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Debt Settlement

What is Your Position on Debt Settlement? – Rich


“Dear Steve, I think what you have created is brilliant. Your Web site is a dynamic assortment of good and honest truths. You exert a lot of common sense and provide a copious amount of opinion-based responses. Most of which, I’m sure, is from your own battle with debt. I have a specific question that is merely frank: What is ... Read More »

    What Do You Think of Core Financial Solutions? – Pedro

    “Dear Steve, i ve read your articles: i wonder if you have encountered the debt relief co. called core financial services llc. they directed my funds to global client solutions too. don’t know wether to continue paying or put a stop to my payments…GCS told me that they are a reliable company…please take tome to let me now if they ... Read More »

      What Do You Think of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Janet

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      “Dear Steve, My husband and I find ourselves in an unfortunate financial situation (as do many!) and are considering a debt consolidation company. I have done some on-line research and it appears as Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, LLC is one of the more reliable. My are looking for consolidate and reduce credit card and medical bills. My husband was without ... Read More »

        Express Debt Settlement Didn’t Settle My Debt But Kept The Fees. – Scott

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        “Dear Steve, I signed up with express debt about 1 1/2 years ago with a 2 year program. I am in Indiana and had about $18,000 worth of debt that I was asking for their help with. I received a summons from one of the creditors at which time I contacted the lawyer for express debt, Jon Simon, and he ... Read More »

          Clear Your Debt and Swift Rock Financial Services Get F Ratings From BBB for Bad Service

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          The Better Business Bureau has issued an “F” rating on two Austin-based businesses, Clear Your Debt and Swift Rock Financial Services, due to allegations from consumers that promises of a solution to their mounting debt were unfulfilled. Consumers complain to BBB they contact Clear Your Debt and Swift Rock Financial Services and are offered assistance in settling their debt for ... Read More »

            I’m Working With Reliance, Inc on Debt Settlement But Worried About Being Sued. – Deb

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            “Dear Steve, I am praying you can advise me. Like the rest of the fine people in this country I have lost $30 in wages last year. I had emergency surgery and had to go on 13 weeks FMLA. I have spoke with a BR attorney due to our $35,000 in debt from living on credit and retained him. I ... Read More »

              HSBC Withdraws Settlement Offer. What Can We Do About It? – Scott

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              “Dear Steve, My wife’s HSBC credit card balance was about $4,600.00. She received a letter in early February, 2010, saying that if she made a payment of $2721.00 (about 60%) they would write off the remaining $1900.00 (about 40%). The letter stated they needed the payment by February 17, 2010. My wife called HSBC and told them she would like ... Read More »

                I Called Johnson Law Group But Their Number Is Disconnected. – Danny

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                “Dear Steve, I have a question. I signed up with the Johnson Law Group since June of 09 they promise me they can settle my debt and help me get out of debt in 18 month however they say it takes 5-6 month for credit card company to accept the offer. I paid them 8 month now however im still ... Read More »

                  Is Preferred Financial Services a Scam? – Darryl

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                  “Dear Steve, I live in California. What do you know about Preferred Financial Services at Do you recommend or not recommend them? Thank you for your time. Darryl” Dear Darryl I think I’ll let the review of Preferred Financial Services I just did for you do the talking for me. Read it and let me know what you decide ... Read More »

                    How Can I Get My Money Back From Impact Debt Relief Debt Settlement Company. – Kristie

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                    “Dear Steve, I tried using one of these debut relief companies you spoke of called Impact Debut in San Diego (it appers they also go by Impact Debt Relief and a couple other names) but I was referred to this Impact Debut company by trying to do a loan modification and was outright lied to about the fees. I was ... Read More »

                      I Signed Up With Morgan Drexen for Debt Settlement. Should I Stick With Them? – John

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                      “Dear Steve, I signed up with Morgan Drexen. Paying $599 /month. Paid 4 times. Have debts totalling $40,000. Some back to June 2009. Carry on with Morgan Drexen? Or pay off indivdually @ 50%? John” Dear John, Morgan Drexen sure has been in the news a lot in the past year and not for really good stuff. Without looking at ... Read More »

                        I’m Thinking of Using Lloyd Ward & Associates for Debt Settlement. – Sid

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                        “Dear Steve, I am using the services of Llyod Ward & assocate to negotiate a deal with me creditors on my behalf. They operate under the name best debt option company. How reliable are they. They have offered me a four year time frame and promised me to settle the debt with Chase Bank of america and discover card at ... Read More »

                          I Was Scammed by Express Debt Settlement Holdings, Coastal Credit Solutions, Simon and Bocksch, and Noteworld. – Kevin

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                          “Dear Steve, My wife signed me up for Express Debt Settlement Holdings Inc without my signature or knowledge in Sept.. By the time I found out it was past the 30 days to cancel. I started expressing concerns to the number she had for the person who claimed to be in charge of our account but he was just a ... Read More »

                            I’m a Good Christian and Being in Debt Settlement is Extremely Stressful to Me. – Sue

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                            “Dear Steve, I’m so pleased to find your site and I thank you in advance for the help you’re giving people. I’m an honest Christian person who serves my church and community with dedication. However, I have a severe problem due to having been a victim of downsizing, losing a position of 22 years and everything that went with it, ... Read More »

                              I Contacted Debtmerica for Debt Settlement Services but Got a Contract Saying CNI Century Negotiations. – Stephanie

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                              “Dear Steve, I want to consolidate/settle 3 credit cards. All equal less than 10k. I have been recommended to go through debtmerica and contacted a representitive. I just gave him the information, and the next day, I got a quote. It seems too good to be true. I would be paying 200/month for approx 25 months and then be debt ... Read More »

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