How Can I Stop the Sale of My House in Foreclosure? – Margaret


“Dear Steve, I was the owner of a store (15years)and sub contracted a cab as a second job in 2012 i was in a car accident in dec.I broke both legs in the accident and I am still in the rehab facility, Allstate has yet to send any wage loss or chore house of residence went in to forclosure ... Read More »

    My Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharged My Mortgage. Can I Stay and Keep the House? – Greg

    Real Estate Concept

    “Dear Steve, Post 2 years Chapter 7 – credit report shows discharge of mortgage. Want to stay here and pay off the house and eventually get title… My Chapter 7 discharged unsecured debts more than 2 years ago. Unbeknownst to me it also discharged my primary residence mortgage. I have stayed current on the mortgage the entire time even though ... Read More »

      Can Specialized Loan Servicing 2nd mortgage note foreclose on me? – Belinda

      Ready to Collapse

      Hi I have a first mortgage with BOA @ 110,000 a second with Specialized Loan Servicing @ 26,000 I owe more than the house is worth. Todays market value is 108,000. I am in the middle of a modification with BOA been going through it for almost 18 months… I stopped paying my second note back in September. Question: can ... Read More »

        I Just Found Out I’m Pregnant, We Are Living in My Parent’s Home Which is in Foreclosure. – Kelli

        Ready to Collapse

        “Dear Steve, I am 25 years old and have been married for six months. I have a substantial amount of debt from my student loans (almost 100k), a credit card with approximately $750, several medical bills that equal around $200, and a debt for $800 that is going to court. My husband and I live on about $2000 a month. ... Read More »

          Should We Fight Our Foreclosure or Walk Away? – Heather

          Ready to Collapse

          “Dear Steve, We filed bankruptcy and surrendered our home in the bankruptcy, due to denied a loan modification we could afford, Not sure if we should fight the forclousure or let it happen, we are so upside down on our townhome we just want to walk away from it, but we dont want to hurt our chances of ever having ... Read More »

            I’m Facing Foreclosure and Falling Behind On Other Bills As Well. – Dora

            “Dear Andy, IM FACING FORCLOSURE AND NEED SOME HELP,IM FALLING BEHIND AND TO MANY BILLS I HAVE REAL BAD CREDIT DUE TO MANY UNPAID DEBT AND BECAUSE OF THAT NO ONE CAN HELP ME . CAN U FIND SOMEONE WHO CAN? Dora” Dear Dora, I don’t have a lot of information to work with but from the sounds of it ... Read More »

              Can My Second Mortgage Company Foreclose on Me? – Sharon

              “Dear Andy, Purchased home in 2005 in Michigan with a 1st and 2nd mortgage with same lender. Modified the home became delinquent again modified. now 1st is current and 2nd has been charged off. was offered a settlement but did not have cash on hand. what should we be worried about. can second foreclose 1st is 182,000 2nd 30,000 Can ... Read More »

                Is Paying $4 Grand to Join a Mass Joinder Suit with Kramer & Kramer a Legitimate Way to Save My Home From Foreclosure? – Syd

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, I’m 8 months behind on property mortgage (Chase), due to unemployment and escrow account being added to payment (68% increase). 2 loan modification requests rejected; in process on third. Foreclosure sale date set; have not received NOD or NOS. Is paying $4000 to Kramer & Kramer to join Mass Joinder suit against Chase a legitimate, last resort scenario ... Read More »

                  Should We Stop Paying Our Mortgage. We Are So Stressed. – Beth

                  Ready to Collapse

                  “Dear Steve, A little over a year ago my husband lost his job. He got a new job two hours from our home. We were approved for and bought a home in the new town with the idea that we would be able to sell our first home. Of course, at that time, the economy took a total dive and ... Read More »

                    I Moved Back in With My Ex-Wife to Help Her Make the Mortgage Payments. – Ron

                    Ready to Collapse

                    “Dear Steve, My ex-wife has a HELOC with Chase for $80,000 on a home we co-own with a current mortgage of $150,000 which we have never been late on in 10 years. After I moved out she was out of work for several months and was not able to keep up both payments and has made no payments on the ... Read More »

                      What Options Should We Consider to Avoid Foreclosure? – Joshua

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                      “Dear Steve, 210,000 mortgage – 196,000 owed 4 months behind, foreclosure has not yet started but may within a month or so KS provides 120 days for the foreclosure process 15-20k unsecured credit debt/medical bills My wife has 18k in student loan debt 2 cars, not behind on and I’m not certain how much equity really is in them but ... Read More »

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