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Debt Settlement

I Think I’ve Been Scammed by The Debt Answer and Simon & Bocksch. – Marie

“Dear Steve, I just read Kevin’s story & I think I have also been scammed! I signed up with the Debt Answer program in December 2009 and my monthly payment of $271.78 is being debited from my checking account by noteworld since January 2010. I have been paying for the last 6 months thinking that the law offices of Simon ... Read More »

    I Got a Letter From Americor Financial Debt Solutions Saying They Could Reduce My Debt by 50%. – Udeycme

    “Dear Steve, i have about 23k in credit card debts, i am fine for now paying at least the minimum payment due and at times pay extras. I received a letter from stating that they can reduce the debt up to 50 %. How true is this and what are the pros and cons. Udeycme” Dear Udeycme, Any debt ... Read More »

      It Seems Morgan Drexen Bailed on Me. – Rick

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I had accumulated debt on five credit cards. I am currently with Morgan Drexen Debt Settlement program and have been for two years. They helped me settle three of my credit cards. Now I am still paying into a trust fund. Now I am being sued by the other credit cards. It seems Morgan Drexen has bailed on ... Read More »

        I Signed up with Debt Answer and Now Creditors Are Calling. – Audra

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        “Dear Steve, My name is Audra. I posted a question for you on the forum. I would really appreciate your help. I have been signed up with The Debt Answer since Feb 2010. I owe approximately $30,000. They have been taking approximatelhy $900 per month out of my account. They told me it would take 2 years to pay this ... Read More »

          I’m Working With Oak View Law Group But Getting Scared. – Debb

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, I signed up with Oak View Law Group for debt consolidation. I have about $33,000 in credit card debt. I am getting really nervous. I have not paid my creditors for almost four months as I am paying Oak View instead. This feels very strange of course. I have no complaints as yet, but it is hard to ... Read More »

            Credit Solutions Says Debt Settlement Won’t Really Hurt Credit Report. – Dodi

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            “Dear Steve, Well, my husband and I have had a familiar to launch; that is, we got married and had children while living with his parents. We lived with them for more than 10 years, and because we had low rent and very little bills, we decided to create some of our own. We got a credit card to begin ... Read More »

              Is Christian Debt Relief Something That We Should Do?

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              “Dear Steve, Owe over $60K in credit card bills. Like some Americans, we were effected by the downturn in the economy. Our household salary has been cut in half and it’s been a struggle. The priority is the mortgage and utilities. The credit card bills are paid last. Nevertheless we are behind on the credit card payments. We were thinking ... Read More »

                We Are in Search of a Good Debt Settlement Company. – Lori

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, We are in search of a “for real” good debt settlement company. Each time I think I might have located one….I find negative information thru BBB or blogs or reports. Are there reputable ones out there? Also I am considering writing letters to the Credit Card companies and trying to start negotiations on my own…how difficult can this ... Read More »

                  National Debt Cures Scammed Me Out of $1,300 While I Was in the Hospital. – Jack

                  Ready to Collapse

                  “Dear Steve, National debt cures has scammed me out of $1,300 by withdrawing $ from my bank account without any permission, written or verbal. There is no contract or anything that gives permission. I was in the hospital for 5 months for a bone marrow transplant when this began and I had no way of knowing what was going on ... Read More »

                    Is Integrity Debt Resolution a Scam and Can They Really Eliminate My Student Loan Debts? – Jared

                    “Dear Steve, I have spoken with a company called Integrity Debt Resolution ( and I am concerned with some of the information I was given and the promises made. They claim that they have a “unique” way to dissolve my gov’t student loans and my credit card debt in just 18 months. This sounds terrific and is exactly what I’m ... Read More »

                      Our Expenses are High and So We Are in Debt. What Should We Do? – Scott

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                      “Dear Steve, We have around $37,000 in credit card debit that is becoming unmanageable – day care is a high cost but we have no other choices for that. We don’t want to use our 401k or 403 B and have a mini van with lots of miles that will not last much longer. We’ve been looking at debt settlements ... Read More »

                        I Am Unable to Make All My Bank of America Debt Settlement Payments

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                        “Dear Steve, I entered a debt settlement a couple months back that allows for 4 payments, each increasing incrementally. I am having trouble making the full 3rd payment. Does anyone know what will happen if I only make a partial payment? The settlement terms letter indicated any inability to make a payment would result in BoA rescinding the settlement and ... Read More »

                          Are There Any Legitimate Debt Consolidation Programs. Consumer Debt Resolution Initiative Looks Like a Scam. – Ruth

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                          “Dear Steve, Owe $19,000 in credit card debt, plus medical bills of $3000, car loan $1500, timeshare loan $4000. Are there any legitimate debt consolidation programs ? They all seem like scams…got one today from “Consumer Debt Resolution Initiative”….looked official but how stupid do they think I am ? Or is desperate a better word? Ruth” Dear Ruth, There are ... Read More »

                            I Have $100,000 of Credit Card Debt and Thinking About Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy. – James

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                            “Dear Steve, My credit card debt has reached $100,000. I was able to keep up with the payments, but due to pay cuts and such, I can no longer afford even the minimum payments. It appears the only options I have are bankruptcy or debt settlement. Debt settlement seems like a viable option, but there are so many variables with ... Read More »

                              I Got a Sales Call From U.S. Consumer Support. Have You Heard of Them? – Michele

                              “Dear Steve, Ever heard of “US Consumer Support”? I received a phone call on my cell phone from a number in Wyoming, from someone claiming to be from “US Consumer Support”. Her voicemail said that she was contacted “on my behalf” about possible debt settlement and that I was listed as “preapproved” for some amount around $31k. She left 866 ... Read More »

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