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I Can’t Afford My Credit Cards and Don’t Want to Go Bankrupt. – Marion

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“Dear Steve, I am about 50,000 in credit card debt, When I got divorced, my sister and brother in law were placed on the mortgage not the deed so that I could refinance. therefore, I can not declare bankruptcy. I make too little money for the ccr.I am the only one on the deed and I have more than 20,000 ... Read More »

    They Tell Me I Am Still Liable for My Debt After Divorce. – Diane

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    “Dear Steve, I had 4 credit card debts, each approx 5000.00. I went through a divorce and the debt was awarded to my ex-husband. However my name was on 3 of them. They tell me I’m still liable. The late charges and interest rates soared. I tried working with them but only Discover lowered their interest and agreed to accept ... Read More »

      I’m on Social Security and Got a Letter About Settling My Debt Through a Government Program. – Melody

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      “Dear Steve, I’ve been on S.S. Disability since 2005, Just went through extreme divorce after 40 years of marriage. Financially and emotionall, physically drained. Exausted financial resources,was “awarded credit card debt, I did’nt even Kknew existed.We had a home in FL. and Mi. He filed for divorce in FL, against agreement we had. Living with ,now married to a 9 ... Read More »

        In the Military, Out of the Country, Divorced and Deep in Debt. – Jamal

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        “Dear Steve, I’m in the military serving overseas and have served 13 years. I recently divorced less than a year ago and I have a mountain of bills and debt. I tried to manage my money wisely but I’m in over my head. Please help! How can I get a debt consolidation loan to when my credit isnt in good ... Read More »

          My Divorce Lawyer is Coming After Me for an Old Legal Bill. – Katy

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          “Dear Steve, I signed a retainer for divorce attorney in 1995. Made many payments for 7 years until 2002. They also received thousands in fees from my ex-spouse. Now out of the blue they are suing me for an outrageous sum (hollywood divorce level). It was a simple divorce, no custody and they have run up a sum of 52,000 ... Read More »

            I Got Divorced Three Years Ago and I’m Drowning in Debt. – Mary

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            “Dear Steve, I live in North Carolina and have several payday loans that I stupidly took out. Now I can’t pay them. I know you have heard this story many times. Paramount Recovery Services is collecting for one of the payday loan companies and wants to charge me $200/month for 6 months. What can these payday loan companies do in ... Read More »

              My Ex-Husband is Not Paying My Debt Like He Promised in the Divorce. – Sheri

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              “Dear Steve, I am currently being sued by my credit cards for debts incurred prior to my divorce. During the divorce I gave the franchises to my ex although they were bought with a second mortgage on my house. He is paying the second as required by the divorce papers but is paying late, once he missed 3 mos in ... Read More »

                My Wife is Getting Sued for Debt From Her Previous Marriage. – Matthew

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                “Dear Steve, When my wife divorced her last husband they had a large amount of debt. The house they lived in went to short-sale so the income that was supposed to pay off her debt didnt come in. She was making good payments up until the time she lost her job. She then went on disability and has been unable ... Read More »

                  Can I Claim Bankruptcy Without Affecting My Husband? – Maria

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                  “Dear Steve, My husband and I just recently bought our second home in Florida with the plan to rent out our first home with no luck, we only get enough to pay the association fee and Home equity line but not the mortgage. We have now seperated and I live in the new home and have charged up my credit ... Read More »

                    I’m Divorced and Can’t Dig Myself Out of Debt. – Rich

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                    “Dear Steve, Divorced last summer. Split credit card debt. No assets besides my vehicle, and I rent an apt so don’t have any home equity to work with. Now have $32000 in CC debt, highest rate is 7.9%, total $751 in monthly payments. Also have $23000 401k Loan at 4.5% (takes 215 out of check every 2 weeks) but this ... Read More »

                      I’m Finalizing My Divorce But Being Asked to Pay for Debts That Are Not Mine. – Dianne

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                      “Dear Steve, I am in the process of finalizing my divorce from my husband. In order to save money, we used a family friend, who technically represents him, not me. I have just received a copy of the divorce decree to review, and they bascially took all the credit cards and split them equally between us, with him being responsible ... Read More »

                        My Husband Left and I’m Drowning in Debt. – KJ

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                        “Dear Steve, I am a married woman with 2 wonderful children. I am earn a great income in the medical field at around $80,000 per year. I am currently $47,000 in credit card debt. Without boring you with a long story, I started a part-time business in addition to my regular job in 2007. I spend $30,000 to open the ... Read More »

                          Boyfriend is Paralyzed With Debt After Divorce. – Michelle

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                          “Dear Steve, My boyfriend was divorced last year. His ex-wife “walked away” from their marriage, but not before charging up the credit card balances substatially. She decided she didn’t want to deal with their newly purchased home, so she legally signed her rights away and he bought her out for $1.00. After adding lawyer divorce fees to the credit cards, ... Read More »

                            What Can My Girlfriend Due to Get Her Ex-Husband to Pay The Credit Cards He Promised To? – Paul

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                            “Dear Steve, My girlfriends ex husband racked up 10,000 of debt on a her cedit card while they were married, to my knowledge he was ordered to pay that card down after the divorice. Also the ex husband owes the attorney 7,000 and that attorney is trying to collect from my girlfriend. also the ex husband is not paying the ... Read More »

                              I Need Good Advice for My Debt. – Todd

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                              “Dear Steve, I am a divorced father of two that is in debt and needs to get out in order to have some normalicy in my life. I owe less than 10k in unsecured debt plus have an outstanding car loan. I want to keep the car loan separate and find a decent solution to get out from under the ... Read More »

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