Mobile Home Dilema After Divorce With Autistic Children. – Veronica

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I am currently separated from the father of my children. We were married for 8 years and 11 months. We are getting a divorce; the situation has been prolonging due to the fact that we have two children who are Autistic. We currently have a town home, which was bought after getting married, and both of us have 401 k, ... Read More »

    Had a bad divorce. How do i pay off a student loan with no money? – Heather

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    I have been out of school for almost 3 years, I lost everything I had and I have been going through a bad divorce so I have no money coming in, I’m living off of my sons ssi so how do I pay off my student loan with no money or get help with it. I would eventually like to ... Read More »

      We Are Getting Divorced After 24 Years and We Have a Lot of Debt. – Sherri

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      “Dear Steve, My husband and i are divorcing. we have been married for 24 yrs. we pay all our bills on time. i did accidently pay a credit card late for 2 months in a row. i deducted it out of checkbook but didnt pay online. he is on disability and i am the main provider. we are starting to ... Read More »

        When to Get a Divorce Followed by Bankruptcy? – Christy

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        “Dear Steve, My husband and I are currently going through divorce (not related to debt), and have approximately $58,000 in joint debt that we are dividing 50/50 (this does not include our individual vehicles). Once we are divorced he will assume responsiblilty to pay over $400 in child support and with that on top of his 50% of all the ... Read More »

          My Soon to Be Ex Neglected to Tell Me He Stopped Paying My Credit Cards. – Marcy

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          “Dear Steve, I have 2 credit cards totaling about $13K. I have a judgement against for not paying them for a year. My husband had told me that he was paying the monthly payments as I was on unemployment. He stopped paying and forget to tell me that. I am looking to get these paid off and be rid of ... Read More »

            Our Marital Settlement Agreement Says I’m Supposed to Pay The Credit Cards But I Was Only an Authorized User. – Alma

            “Dear Lewis, My New Mexico Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA) says that upon the sale of the marital home, I had only one requirement and that was to pay $24K to the credit card companies. Our home has yet to sell. The credit cards were my husband’s and I only was an authorized user. I never co-signed any credit card application ... Read More »

              My Husband Had a Stroke, is Spending Down Our Retirement and Moved Out. – Anne

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              “Dear Steve, Husband lost job in January, 2010. I had not worked in 12 years since having our oldest of 3 children. We’ve moved around a lot and were in current home only 2 1/2 years. Home is under water. July 2010, husband had a hemiplegic stroke. October 2010 I went back to work to try and bring in some ... Read More »

                My Wife is Divorcing Me. – Mark

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                “Dear Steve, Wife of 25 years is divorcing me (We’ve been together since high school – the only love in my life). Home primary mortgage $225,930 Secondary $63,790 both with GMAC. Value of home est. is $190,000. Offerred to settle secondary for $12,500 and refi the primary at a lower interest rate (currently 5 3/8 30 yr fixed). GMAC refused ... Read More »

                  My Father Wanted a Divorce and Filed Bankruptcy. Mom is Now Stuck With the Full Mortgage. – Siu

                  “Dear Andy, I need help, asap. Okay, my parents had the current house for 15 years, and refinanced it and got a 2nd mortgage on it and all that. 2 years ago, my father wanted a divorce. He filed for bankruptcy to discharge debt, however, my mother (listening to her friends) refused to sign on to the bankruptcy and so ... Read More »

                    My Ex-Wife Was Supposed to Pay Her 100K in Student Loans. I Can’t Find Her. – Patrick

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                    Got married in college…wife and I consolidated student loans through the Devil (Sallie Mae). We got divorced…my name is the primary on the consolidation account. I am buried in excess of $100,000 in student loan debt that my ex-wife and I borrowed in college. When we got divorced she was required to pay her portion in accordance with the divorce ... Read More »

                      I Married a Sadistic Sociopath and Now Left With Nothing. – Broken

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                      “Dear Steve, Married 22 years, only to find out from family therapist and court therapist…lets see, first said I married a sadistic sociopath and was divorcing the devil and second said he was the most narccistic a**hole she ever met and he thought the world owed him something. What I thought was some kind of mid life crisis/maybe biopolar, was ... Read More »

                        Can I Do a Short Sale on a HELOC or Should I Consider Bankruptcy or Foreclosure? – Katie

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                        “Dear Steve, I am a 44 yrs old mother of two young teens (13 &15). I earn 80k. I have been married for 19 yrs. My husband just lost his 100k job in a very bad situation in which he is now facing criminal charges (he claims innocence). I have made the very difficult decision to leave him. We own ... Read More »

                          I Need Debt Help. Can I Trust You Steve? – Dianne

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                          “Dear Steve, I am now 60 years old, have worked most of my life, but was primarily self-employed. I was married for 30 years to an abusive man, both physically and mentally and after 5 years am still going through a divorce. I left my husband when my home and all possessions were washed away (literally) by Hurricane Katrina in ... Read More »

                            I’m Going Through a Divorce and Want My Ex-Husband to Take My Name Off His Truck Loan. – Natalia

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                            “Dear Steve, I am going through a divorce. Me and my husband bought a truck back in the March 2010 and I want him take my name from truck loan but he said he can’t refinance it yet and want leave my name on the loan for 1,5 year more. What kind of contract can I make him to sign ... Read More »

                              My Husband Went to Prison and I Can’t Afford the Bills

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                              “Dear Steve, My husband of 19 years went to prison,I was left to manage all debts,mortgage with less than half the income. I refinanced to keep going with my smaller income.I had to refinance again to pay an attorney for my husband,he got 14 years. we are in the process of a divorce,I don’t want this house,the property/deed is in ... Read More »

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