I’ve Already Been Sued by a Debt Buyer. Would It Make Sense to File Bankruptcy? – Joshua

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I Was Building a New House But the Bank Won’t Give Us What it Appraised For So I Put the Rest on My Credit Cards. – John

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Our Constructions Business is Failing. Is Debt Settlement a Scam? – Sherry

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How Do I Get My Money Back From Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? LHDR Will Not Return Our Calls. – Tiffany

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After 14 Months With the Lloyd Ward Debt Settlement Program the Balances Have Only Grown. – Eli

My parents are retired, and my mom has allot of debt. Too much debt for my dad to pay for, because he’s living on social security. They own a home outright though. They live in Greece now, and I’m living in there house, because my life isn’t much better. I feel resposible for recommending lloyd … Read more

I Am a Client of Lifeguard Financial And Most of My Unemployment Check Goes to Pay Them. – Galen

“Dear Damon, I am a client of Lifeguard Financial, started in January 16, 2009. The period of which debts were to be is a 36 month program. Total debt involved $28,382.00. Activation fee $4,257.30, maintenance fee is $49.00 per month. Each month the amount of $483.00 is withdrawn from my checking account. Back in December … Read more

Johnson Law Group in Florida Took My Money But Did Nothing. How Do I Get My Money Back? – Laura

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Should I Go With The Oliver Law Group for Debt Help? – Shirley

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My Debt Relief Company Did Nothing But Get Me Sued and Lower My Credit Score. – John

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