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I Have a Doctorate, Student Loans, and Want a Job


Question: Dear Steve, I took out student loans to complete a doctoral degree. I completed my degree in 2013. Since then, I have been applying for full time employment so that I could meet my payments, but to no avail. Trying to find full time employment in the United States is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It ... Read More »

    I’m Disabled. My Husband Lost His Job. Where Do We Turn for Help? – Kaye

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    “Dear Steve, i am 50 and my husband is 57, i am disabled, but my husband was working at the goodyear plant in union city, tenn it closed in july. we had always helped our kids with school and bought them cars and paid there insurance.we owe $30,000 on our house and some on our sons truck, i also pay ... Read More »

      I Have a Lot of Medical Debt and Might be Losing My Job. – Michelle

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      “Dear Steve, Ok, I have had a lot of high medical deductibles this year than anticipated and having some trouble keeping up with the credit card debt. Luckily I have paid everything on time and have never been late. But, I am now facing possibly losing my job. I really looking to consolidate my credit debt into one. I have ... Read More »

        Is Signing Up for Global Client Solutions a Good Way to Avoid Bankruptcy? – Todd

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        “Dear Steve, My wife is only 34 years old and she had 17 surgeries on her kidney before they finally removed it. Due to all of the surgeries they casued a lot of nerve damage that has made her to go and has tried to find a pain management doctor that is looking to fix the problem and not just ... Read More »

          I’m Going to Become a Police Officer But Need to Clean Up My Credit. – Dustin

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          “Dear Steve, I have a good amount of debt collectors trying to collect and recently was selected for a local police department. They do a credit check and I’m really scared this may disqualify me. I have no repos, foreclosures, or bankruptcies. It is simply some debt that I couldn’t pay, that went to a collector. I have a little ... Read More »

            I’m a Truck Driver That Lost My Job, Not My Debt. – Bob

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            “Dear Steve, I was a truck driver and had several accidents. Lost my job. I made 60,000 per year. My wife makes 55,000 per year. We have 44,000 in debt and 65,000 outstanding on our mortgage. We had been on our own program where we were paying a chunk of money extra to the creditor with the lowest principal owed ... Read More »

              Why is it a Weird and Unfair World? – Stan

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              “Dear Steve, Which gets me to my conclusion that this recession has dented the faith by creditors that bankrupts can recover and make car payments once relieved by debt. It used to be that creditors were in two groups: Those that condemned and punished and those that saw an opportunity in a clean potential debtor that can’t go bankrupt again ... Read More »

                I Just Got Fired From My Job. What Should I Do? – Marie

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                “Dear Steve, I just got fired from my job and now have no source of income to pay my bills which include over $13,000.00 in credit card debts. I’ve always paid my bills on time and am current with all my credit card payments. I have a very good credit score. I have filed for unemployment but it hasn’t been ... Read More »

                  What’s the Best Way to Keep Our Credit But Reduce Our Debt Payments? – Susan

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                  “Dear Steve, My husband was laid off and now receives unemployment; he is 51years old, with the rate of unemployment and his age it’s a lot harder to find another job. In addition, we live in a small town so the closest jobs available (if any) are over an hour away. He is in the electrical trade and was a ... Read More »

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