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Debt Settlement

Genisis Financial Sent Us to CNI for Debt Settlement. I’m Worried About Student Loans. – Gregory

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“Dear Steve, 25 years at Boeing, owned house but sold it two years ago. Broke even but was left with 30, 000 in debts. Went on strike with Boeing that year and enrolled with Genisis Financial. The payments were more than we could handle and they recommended that we do debt settlement with CNI. Have been with them for 1 ... Read More »

    I Got a Mailer From the Payment Relief Center Initiative Saying I’m Eligible. – Dolores

    Payment Relief Center

    “Dear Steve, I’m currently in debt 50K which is more then I make on an annual basis. Payments are to the point that I have no extra money all going to pay CC bills. I feel horrible for allowing this to happen and while I know I have learned never to let this happen again I am being eaten alive ... Read More »

      Should I Go With Fast Track Debt Relief? I’m Scared. – Crystal

      Fast Track Debt Relief, Yippie

      “Dear Steve, My name is Crystal. I accidentally find your website, and feel it offer very helpful information about debts. I have five credit cards, Chase-19%, Macy’s Visa and Revolving-24.50%, two American Express were 12.24% and 16.24%. I am been paying for three years, but interests get higher and higher each year. After three years, my balances still the same. ... Read More »

        I Am Convinced Debt Settlement is the Way to Go. – Gus

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        “Dear Steve, I have 6 cards with debt of about $57,000 I do not want bankruptcy. I am convinced Settlement is the best choice. I read some of your helpful articles! You make good sense. What are the consequences,if I make $10 payments on each card. I would make them on time. Just short of minimum requirement. Do I show ... Read More »

          Can I Trust Lloyd Ward to Cut My Debt in Half With Debt Settlement? – Amy

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          “Dear Steve, I lost my job last October. I am a single parent. I have not found employment. I am selling my house, so once I have sold it I will have the equity in hand to pay off what I owe, but until then I am not making ends meet. Lloyd Ward offered to help me with my debt ... Read More »

            Is There Anyway to Get My $7,000 Back From J Hass Group? They Did Nothing. – Cheryl

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            “Dear Steve, Currently climbing out of debt with absolutely no assistance from J. Hass. They have mislead me the entire way. Is there any way to recoup the $7000 I have paid into J. Hass? They have done nothing. In the 15 months that I have been signed up with them, they have done nothing. I just found out that ... Read More »

              How Do I Repair My Credit After Debt Settlement Lowered My Credit Score? – Dominic

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              “Dear Steve, In an agressive debt settlement program and plan to be out of debt in 12 months (already 3 months in). They have already settled one of my credit card accounts with two more to go. I’m paying in about $1800 per month to the escrow account. I just want to be debt free! It does seem to be ... Read More »

                What Do I Tell My Girlfriend About Debt Settlement? – Bethany

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                “Dear Steve, I am currently in a debt settlement program with 30,000 in debt, I’ve been in it for a year and a half. One of my friends was looking into debt settlement and came across this new law. I started researching it and am now scared. My friend is looking at doing debt settlement but through a company that ... Read More »

                  I Went With DMB Financial Because They Were Rated High By TASC. – David

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                  “Dear Steve, If possible I could use some advice on my debt problem. A while back I decided that I needed to do something about my debt because I simply couldn’t keep up on the payments. I wanted to avoid bankruptcy at the time because I felt that I should at least make good on some of my debt. I ... Read More »

                    My Boyfriend Just Signed Up With ClearOne Advantage and I’m Worried. – Elle

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                    “Dear Steve, I have a question, and it’s not actually for me.. My boyfriend signed up with Clear One advantage for a debt settlement for the money he owed to several credit card company which totally amounted to almost $9000.00. He has been paying for almost a year (i think $200 and some) now to ClearOne advantage and I think ... Read More »

                      I Am Skeptical About Faxing My 16 Page Contract to Freedom Debt Relief Since We Originally Contacted Debtmerica


                        It Seems Like Morgan Drexen Has Done Nothing for Me. – Adriana

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                        “Dear Steve, I am currently dealing with Morgan Drexen and it just seems like the haven’t done much to help me reduced my credit card debt. Who can I trust? What companies or law firms are honest and willing to help out? What are some honest and reliable companies or law firms that can help me get out of debt? ... Read More »

                          I Want to Settle My Own Debts But What Should I Do? – Danny

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                          “Dear Steve, Married, mortgage, 2 kids, wife lost job September 2008, returned January 2009, however with reduced hours (office admin for Real Estate Appraiser). Now works about 1 day per month for same office and has returned back to college for Business Degree, graduates December 2010. Mortgage is current but with 8.25 interest rate and unable to refinance due to ... Read More »

                            I Am Public Official and So Confused in Looking for a Reputable Debt Settlement Company. – Bori

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                            “Dear Steve, I am being sued by Citi. I have $48,000 in debt. I got in this mess because my husband had no work for a while. So I was just paying my mortgage and utilities. He is now working but most accounts have gone to collections and collections agencies do not want to accept monthly payment plans. I cannot ... Read More »

                              I Fell for a Debt Settlement Company, Pathway Financial Management. They are Asking Me to Sign a Waiver. – Kimberly

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                              “Dear Steve, I Fell for a debt settlement company (Pathway Financial Management). They of course did not keep their end of agreement and I ended up almost having wages garnished, having to go to court to stop, etc… In hind site I realize this was a very bad choice on my part however I feel they should reimberse all of ... Read More »

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