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Debt Settlement

I’m in the Lloyd Ward & Associates Debt Settlement Program But Getting Sued. – Diane

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“Dear Steve, i was paying my bill as best as i can pay them for the most part until my income got reduce due to less or no overtime of which i was use to. in july of 2010 i signed up with lloyd ward and associates to help to management my credit card dept i was told that they ... Read More »

    How Can I Start a Class Action Suit Against P&E Solutions? – Marjorie

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    “Dear Steve, Used P& E as a debt settlement company. Took my money never paid a debt. Ruined my credit. P&E Solutions took all the money I gave them, 3K, and never paid a debt. My credit is ruined now and I received a letter saying all my personal information has been “stolen”. Now, I will have to monitor my ... Read More »

      I Got Cancer and My Credit Went South So I Went With First Choice Debt Resolution. – S

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      “Dear Steve, I had pristine credit for 10 years and then got cancer in 2008 and also lost my job that same year so at that point I was unable to keep up with my credit cards. I had unfortunately been in a really bad relationship for 5 years and I allowed that person to run up credit card balances. ... Read More »

        I’ve Given Good Shepherd Debt My Money But It’s Hard to Work With Them. – Susan

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        “Dear Steve, I have given these people $200 a month since January of 2010. They have resolved one of my seven debtors about a month ago but it was one of the smaller accounts. I am very scared now and wonder if I should get my money back while I can? Communications is tough as it takes several days to ... Read More »

          I’ve Been in a Program With Pathway Financial And Got Out. Has Anyone Gotten a Refund? – Joshua

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          “Dear Steve, I have been locked into the debt program at Pathway Financial for 12 months. I recently was sumons to go to court and got curious as I have been for 12 months why this process is not being handled properly. They did close one account but still have 4 to go. I read the reports online and cancelled ... Read More »

            I Want to Start a Class Action Lawsuit Against Lloyd Ward & Associates. – Lindee

            Consumer Complaint Letter Sent to Lloyd Ward

            “Dear Steve, I tried to get a small biz loan to start my company around four years ago. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so (as even SBA wanted three or more years of tracek record). Long story short – I used credit cards for the start-up. For the payback, I was never, EVER late on any card, and always ... Read More »

              Chase Bank Wants Their Balance in Full. How Can I Get Them Down? – Glenn

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              “Dear Steve, I owe Chase Bank USA on two credit cards: one for $20000 and the other for $15000. I am delinquent on both. I get repeated calls from them on my home and cell phones. I have not spoken to anyone there since June. I have just received a letter demanding the unpaid $20000 balance in full and that ... Read More »

                We Are in the FBL Associates Debt Settlement Program and Have Just Been Sued. – Kari

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                “Dear Steve, We enrolled in a debt settlement program about a year ago, when our credit card payments got to be more than we could handle. On Monday of this week, we were served papers that we were being sued by one of our creditors. I contacted FBL and was told to fax in a copy of the law suit, ... Read More »

                  For The Love of Good Someone, Help Me. – Rena

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                  “Dear Steve, Allergo Law that is what has led me to this point. How the hell do I save myself from all of this. I have two girls and a small income. I thought I was getting help only I was getting taken and now I am in trouble big time. I might lose my house. Where do I go ... Read More »

                    I’ve Been in a Debt Settlement Program But Just Got Sued By a Creditor. – John

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                    “Dear Steve, 14 months ago I entered into a credit card settlement company. I have a debt of $8,200.00 and they had told me, in writing, that the debt could be settled for $4,200.00. Ever since that, I had been making payments of $528.00 per month to this company. They have a 15% fee charge, which they collect right off ... Read More »

                      My Friend Was Contacted By Safeguard Financial. What Do You Think of Them? – Kenneth

                      Safeguard Financial

                      “Dear Steve, Credit rating was very good for a time and my friend received numerous offers for credit cards (at low introductory rates), which he accepted and now he is over extended. I do not know the exact amount he owes, but he has been contacted by Safeguard Financial to reduce his monthly payments and debt through their plan. I ... Read More »

                        I Used the Services of Debt Reduction Law Center But Capital One Wants More Money. – Lon

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                        “Dear Steve, In early 2004 I lost my job. Although I was able to find some part time work, this situation resulted in a significant loss of income and our accounts became past due. After a few months we started receiving many calls regarding late payments on past due accounts. Most of the calls came from Capital one. They started ... Read More »

                          Will Chase Bank Negotiate My Debt With Me Directly? – Eric

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                          “Dear Steve, I am currently about 13,000 in debt and want to be free of all dept. owe chase $8,000 at present If I call chase to negotiate a settlement of this $8,000, and I have about $5,000 on hand. will they negotiate low enough that I can pay them off. I do not want to go through a lawyer. ... Read More »

                            How Can I Get a List of People in Global Client Solutions or NoteWorld? – Darren

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                            “Dear Steve, I am like you and want to help all the consumers out there that have been scammed by debt settlement companies. I want to introduce a program to these people that would #1, help get their money back from the debt companies, and #2 guide them in the right direction. Do you have any ideas on how I ... Read More »

                              I Just Canceled With the Consumer Law Group in Boca Raton, Florida and Want My Money Back. – Brenda

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                              “Dear Steve, I have just canceled with Consumer Law Group in Boca Raton, Florida. THey have $925 of my money and it even led to me being summuns to court. I am a single mom and have had no help in putting my children through college from the father. My complaint was the was I was treated and told inconsistent ... Read More »

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