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Debt Settlement

How Do I Get All The Money Back FBL Associates Took From Me? – Priscilla

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“Dear Steve, FBL Associates and how do i get all the money back that they took from me-No one is helping me and in fact they only hurt me–They treated me really bad-they do not answer the phones at all so i ahve to e mail them constantaly and then they complained that I send them too many e mails. ... Read More »

    How Can I Stop Greenshield Financial From Taking More Money Out Of Our Account? – Lucy

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    “Dear Steve, I had credit card debts and i joined Greenshield financial to help reduce my debt. however they have not done anything for me, one credit card contacted me and i settled with them and now the other card is calling me and Greenshield has no idea whats going on with my account. they keep taking their fees montly ... Read More »

      How Do I Get Out of This Debt Program I Just Started? – Vivian

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      “Dear Steve, I have contacted a get out of debt program and they have received their first payment. The contract was e-mailed to me but i have not signed or returned the contract. Will I still be held to the phone agreement or can I stop the process at this point with out a signed agreement. I got a call ... Read More »

        How Do I Know If Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is a Scam? – Mary

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        “Dear Steve, Self employed for past five years, went through divorce, incurred massive credit card debt with high interest rates I keep getting things in the mail advertising debt reduction and not sure if companies are valid or not. Recent one i called was Legal Helpers Debt Resolution company – how do i know if this is a scam or ... Read More »

          How Do I Get Out of Vortex Debt Group? – Steve

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          “Dear Steve, I was married for 3 years and had to take all of our debt when we got a divorce. which is around 23,000 in credit card bills. i have been doing a debt settlement with Vortex Debt Group since febuary and havent gotten anything from it except about $600 less from the payment i have been paying them. ... Read More »

            I Got a Call From United Referral Group to Negotiate My Debt. What Do You Think? – Nettle

            United Referral Group

            “Dear Steve, When I met my husband he was so in debt and after 20 years I managed to achieve an excellent credit rating. We had many credit cards with zero balances. When my son started his body shop we had no start up capital only the shop to work in and credit cards. The bank kept saying if he ... Read More »

              I Pulled Out From My Debt Settlement Company. Should I Go With a Local Attorney? – Kimberly

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              “Dear Steve, I am with a debt sttlement company. Was with Allegro but after reading a blog you had I pulled out of them. I am with another debt settlement company now. Have once again paid all my upfront fees. What happens if they go under? My creditors will not care and I just do not have a lot of ... Read More »

                How Do We Stop Withdrawals By the FBL Associates Scam Artists? – Tina

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                “Dear Steve, My husband and I signed up with FBL Associates. They’ve taken one payment from our account. We are getting collection letters from all our debts, and they (FBL) aren’t available – the voice mailboxes are full – we don’t know – but think we’ve made a huge mistake signing up with these guys and now they have our ... Read More »

                  We Are Working With a Settlement Company But Chased Just Sued Us. – Myra

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                  “Dear Steve, We are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to sell our home (shortsale) to make the most of the small income we have, due to the fact I lost my job over 2 yrs ago, I am working now but only enough to still stay at home to not have to pay the expensive childcare which we can’t afford ... Read More »

                    Will We Still Have a Job in Debt Settlement?

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                    “Dear Steve, I’m many of the employees that have recently found themselves wondering what is going to happened to my job at the end of September. I work for a company called [ ] and their back end is serviced by Legal Helpers Debt Resolution or Eclipse (Not sure what the relationship is there). Our boss recently told us that ... Read More »

                      I Have One Credit Card I Want to Settle. Who Should I Use to Do This? – Rene

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                      “Dear Steve, I am recently employed again after 19 months of unemployment after a corporate downsize. Somehow I managed to keep my house and not fall terribly behind in most of my payments… but I subsequently used up all of my savings, CDs, 401k and money market accounts. I also have a significant amount of credit card debt, but only ... Read More »

                        Is it Wise to Consider the Debt Settlement Company Financial Solutions Consumer Center? – Judy

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                        “Dear Steve, Hello, I stumbled across your website just in time. I am currently in the process of trying to find the best solution to my cc debt problems. Me and myhusband have approximately $54,000.00 in cc debt. We are current, credit is decent (just too much of it). For years now we just make our payments and are not ... Read More »

                          How Trustworthy are Some of the Companies Featured on the ABC Debt Relief Plan? – Suzette

                          ABC Debt Relief 20100827

                          “Dear Steve, How trust worthy are some of the companies featured on the ABC debt relief plan, and why when we clicked on this site several people from various companies across US have called with plans and options. If you go for a plan even if it is free eventually you pay for it somewhere where it gets added in ... Read More »

                            How Do Non-Profit Debt Settlement Companies Make Money and Charge Fees? – Kevin

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                            “Dear Steve, I spoke to a BK attorney and he advised me that bankruptcy would not be a viable option for me. I have about $29,000 in credit card debt and do not want to enroll with the traditional debt settlement company where they charge huge up front fees. How do non profit debt settlement companies make money and how ... Read More »

                              What Do You Know About Real Solutions Consumer Counsel? – D

                              Real Solutions Consumer Counsel

                              “Dear Steve, I am looking for a real solution- and this shows up in the mail. D” Click image for larger view. Dear D, Before this I had not heard of Real Solutions Consumer Counsel. Let me review the letter you sent in with your email. It appears that the data used to generate the letter may have come from ... Read More »

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