Gambling Issues

I’m in the Marines and Contemplating Suicide. Can I File Bankruptcy? – Larry

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“Dear Steve, Steve, I am a Master Sergeant in the Marine Corps and have made some mistakes w/ debt. I got 2 credit cards and 1 personal loan ($40K total) that my wife didn’t know about so I could gamble. Needless to say I lost a lot of money and when it was all said and done I was contemplating ... Read More »

I Am Never Gambling at the Casino Again But I Need Help. – Pat

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“Dear Steve, I have been going to the casino for sometime now but it has really gotten out of hand I find myself hitting the atm machine and now I have no money my rent is due the gas is due and I dont know where to turn It has become serious and I am getting scared well not getting ... Read More »

Would Bankruptcy Be An Option for My 70 Year Old parents? – Lauri

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“Dear Steve, My parents are 71 and 73 and still working full time. My Dad had a gambling problem and has put them in debt with credit cards. My mom has been sending the minimum on most and more on others but the interst is killing them. They are both in poor health and would like to retire this Dec ... Read More »

Online Gambling Has Me Deep in Debt. – Andy

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“Dear Steve, I’ve racked up a ton of debt – mostly all from online gambling. Over the past 2 years, I’ve opened up $2,000 credit card with bank – currently maxed out $3,500 credit card w/ credit union 1 – maxed $3,700 loan w/ credit union 2 – balance currently $2200. $3,000 credit card with paypal – $2,500 current balance ... Read More »

I Am a Problem Gambler With a Lot of Debt. – Dontwanttosay

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“Dear Steve, I’m totally screwed all my own fault. I am a problem gambler. I have never addressed this issue, only tried to maintain it, or hide it for that matter. My money was never good…I have a good job but make bad moves all the time. About 6-7 months ago I decided I was gonna do chapter 7. I ... Read More »

Gambling Financial Problems Led to My Bankruptcy. – Lola

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“Dear Steve, Had a gambling problem and ruined my financial situation. Filed for bankruptucy chapter 13 and half my paycheck goes to that through wage garnishmetn but I did not quit gambling. I then took out several online payday loans and kept gambling and then could not pay them. The bank closed my account for too many over drafts. The ... Read More »

I’m Addicted to Gambling and Casinos. I Also Have an Abusive Husband. – Sherry

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“Dear Steve, I discovered casinos while I was doing sales in Wa. It was a great stress relief. With an abusive husband, and no one to talk to, I liked to get away. I didnt really talk to anyone, just enjoyed the thrill of gambling. I win alot..Not a lot of money, but I win. Love the Bonuses..My friend tell ... Read More »

I Have Borrowed Money From Some Very Bad People. I Am a Problem Gambler. – Robert

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“Dear Steve, Its really difficult for me to express myself as it is very painful even thinking about this, but I will do my best. First of all I am a problem gambler and have been for the last 5 years. I currently have 3 bank accounts with overdrafts of about $6.000. I also have two loans of $30.000 each ... Read More »

I Read Your Site and Now I Need Some Advice. – Jean

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“Dear Steve, I have read some of your answers to others a few times now and thought I would dive in too. I have myself deep in debt; mostly credit cards but a few vehicles and student loans. I’ve borrowed from my 401k too so nothing there to help me. Not only did I get myself in debt but my ... Read More »

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