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Debt Settlement

I Entered a Debt Settlement Program With Consumer Law Associates. Chase Won’t Settle. – Mojo


“Dear Jared, I made a mistake plain and simple by listening to a debt settlement company (Consumer Law Associates). In 2010 they told me they could settle my credit cards including Chase. To their credit they settled 3 out of the 4 (Chase being the only one left). But from what I am seeing online it does not look like ... Read More »

    What’s the Best Way to Settle My Own Debt With Capital One & Discover? – Pablo

    Handshake with Money Sign

    “Dear Mchael, I wrote you earlier. You advised me well that I might want to try and settle with my creditors myself before going into bankruptcy proceedings. My current status is I am waiting to hear from my creditors. I also, as you suggested, followed up with Halo Debt Solutions. They said if I could discharge them in chapter 7, ... Read More »

      Scammers are Sending Me Debt Settlement Mailers. – Maria

      stressed woman

      “Dear Steve, I live in Texas and I am currently in debt of about 20K with two credit cards. My husband doesn’t know about my debt. I need advice regarding consolidation. I’ve been getting letters (at my mothers house, whose address I’ve never used for anything) saying they are reps of the govt and can cut my debt in half ... Read More »

        Karger Consulting Group is Going to Contact Me to Eliminate My Debt. – Kay

        It's all very odd.

        “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, do you know anything about a Consumer Advocacy network that consists mainly of attorneys and are assisting in the settlement of unsecured debt? I was contacted by an individual who claimed to be with the network and told me that a representative from Karger Consulting Group would be contacting me. It all sounds good in that ... Read More »

          My Second Mortgage Was Going to Settle So They Got a Judgment. – Din

          closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

          “Dear Jared, I had to short sale one of my investment condos in 2010. We thought the 2nd lien was settling at closing and then they pursued me for the full amount owed and have now place a judgement against me. They refused to settle for less than 75% of what was owed. I also have a promissory to Wells ... Read More »

            Our Income Dropped. Is Debt Settlement The Way to Go? – Kim


            “Dear Steve, Our financial situation has totally changed in the last 3 years. We are making 15-20K less a year and our expenses have increased. We currently have about 39k in credit card debt. We are no longer able to pay even our minimum payments as well as all other househould bills. We are thinking of doing debt settlement, but ... Read More »

              Davenport Law Vanished On Me. What Do I Do Now? – Alex


              “Dear Steve, I have been using davenport law for almost 2 years now making a monthly payment of 148.79 to them. As per my contract it says that my payments are for 48 months in order to settle my 9,880.00 in debt. Recently I have not been able to get a hold of them, and I am starting to wonder ... Read More »

                Bank of America Says I Can Opt Out of My Debt Settlement. – Eric

                emergency exit

                “Dear Steve, I am in an debt settlement program and have negotiated a settlement with a creditor Band of America. I have a question for you concerning a settlement agreement that I have with BOA. In the Settlement letter is says “As required by federal law we will honor you opt out request with in 30 days.” Does this mean ... Read More »

                  Are New Vision Relief Center and New Horizon Debt Solutions Legitimate Companies? – Jannina

                  Loan Modification Green Road Sign with dramatic clouds and sky.

                  “Dear Steve, Trying to get a modification on my present home and also to settle 30k on credit cards debts. I am the only one working in my household my 67 yr husband can not find a job after he was forced retirement and my 18 yrs son who just graduate from high school are not able to find a ... Read More »

                    How Do I Begin to Negotiate Debt Settlements With Allied Interstate for Student Loans?


                    “Dear Steve, Defaulted student loans. 5 in all dating back to 1988. have consolidated before but took out 3 while attending ASU between 2003-2005. I only have borrowed approx. 25,000 total with my student loans. With the consolidations it doesnt show this but says my principle is 42000 and total owed is 72000 with 10000 coming from allied interstate. My ... Read More »

                      We Went With Fast Track Debt Relief, Also Known as Credit Advocates. – Suzanne


                      “Dear Steve, Awhile back I was doing research for a debt solution program. I found your website and if I’m not mistaken you gave a good review of Fast Track Debt Relief. I was so happy to read this. So I spoke to my husband about it and I called this company and enrolled in their program. Since enrolled in ... Read More »

                        I Paid Miller Law Group to Handle My Debt and I Got Sued. – Raul

                        aged latino man smiling at camera

                        “Dear Steve, I am a Latina who makes two in a radio ad here in Northern California on a debt reduction company to which I enrolled in a 19-month contract by paying the amount of 334.00 dls. by month companioa MILLER LAW GROUP called the address is 385 av lemon. # E 235 walnut ca. 91,789, they offered me a ... Read More »

                          Debt Restructure Group and Next Generation Debt Settlement Have Vanished on Me. – James


                          “Dear Steve, I have been paying money to a company Called Debt Restructure Group/Next Generation Debt Settlement Since August 2011. 20 Truman Street Suite 109 Irvine California 92620. I come to find out that their phone number has been disconnected 18778070312 and their Internet Site is down. I have not one credit card company settle with these folks. I settled ... Read More »

                            Amex is Refusing My Settlement Offer. What Now? – Jenie

                            credit card verification

                            “Dear Steve, Amex balance of $15,000. Originally, my monthly payments were $400 and then out of nowhere, they closed my account, but funny how my statements always reflected “open spending account”. A few months later, they raised my interest rate. I stopped paying because the payment was too high. I have been summoned, and called their attorney last week, and ... Read More »

                              What Do You Know About Family Financial Care? Are They a Scam? – Stacy

                              Woman in home office with computer and paperwork frowning

                              “Dear Steve, I have incurred alot of credit card debt that is associated with a small business that I own and I am faced with closing the business. I have been told that I will held personally responsible for the debt since it is credit card debt and not directly owed to vendors. I don’t want to file bankruptcy but ... Read More »

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