. Can we independently arrange for debt relief? I want ... Read More »

              I’ve Been Duped By LHDR And Would Like to Be Included in a Class Action Case Against Them. – Melissa

              Ready to Collapse

              “Dear Steve, I have been duped by LHDR also and live in Arizona. I would like to be included in the class action suit. what is the best way to accomplish this? Melissa” Dear Melissa, I am not aware of a class action case brought against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution in Arizona. But that does not mean there isn’t one. ... Read More »

                I Never Got a Notice Before My Motorcycle Was Repossessed. – Ken

                “Dear Michael, My motorcycle was repossessed and they never sent a notice of dispositon as required by Georgia law. I also requested an explanation of disposition within 14 days as required by law and never received it either. Spoke with Vice Pres. of finance company and he stated that even though the law states no deficiency, there is still a ... Read More »

                  The Debt Organization Took a Lot of Money From Me and Now I’m Filing Bankruptcy. Can I Get Any Back? – Susan

                  Ready to Collapse

                  “Dear Steve, I was over my head in credit card debt and heard about this company on a local radio show. I notified this debt organization and they said they could help. I started with them in June 2008 up until March 2010. They withdrew monthly 1,000.00. So obviously I am out 18,000.00 and am now filing bankruptcy. I want ... Read More »

                    Is Legal Helpers Debt Resolution a Legit Company? – Russ

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, I have been in a client relationship with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution for under a year and have been paying them fees to settle my debt. I’ve noticed that there is a class action law suit being filed against this company. Is this a legit company? Russ” Dear Russ, I’m going to let commenters share their opinion on ... Read More »

                      I’m Trying to Get Mortgage Modification But Considering Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement As Well. – Sandy

                      “Dear Damon, My credit is already ruined because I ‘m trying to get a modification on my mtg and haven’t paid my mtg since 11/2010. Want to get out of the 30k credit card debt too. Should I wait until the modification is over or do everything at once. Also should a use a consolidation company or use a debt ... Read More »

                        Is There Any Way I Can Get My Money Back From the Mossler Law Firm? – Dana

                        Ready to Collapse

                        “Dear Steve, I have be with the Mossler Law Frim for almost 2 Years and have paid about 2500.00 to them and they say I still owe 1400.00 in fees before any money I give them goes into my “account” for negotiation with the creditors. I want to get my money back. After looking into them and seeing all the ... Read More »

                          I’m Worried Able Debt Settlement is Going to Go Out of Business Before They Settle My Debts. – Cheryl

                          “Dear Steve, I listed 2 debts with Able Debt almost 5 years ago. One settled; the other Citibank has not yet settled. Able has gone into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy and when I called their office today found out that Tiffany was no longer there. They have one girl working in their office. Her name is Sandra. I’m wondering if ... Read More »

                            Do You Recommend Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement? – Sandy

                            “Dear Michael, Do u recommend debt consolidation or debt settlement ? Which is the best company in each category. I don’t care about my credit because I am trying to get a modification from my bank and they are dragging their feet and I haven’t paid since November 2010 Sandy” Hi Sandy, It is difficult to recommend a specific course ... Read More »

                              How Can I Settle My HSBC Credit Card. – Scott

                              “Dear Michael, Have an HSBC CREDIT CARD, have paid almost $237 in interest on a debt of $710, want to settle, make an arrangement, not in default, but in current status, how can I go about submitting an offer, to whom should I contact to settle the debt for less than the amount that is currently due, $506.77 Scott” Hi ... Read More »

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