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Debt Settlement

I’m Working With Craig Zimmerman and His Debt Relief Group and Want Out. – Anna

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“Dear Steve, I’ve been paying into an escrow acct. for the past year with craig zimmerman’s debt relief company – after paying $1400 as an attorney fee, they told me I would be called when a settlement was reached (and after I had accumulated more in the acct. towards the principle). I have been basically getting harassed by them over ... Read More »

    I Just Found Out My Wife Has $50,000 in Debt So I Settled It. – Paul

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    “Dear Steve, I recently found out that my wife has quite a bit of debt. We’ve only been married since October and she plucked up the courage to finally admit it a couple of weeks ago. The amount of debt was just over $50,000. As you can imagine, I was a little shocked but nothing I could do but start ... Read More »

      What Do You Know About Christian Debt Consolidators?

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      “Dear Steve, I started a debt solution program with Allegro law, a year ago. to this date I have paid them over three thousand dollars. My creditors (Citibank) have filed suit for $13,000.00 and we have a court date for 3/5/10 with their attorneies an a judge. After reading your articles on Allegro law today, I understand the situation and ... Read More »

        How Can My Dad Get Out From Under the Johnson Law Group? – Joy

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        “Dear Steve, My dad signed up for Johnson Law Group to help him with Debt consolidation. I did the research and found its not a reputable company and a very bad way to deal with debt. Do you know of any way for him to get out of the contract before money is pulled from the account? Joy” The Answer ... Read More »

          I Want to Throw Away My Retirement to Settle My Debt. – Curtis

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          “Dear Steve, Lost job and had business fail, filed Chap13 but not had hearing yet, wondering if settlement would be better/quicker route. Approx $130k unsecured debt. If settled for 50%) could borrow $50k from 401k, then use $15k bonus from next year to total $65k. Would clear creditors with 2 years. Not concerned with credit rating, nor phone calls from ... Read More »

            I Just Signed Up For a Debt Settlement Program With Superior Debt Relief Services. – Bea

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            “Dear Steve, Debt settlement. Lost my job and have fallen behind and I can’t do a bankruptcy because of my situation. I just sign up for a debt settlement program and I was very pleased with their professionalism. They answered all my questions. Seem to have a good reputation. They are called Superior Debt Relief Services. What is your experiences ... Read More »

              Should I Use a Debt Settlement Company?

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              “Dear Steve, Have a total of $74,000 debt to 5 different credit companies. My mortgage payments went double because of variable rate. I am current with my payments. Cannot pay my credit bills anymore. I want to settle with them. I can borrow around $ 22,000 from close relatives and selling some stuff. My questions are first should I use ... Read More »

                We Went Into Program With DebtWave and Ended Up With Johnson Law. – Gary

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                “Dear Steve, My wife went into a program with DebtWave that was turned over to Johnson Law, but the legal papers keep coming. My income is has diminished as I have taken a very low paying job to survive. If she cannot continue these very large payments, as my low paying job will soon end, and has to declare bankruptcy, ... Read More »

                  I Am With DebtRx And Being Sued. – Patricia

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                  “Dear Steve, I am being sued by my credit card company and i am with debtrx. I have no money to hire a lawyer. What can i do to stop this i cannot afford to pay the full amount i owe on this credit card plus late fees Patricia” The Answer Dear Patricia, Unfortunately when you choose to work with ... Read More »

                    Can I Bypass United Recovery System to Deal With American Express On My Own? – Miranda

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                    “Dear Steve, Two cc’s- one for 8k (amex) 21k (BofA)- about 60 days past due. Saving cash (closed three 401k’s) for settlement on my own Amex has turned my account over to United Recovery Systems. They are rude, intentionally “stupid”, and can’t even make a decision without putting me on hold to “call Amex”. Can I bypass URS? I have ... Read More »

                      Do You Know Anything About Square One Debt Settlement? – Rini

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                      “Dear Steve, I have 5 year old debts in collection and judements that I have ignored but want to really take care of this year. I have contacted Square One Debt Professional about a settlement service. Do you know anything about this company? Rini” The Answer Dear Rini, I just took a quick look at Square One Debt Settlement, follow ... Read More »

                        We Made the Mistake of Getting Involved with Freedom Financial Law & Christian Debt Law for Debt Settlement. – Wand

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                        “Dear Steve, I have over $20K in credit card debt. Four years ago my husband wanted to start his own business and I was carrying the bulk of salary. As you can see from the debt, his business cost us more than it was worth. We made the mistake of getting involved with The name of the company is Freedom ... Read More »

                          What Do You Think About Debt Relief Group or Debt Bailout? – Anna

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                          “Dear Steve, I was able to able to make payments on all my accounts until the company I worked for went bankrupt and I lost my job. As of December 2008, I owe $50,000 on six Visa credit cards. This was when I signed up with Allegro Law and November 2009, I found out as you know that they were ... Read More »

                            Can You Help Me Find a Good Debt Settlement Company? – Jackie

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                            “Dear Steve, I’m trying to help my son find a good debt settlement/debt distribution company, an honest one that is not a scam place. Can you help me find one? I’ve searched the net and the more I look the more I get confused. He has always had good credit but he opened a business about 2.5 years ago and ... Read More »

                              Did I Just Get Screwed By The Achievable and Campos Chartered Law Firm? – Jan

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                              “Dear Steve, I went thru “the achievable” whom set everything up with campos chartered law firm. They have refunded 25% of what i payed them to get me out of debt. I now have paid out more than the original debt. is there any way that i can claim the loss to off set they amount that i was able ... Read More »

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