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I Am a Caregiver to My Quadriplegic Husband and We are Maxed Out. – Linda

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“Dear Steve, I am a caregiver to my quadriplegic husband since 2006.The credit cartds are at their limit,I didn`t help any by going overboard at x-mas.Also if something is or says medical it is expensive,and medicaid and medicare only cover so much. So I spend a lot on things for his care and put it on the credit cards. Also ... Read More »

    Permanently Disabled and Needing 401k Cash. – Alan

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    “Dear Steve, I am 50 yrs old and on permanate dissability. i make 1,300 a month from ss and 1,089 a month from an insurance policy through my last employer. i have a morgage for a mobil home of $250. the park space sewer trash ect. payment of $850. a month and a brand new car payment of $320. for ... Read More »

      LHDR – Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Says Creditors Can’t Touch Our Disability Checks. – Jean

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      “Dear Steve, We had a credit card debt of $30,000. I signed up with LHDR and they are suppose to help me by negotiating with our CC companies. We have paid off 1 CC since signing on with them. We have gotten several letters that we would be sued. The attorney said we didn’t have anything to worry about because ... Read More »

        I’m on Disability and Need a Loan to Pay Off Some Old Debt. – Elizabeth

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        “Dear Steve, I am recently divorced. also, disabled 100%. I receive ssd. I have some debts that were left to me that i found on my credit report. some utility , medical, that my ex was responsible for however got left to me. I am trying to get a loan to pay these off. I can afford a monthly payment ... Read More »

          Capital One Won’t Accept My Settlement. I’m Disabled. – Wendy

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          “Dear Steve, I had good credit until I suffered a stroke after my 25 year marriage fell apart. I am on a fixed income now of $1380 from SSDI. Like Genie was, I am also being sued by Capital one for credit card debt of $3600, + unspecified add’l fees and interest, w/only about 25 days to respond. My credit ... Read More »

            I’m Working With a Couple That Had Medical Issues and Debts. What Do You Suggest? – Lisa

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            “Dear Steve, I’m working with a couple – one of whom acquired a brain injury a few years ago. She has not been able to work and has SSDI. She also has NH Medicaid and Medicare coverage. Her husband continues to work but his income is fairly low (construction in this economy). As a result of her brain injury, they ... Read More »

              I’m Living on SSD. Is It True Banks Can’t Touch That? – Vincent

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              many times people hear bits and pieces of things and think that they are perennial experts and repeat things that they are not knowledgable about – here is a question that I “heard” from someone and cannot for th elife of me find any information about and the reason why I am asking is that Liz Pulliam Weston on MSN ... Read More »

                Should I Drain My 401(k) to Stay in My Home? – Cynthia

                “Dear Andy, I am 62, on SS Disability, very recently separated, with a house that’s worth at least 250,000 and I owe 143,000. My 401K has about 115,000. I can’t survive on my SS. I can’t rely on my ex for anything. He has ruined what used to be my excellent credit so I can’t refinance. I’m on the 3rd ... Read More »

                  I Am Desperate and Can’t Afford Bankruptcy. – Janie

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                  “Dear Steve, I have a work history of 30 years. I recently worked for a call center for 8 years. I am on disability for mental health after suffering a breakdown, due to domestic violence and stress from my job. I get 600 a month from disability, and food stamps. I raised 5 children on my own, after their father ... Read More »

                    I Have a Bank Account and Property With My Mother. Can My Creditors Go After That? – Anna

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                    “Dear Steve, I live alone in a home that is now in my mothers and my name jointly. Before that it was only in her name. When she wrote her Will a couple of years ago she also put my name on her checking account. So that if she died, I would not have to go through the transfers. Her ... Read More »

                      I Am Living on Social Security Benefits, Filed Bankruptcy and American Express is Coming After Me. – Buddy

                      “Dear Jeremy, I am disabled with no job for 5 years now, and living on limited S.S. Disability benefits which is not even enough to pay my monthly mortgage. I (only me, my wife is out of the country) filed Ch.7 bankcruptcy almost 4 months ago and still awaiting for the discharge which is hopefully happening very soon. One of ... Read More »

                        My Husband is Disabled and We Can’t Afford Our Home Business Anymore. – Jennifer

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                        “Dear Steve, My husband is disabled, and we have a home retail business that is suffering tremendously. We have about $35000 in credit card debt due mostly to our business. We have never had a late or missed payment, but we cannot afford the minimum payments on these cards anymore. We have cut everything out of our budget that we ... Read More »

                          Should We Convert Our Chapter 13 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 7? – Timothy

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                          “Dear Steve, My wife and I filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy a little over a year ago. Our payment started out around 750.00 a month. The trustee would not go along with the plan, he wanted more money, so now we are up to over 900.00 a month. My wife became disabled in June of this year which dropped out income ... Read More »

                            I Live on Disability But Want to Settle $37K in Debt. – Angie

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                            “Dear Steve, I am going thru a seperation. My only income is a ss. disability check in the amount of 788 per month. I have 37000.00 in unsecured debt. Can you help me? Can you help me find someone to settle my debts? Thank you. Angie” Dear Angie, I say this with the utmost of compassion and sincerity, what the ... Read More »

                              Wife Wants to Declare Bankruptcy But I’m Ashamed to Do It. – David

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                              “Dear Steve, I was laid-off 4 months ago and have been unable to get a job so far. I’m 63, no savings, no retirement. Before i was laid-off we had difficulty meeting our financial obligations. We had asked 2 of our credit cards for hardship help; they closed our accounts, lowered interest rate and payment. Now that I’m unemployed i’m ... Read More »

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